Memorizing You by Dan Skinner ~ Review by Beverley

I read ‘Memorizing You’ when it was first released and put up a review on Amazon, which I rarely did at that time. Below is the review I posted on Amazon. When Dan Skinner agreed to do an interview for the blog I thought it would be a lovely idea to read his novel again and see if my view had changed and if I could describe a little better now, how I felt about it.


Title: Memorizing You

Author: Dan Skinner

Publisher: Cerberus Inc.

My Rating 5 out of 5*


Two high school boys from different walks of life: Ryan, a handsome athlete, and David, an average joe from a blue collar family, discover their desires, stealing their kisses under the cover of an old oak at night. Their love begins a secret life, hidden from their families, friends, and classmates. As their passion grows, so does the danger of their discovery. Their only hope is to create a separate world where every kiss is a treasure and every moment… memorable.

First love. Secret love. Unforgettable love.

My First Review

I have just finished this beautiful book and my heart still aches and my eyes are wet. This is a story of pictures painted with words, rather than this photographer, turned author’s, usual pixels and light. The story of David and Ryan is one, which I shall carry with me for a long time. Whilst I don’t expect Classics every time I read a m/m book, I had become disillusioned with this, my most enjoyed genre. However, I am now adding Dan Skinner to the list, I am making, of the unsung heroes of books with gay themes, romances and stories. This is a coming of age story, which continues into the main character’s middle years. This story is an example of how loyalty, love and friendship can last, despite tragedy and how memories of true love can help shape happy endings. This is a beautiful read.

My View Now
I wholeheartedly agree with my earlier 5* review. The author creates such vivid images of the times that David and Ryan grow up in, I could really visualise the movie Dan had in mind, when he wrote it. I learned a lot about a decade I wasn’t around for. The sixties atmosphere, attitudes and fashions are wonderfully and emotively described. The romance between David and Ryan is tender, erotic and real. The evidence of a well written book is how it makes you feel when you finish it. This book left me emotionally wrung out, and with an aching heart that stayed with me for days but hopeful. I am really looking forward to Dan Skinner’s next novel, whatever the theme because this man can write! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Memorizing You by Dan Skinner ~ Review by Beverley

  1. I absolutely adore this book. It blew my mind apart and crushed my heart and then filled it with hope at the very end. I know what the next scene is, and its beautiful!!

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