The Butcher’s Son by Dorien Grey ~ Review by Beverley

The author, Dorien Grey, has been on my ‘must read’ list for some time and so when a chance came up to read one of his works and review it, I was really pleased. I chose to read the first of ‘The Dick Hardesty Mysteries’, The Butcher’s Son and my review is below,TheButchersSonwebfs

Title: The Butcher’s Son

Author: Dorien Grey

Publisher: Zumaya Boundless

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


In the beginning…

Dick Hardesty’s first case

Did the rabidly homophobic chief of police with political ambitions murder one of his identical-twin sons for being gay? And what secrets does the surviving twin hold?

Dick Hardesty, working for the public relations firm charged with helping the chief in his run for governor, is assigned the task of being liaison with the chief’s dysfunctional family. Can he pick his way through the skeletons in the chief’s closet in time to derail the man’s political plans?

My Review

To those who led the way

These are the words at the beginning of this, the first of the ‘Dick Hardesty Mysteries’, and they are exactly the right words to introduce you to this era in history. I didn’t want to tag this story as ‘historical’ as that tends to conjure visions of ruffled shirts and breeches. There is nothing wrong with that sub genre, but it is the wrong image for this series. This is an American city just after ‘Stonewall’, which has its place in history but is not the history of ruffles and horses. It is a modern history that is very important to everyone in and around the LGBTQ world and Dorien Grey conjures it up perfectly in this novel.

I should point out that this was after Stonewall but not by all that much, and the community hadn’t gotten it’s act together…Blatant homophobia was the attitude of choice for most police forces, and ours was particularly noted for its less-than-tolerant methods…bust a gay bar, haul in thirty or forty gays too scared or too poor to fight it, charge them with “lewd and lascivious conduct”, drop the charges down to “disturbing the peace” and slap them with $350 fine for a no contest plea.

This added to the city’s income of course meant everyone was happy except for the gay men ‘…but who cared?’ The author weaves history seamlessly with fiction. This means when gay bars start being burned down and drama starts affecting Dick, by his proximity to the action, his job and his friends; the line between history and fiction is gone and there is just the story.

This is a proper mystery with a personal voice. The writing is refreshingly good and flows without jarring plot holes, typos or grammatical inaccuracies. Dick Hardesty is a little cynical but with a gentle, slightly sarcastic and humorous nature. He is coming to the natural end of his relationship with, Chris,

…my lover of five years, was getting the seven-year itch two years early.

and when Chris is offered a fabulous job in New York their permanent separation is accepted between them and is very amicable if sad. They continue their routine of work and evenings in and out, throughout their last weeks together and become embroiled in the firing of gay bars, which has everyone a little wary,

…I asked for one [table] close to an exit, as usual…

and he was lead to one,

…by a lesbian in full male drag, a nice touch of equality, I thought…

The story is full of wonderful quips, humour and sarcastic descriptions and with the twists and turns in the plot this is an enjoyable page turner.

I can’t really give much of the plot away or the twists and surprises will become apparent and it is so worth reading this story free from spoilers. There is a romantic element and there are some sex scenes, which are sensual and low key or implied and absolutely part of the story.

I can’t believe I have left it so long before reading one of Dorien’s novels and although I was given this review copy by the author, immediately after finishing it I bought and downloaded the next in this series ‘The Ninth Man’and then’The Bar Watcher’. I am officially hooked.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this author but it sounds like a perfect fit for what I’ve been wanting – suspense, strong story and not overloaded with sex scenes.

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