Whiskey and Wry by Rhys Ford ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

The delight of reading Rhys Ford’s Whiskey and Wry is surpassed only by listening to it as an audiobook …

: Whiskey and Wry

Author: Rhys Ford

Narrator: Tristan James

PublisherDreamspinner Press

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars Overall
Story Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Narration Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Sequel to Sinner’s Gin
Sinners Series: Book Two

He was dead. And it was murder most foul. If erasing a man’s existence could even be called murder.

When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name. The Montana asylum’s doctors tell him he’s delusional and his memories are all lies: he’s really Stephen Thompson, and he’d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash. His chance to escape back to his own life comes when his prison burns, but a gunman is waiting for him, determined that neither Stephen Thompson nor Damien Mitchell will escape.

With the assassin on his tail, Damien flees to the City by the Bay, but keeping a low profile is the only way he’ll survive as he searches San Francisco for his best friend, Miki St. John. Falling back on what kept him fed before he made it big, Damien sings for his supper outside Finnegan’s, an Irish pub on the pier, and he soon falls in with the owner, Sionn Murphy. Damien doesn’t need a complication like Sionn, and to make matters worse, the gunman—who doesn’t mind going through Sionn or anyone else if that’s what it takes kill Damien—shows up to finish what he started.

My View

Starting with the smoldering, sexy cover art, to its ending, Whiskey and Wry is absolutely wonderful.  Few authors have command of the written word as does Rhys Ford.  She’s a true wordsmith, and in Whiskey and Wry she writes with glorious skill that lures the reader (and in the case of the audiobook, the listener) along with her as she weaves a compelling tale of action, intrigue, love and family.  Her characters are human, with flaws, complicated relationships, and the capacity for great love and commitment.

Whiskey and Wry is the second of Sinner’s Gin series, and tells the story of Damien, the band’s guitarist and “brother” of Miki St. John from the first book, Sinner’s Gin.  Damien, assumed dead, wakes up in a mental institution with few memories of the past.  He escapes, and goes to San Francisco searching for Miki and a connection to his past.  What he initially finds is gorgeous Irish bar owner, Sionn, who is fleeing from his own pain.  Damien and Sionn become friends as Damien plays guitar at the bar, and their new found love is threatened by someone who is trying to kill Damien.  Together, they face the mystery and fear of a coldblooded killer on the loose, as well as the absolute joy of Damien and Miki reuniting.

The story line in Whiskey and Wry is irresistible – it’s sexy, exciting, intriguing, and one moment heart wrenching and the next moment heartwarming.  But it is Rhys Ford’s skill with the written word that makes Whiskey and Wry so uniquely delightful.  Her words create a rich, vibrant world that the reader is privileged to visit.

The narration of Whiskey and Wry by Trisan James only makes the experience of enjoying this book more wonderful.  His smooth, masculine voice easily shifts between accents and characterizations, and helps to bring the book to life.  Tristan James could read the telephone book aloud and sound deliciously sexy, but when reading Rhys Ford’s fabulous words his voice simply deeply enriches the experience.

I highly, highly recommend Whiskey and Wry as an audiobook.  Even if you do not usually listen to audiobooks, please try this one. You will experience Rhys Ford’s amazing book in a wonderful new way!

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Whiskey and Wry by Rhys Ford ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

  1. You mentioning the art made me laugh! It’s been driving me nuts these last few days on where I’ve ‘seen’ the guy in the grey shirt before (another book cover same pose everything) and now I know. This book! Come on Dreamspinner Press, what a huge faux pas! Two books released so soon after each other same model/art YIKES!

    I’m not a fan of RF, but you are the second person I trust, your review’s have been spot on so far! To tell me that the Sinner series is GREAT and the audio is out of this world.

    Will have to give this series a try.

  2. I haven’t read this series and I’ve only read one book from RF before. I’ll have to give this a read in the future.

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