Bad Influence by K.A. Mitchell ~ Review by Caroline

This is the fourth book Bad in Baltimore Series. It was great catching up with all the old characters.

18742420Title: Bad Influence

Author: K.A. Mitchell

PublisherSamhain Publishing

My Rating: 4  of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

To remake their future, they’ll have to use pieces of their broken past.

Bad in Baltimore, Book 4

The young man the world knew as Jordan Barnett is dead, killed as much by the rejection of his first love at his moment of greatest need, as by his ultra-conservative parents’ effort to deprogram the gay away.

In his place is Silver, a streetwise survivor who’s spent the last three years learning to become untouchable…unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege. He shies away from anything that might hold him down long enough for betrayal to find him again.

Zebediah Harris spent time overseas, trying to outrun the guilt of turning his back on the young man he loved. Now, almost the moment he sets foot back in Baltimore, he discovers Silver on a street corner in a bad part of town. His effort to make amends lands them both in jail.

Trapped together in a cell, Silver sits on his mountain of secrets and plans a seductive form of revenge, but finds that using a heart as a stepping stone is no way to move past the one man he can’t forgive, let alone forget.

Warning: Contains a surly hero. May cause angst. A prolonged delay in sexual situations may cause frustration. Author recommends a steady dose of familiar friends and characters to alleviate those symptoms. No actual teenagers were used during the construction of the backstory.

My View

Jordan Barnett lives in relative luxury. When his conservative parents find out he is gay and seeing a local man they send him straight off to a conversion camp for gay kids. The place is a nightmare and several kids have already died there.  When he escapes he goes straight to Zeb the man he believes loves him but he is left devastated when he has the door closed in his face.  As he very quickly has to adjust to street life Jordan ceases to exist and in his place is Silver who very quickly becomes hardened to his new way of life.

Zeb is struck by the young man he meets at his new church. Although at the back of his mind he has reservations about his age, not truly believing he is as old as he claims, they first become friends then lovers. When Jordan turns up at his door one night looking for help he panics over his job and what the community will say and turns his back on his young lover. He will live with regret and shame about that decision for the next few years.

Silver can’t believe it when all these years later the last man on earth he wants to see in a nightclub is the man that broke his heart and his trust. Standing on a street corner chatting with friends he thinks he has avoided the confrontation but Zeb catches up with him. Their chat is cut short when the local Police arrive and they are both arrested.

After a night in the cells Silver believes he will make his escape from Zeb and never have to see the man again. The hurt and secrets between them are too big and too many to ever overcome. Nothing is ever that simple though and it seems the two men share the same friends and avoiding each other is impossible.

As their lives become entwined both men struggle with their past. Silver cannot get past the fact that Zeb tossed him aside and is hurt and angry. Zeb feels an enormous amount of guilt and as he learns more and more about the man he used to love and what he has had to do to survive his guilt increases.

When Silver realises his carefully constructed walls are coming down he is left terrified by the feelings that start to take over.  His biggest fear is being rejected again and as he comes with a pretty big secret he believes the chances are high. If he has any chance of getting what he wants and what he sees his friends already have he is going to have to make the leap and hope Zeb is there to catch him!

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  1. The last book in the series left me a little wary for the next book in the series. But it sounds good so I’m going to give it a read.

  2. I am so looking forward to this book! It’s on my pre-order list from Samhain. Silver’s story sounds so good. Thank you!

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