Dark Moon Dance (Fire Jaguars #3) by Nicole Dennis ~ Reviewed by Shelby

I think one of my favorite things about this series is I’ve seen the progress of the author’s writing with each book. This book is more a mix of the styles of the two books, it has the more erotica style of the first book, but more interesting plot elements of the second book. The characters here were fun and a lot of the repetitive descriptions disappeared here which made it a much more interesting read. A solid 3.5 stars starting to edge into the 4 star range for me.
Dark Moon Dance CoverTitle: Dark Moon Dance

Author: Nicole Dennis

Publisher: Siren Publishing

My Rating: 3.75-4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Sixty years in a secret organization, Etienne de la Fontaine returns to the valley home of the Fire Moon clan after a disastrous mission left him recovering. Forced to rebuild, he recoils from nightmares, panic attacks, and a broken body. His family home is dusty and neglected. When he requests to return, he’s rejected and confronts an old lover in the darkness.

One of the poisoned jaguars, Isaac Deforrest returns to security patrol. He searches the home of a lover who disappeared when they were young. He finds the same lover, returning without a word and ragged around the edges. The connection between them remains powerful.

Searching for her kidnapped sister, Ekaterina Lilyana Brankovich of the Sand Moon clan remains under her father’s restrictions. Her inner sand jaguar responds to the two guardians assign to her protection. With their support, she finds her inner power to rebel against her father and search for the truth.

A Siren Erotic Romance

My View

Etienne de la Fontaine left his home clan after a blowout with his parents resulted in them throwing him out. Since then he’s become an undercover agent for a secret organization the Conclave. But his latest mission ended in disaster leaving him riddled with liquid metal bullets and needing months of recovery time. Faced with sitting in his empty apartment alone or returning to his family home and at least being surrounded by the clan Etienne decides to return home to open up the house almost buried under dust bunnies.

The last thing guardian Isaac Deforrest expects to see when he goes to check out the reports of lights at the closed de la Fontaine home is the love of his life returned. Etienne left Isaac without a word sixty years before and hasn’t been heard from since. But Isaac knows, has always known, that their was only one man for him. Etienne is his mate and he’s determined to not let the man go again. Bring him into the guardian fold serves both their purposes and High Alpha Alex is more than happy to have the additional skilled man on his team with the rogue threat out there. With visiting dignitaries coming to the clan’s home searching for their missing daughter it seems the perfect time to put Etienne and Isaac together to protect the other daughter of the Sand Moon clans’ sheik.

Ekaterina Lilyana Brankovich is the protected daughter of the Sand Moon clan. Her father holds to the old ways and has her placed under heavy restrictions. Restrictions that Kate chafes against every chance she gets. When her inner jaguar begins to respond to the two guardian males assigned to her protection Kate knows it’s time for her to step outside the bounds of her fathers rules and start living for herself.

I have one complaint about this story. Isaac my darling, you gave it up way to easy to stupid Etienne! The man abandons you for sixty years and mate or no mate you gotta make him work for it a little bit! *le sigh* Still I get why Etienne is so hard to resist. All tough and silent you just want to do anything you can to crack that shell. I really liked these two together a lot. Isaac’s lack of verbal filter is humorous and fun and he earns every single one of the slaps upside the head he gets. He balances out Mr. Broody over there. I enjoyed the history between these two, but like I said I just wish Isaac and at least gotten to scream at him a little for leaving.

Kate is an interesting mix of old world feminine values and the new world struggling to push outside of those restrictions. I liked that she was willing to fight for what she wanted and her gift of empathy gives her a greater understanding of her standing with those around her. She has no illusions about what her place is in her father’s understanding of the world. With Isaac and Etienne she’s finally starting to get to spread her wings and grow into herself. Of course she’s worried about her sister, but the strength she’s gaining from being part of the Fire Moon Clan is only going to help in the search.

This plot is more about suspense than the other two. Someone is clearly tracking Etienne and the poor boy keeps getting hurt in nasty ways that I’m sure has Isaac and Kate wanting to wrap the man in protective layers and never let him out again. Not that he’d ever stand for that. He’s such a protector, he doesn’t do well sitting on the sidelines. There’s just enough action in this story to keep things interesting and have you looking around every corner to find out where the next attack might be coming from.

All that being said I’m definitely interested in reading more in the series. I just hope that in some of the future books we get the stories for the potential couples we’ve had hinted at already. Every book I’ve read I’ve thought at the end, “oh they’ll be the couple in the next book” and every time it’s been someone new being introduced. And if I don’t get an Alex and Xavier book I just might scream! Boy is there something boiling underneath between those two! Course we’ve already got another vampire/werewolf potential couple stated so something’s got to be coming, right? And yes, I definitely want to see how Christophe gets around that vehement denial from Nathan!

I’m really pleased I got the chance to read and review this particular series. Each book has gotten better and I wasn’t going to, but I think in the end I’m going to round this story up to 4 stars solely because of the growth and the potential. Definitely falls in the erotica more than the romance categories, but fun all the same.

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I would like to thank the author for the eRC of this story in exchange for my honest review.

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