Denying Yourself by Silvia Violet ~ Review by Caroline

This is Matt and Shanes story and they are both keeping some pretty big secrets that will impact on their lives for years to come.

: Denying Yourself

Author: Silvia Violet

Publisher: Dreamspinner

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Matt and Shane both have secrets. Matt never believed he was anything but straight, yet he’s increasingly attracted to his best friend. Shane is comfortable with being gay, but when he discovers he’s part werewolf, he hides that part of himself, fearing Matt’s reaction. Suffocated by his uptight parents and conservative hometown, Shane begs Matt to run away with him.

But starting over doesn’t help. Matt still denies his desires, and Shane abuses alcohol to dampen his wolfish urges. When Matt breaks down and kisses Shane, the pent-up passion proves too much for Shane’s self-control, and his wolf gets free. Horrified, Shane flees—into deeper trouble. Before they can hope to accept each other, Shane and Matt must accept themselves.

My View

The title of the book is perfect!  As they both deny and lie about things that are so important to their relationship with each other and finally events will get out of hand with devastating results.

Shane has never had a problem people knowing he is a gay man. His adoptive parents know that he is part werewolf but as there were no signs of a change at puberty they decided to keep it a secret. Imagine his shock one night when he goes through the agony of his first change and suddenly finds himself in the family kitchen as a fully grown wolf. Fearing that his best friend and the man he has had a crush on for as long as he can remember will be horrified he decides not to tell him.

Matt strives to make his parents proud of him and works hard on the family farm. In his dreams he would like to get away and see more of the world and run his own business but he is pretty sure that won’t be happening anytime soon. His parents are not comfortable with him hanging around with an openly gay man but they would be horrified to learn that Matt is developing strong feelings for his best friend.

After Shanes first shift into a wolf he decides he needs to get away and is hell bent on leaving town. Matt reluctantly agrees to go with him. After a few weeks in a small apartment Shane is struggling with what he has become and hits the bottle even more than usual to numb his feelings. Matt is also trying to keep himself under control but one night of giving into his passions changes both their lives. Matt gives over to his feeling and the two men end up in bed.  Shane loses control and shifts and is so mortified that he runs….and he doesn’t stop for the next few years.

Years later the only thing Shane has is alcohol and he has hit rock bottom. When a kind man finds him at the side of the road with the promise of a job if he can get through rehab things finally take a turn for the better. Carl is an alpha and true to his word when Shane is well into his recovery he takes the man back to his pack to continue on his road back to sobriety.

Being part of a werewolf pack saves Shane as he finally learns control. Although still scared and struggling with his addiction he finally finds a kind of peace. The only thing missing in his life is Matt who he still loves with all his heart but after all these years he has no idea what has happened to the man and whether he has come to terms with his sexuality.

This is a story that is about hitting rock bottom and having to accept yourself flaws and all before you have any chance of being happy.  If you like shifters you will love this story. The pack is a lot more relaxed than in some books and the Moon Parties are legendary and pretty hot! The side characters are a lot of fun and I look forward to their stories.

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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