Derekica Snake stops by to discuss Blood Nation and More with Giveaway!

I would like to thank Derekica Snake for taking the time to talk to us about stuff and things.  Check out Caroline’s review of Cinnamon.   There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.




Your pen name is pretty unique how did you come by it?

Derekica Lynn Snake is my real name. No one would believe it so I figured I’d run with it.
As the family legend is told my mom and dad pulled scrabble tiles. If I had turned out to be of the mascule persuasion my name would have been Dimitry Montez. I think I got off pretty well with the name Derekica.

My pen name on is Kiix and that became Kiix because of a spelling mistake.

Was there a lightbulb moment in your life when you decided to try your hand at writing or was it something that always came naturally to you?

My mother has stories I wrote from time I was six years old. She has signed copies of my published books now in the curio cabinet. So I think it was a given that I was going to end up writing somewhere or somehow. I always wrote stories through highschool and then stopped when I got to college and university. After about a decade of work, I suddenly started up again and this time moved to super novels. Not saying that writing is easy but falling into the m/m genre has made it a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

Vampires! And very sexy ones at that and now shapeshifters have appeared. Is paranormal a favourite of yours?

I see dead people. Eep. I’m not that bad but my family is very gifted and while I only have a touch of that side, it scares the beejesus out of me. It makes one realize that the world is not so small. This exploration into vampires, ghosts, demons, angels, shifters and the life could be put down to trying to understand and control my fears. I sleep with the radio on and usually a nightlight because I really don’t want to listen to voices and I don’t want to see lights while I try to rest. The smexy sexy is because I like watching hot men entangling. That is embracing the hentai part of me.

I recently read Cinnamon which fans of the series will know is Book 3 in Blood Nation. It was fantastic! Can you give us any idea of when we will see Coupage and how many more books you see being in the series?

Thanks! I have discovered that I have fangirls and guys or I have haters. There doesn’t seem to be many the middle of road, mehs. I guess I can say I’m not boring.

Coupage: Book 4 will be coming out later this year. I don’t know if the readers know but the SL Publishing Group has run a successful kickstarter campaign and we will be making Cake: Book 1 into a manga series. I have currently handed over the manuscript to Coupage to the group but I am now working on the scripts for Blood Nation Novel. Vol.1 and Vol. 2. If everything aligns in the universe they should be available for October, for a Yaoi-Con 2014 unveiling.

As for the length of the series, I guesstimate it should run up to fifteen books. Gasp you say? I wasn’t kidding when I said I write super novels, over 160,000+ words. Add another 100,000 words to that total and that would equal the manuscript Cake I sent off to SL Publishing Group. So when they informed me that after initial layout the book was 1100 pages long and that it would be better if it could be divided into two books I was a little taken aback. The Cake manuscript is the smallest of the first drafts of the Blood Nation series. So I anticipate that the five manuscripts currently written could equal anywhere from ten to twelve novels.

At one time I estimated that I have over a million words written in the Blood Nation universe without including the final manuscript that is only started.

One of the unique things in Blood Nation is how the main Characters have split personalities and how they work so well together (when you can get Marcus to behave!). How did you come up with the idea and get it to work so well?

I wish I could say that it was all neatly planned out. As I said, I wish. I knew that Xavier was going to have problems. Marcus startled me. I write first person narrative when my characters show me what is going on. If they pull up a chair and start telling things, it is more of a third person narrative. The only problem with first person is that those buggers can hide things from me. They only reveal what they want or when the time is right ? just like real people. Marcus collapsing in the shower actually had me talking to the computer screen as it was happening.

Me: What are you doing? No, nononono. Get up. You so cannot do this. Get up… crap, f, don’t you… damn it, who are you? Who the hell are you?!! You’re Marcus? Who the hell was I just writing about? Armor? What the hell kind of name is that? Oh, it’s because he is… well… *uck.

My writing process is un-usual.

Then I had to make a conscious step back and pick out obvious traits to keep them straight. Marcus, when he isn’t as scary as all hell, is a nice guy that people want to be around. He has social skills and he is a painter of some renown in the Blood Nation and a well lauded violinist. Armor is the assassin part. He is rather emotionless, he doesn’t use contractions and he hangs onto X with the mindset of a terrible two because life experience wise he is only about two years old.

The brotherhood of Drachenfeld originally started off with X and Sex. Azrael was only supposed to be a code name but he horned himself into the group and when I stepped back and let him run with a scenario he fit in rather well. I was trying to make Sex take on all the assassination role but it was not meshing well. I never expected Azrael to take Marcus under his wing but again, it seemed to work… and those two buggers made me cry. Some readers might find it unbelievable, but I am romantic at heart.

Blood Nation is looking at being turned into a Manga series. You must be very excited! How can people find out more?

I jumped the gun! But yes, there will be Manga! Manga, manga, manga! I’ve seen the storyboards and a couple of the finished pages and if I could cartwheels, I would be flipping out there in the muddy snow. Keep an eye out on the website as well as the their facebook.

Thank you to those for supporting the kickstarter project to get this rolling. If this as popular as we hope it could be more m/m manga could be coming from them. So when Vol.1 is available open up your pocketbooks and shower us with some love. And, the plan is that those two individuals who pledged at the Indigo Level, I will be having lunch with you at Yaoi-con. (I’ve been informed that I will have to dress as a successful author rather than a yaoi cosplayer during that time.)

Are you working on anything else at the moment besides Blood Nation?

There are a number of books being edited and revamped at the moment with the publisher as well as my own personal self-publishing efforts. I am hoping to have Powerline: Magnus Book 2 available at the end of April or May.

If you could take your Vampires on holiday anywhere in the world where would it be?

I personally would like to take an Alaskan Cruise. My boys would like to stay home and relax. What is it called? A Stayvaction. For X home is where the heart is. Sex’s heart is wherever Claudius is. Azrael would like nothing better than to spend the day lounging with his big guy. So, a quiet night in would be a great holiday for all of them.

Who would win in a fight between a monkey with a jet pack and a dog with Hitler’s brain?

Well based on the documentaries I’ve been watching, Hilter was a speedfreak and he’s never alone so I assume that Hdog would have a pack with him. So I go for Hdog. A jet pack only has so much fuel. A pack has teeth.

How do readers find you on the web?

I have a site, but I am on daily on facebook. Like me, really like me.
Email is

From the Publisher:

Xavier Von Drachenfeld is being hailed as the first Lord Emperor in four hundred years, and the Blood Nation is starting to break into factions. The redheaded yearling has more on his plate than he can handle: a stalker, perplexing medical issues, and work, all while still trying to learn what it takes to be a Blue Blood vampire.

However, a powerful Ancient, Hades, has brought his attention on the young assassin. When Hades speaks, the nation listens, whether it be affairs of state, matters of finance, or orders of assassination. What Hades wants, Hades gets, and Hades wants the redhead. Can a minor Ancient such as Claudius defy that authority? Can the broken lover stand up to protect his heart of hearts? Does the Brotherhood of Von Drachenfeld need outside protection?

Then the Lycan Nation begins to move…

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  1. I haven’t read your Blood Nation series yet but have wanted to give it a try. I’ve read That’s what brothers do and My Hostage My Love and enjoyed both. Great interview! Thanks for sharing, I’m a bit surprised to find out you used your real name but it does really seem like a pseudonym it all worked out. Looking forward to checking out your series in manga format =)

  2. I’ve been a fan of Derekica for quite awhile now – and have read pretty much everything I can lay my hands on; the Blood Nation series; That’s What Brothers Do; Neko-laus; Heart of a Satyr; My Hostage, My Love; I Was His and Chimera: Book 1. (And yes, I helped with the kickstarter project — how could I not? Lol!) 😀

    So I guess it’s obvious that I would love to be included in the giveaway…please!

    Thanks for a great interview too.

  3. Please count me in! I remember seeing her book covers on Goodreads – anime style drawings always catch my eye.

  4. when will the 4th book for blood nation be released? ive been looking everwhere for it and it looks like it hasn’t been released yet.?

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