Fire Moon Dance (Fire Jaguars #1) by Nicole Dennis ~ Review by Shelby

Ok so I admit I might have a bit a bias against this book as I’ve read so much M/M recently. For me though this book was just ok. I felt like a lot of the particulars of this culture were left unexplained for a first book and for a book establishing a MMF relationship not a MFM relationship I felt a bit cheated out of time between Sebastian and Raphael.
Fire Moon Dance CoverTitle: Fire Moon Dance

Author:  Nicole Dennis

Publisher: Siren Publishing

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

[PolyAmour: Erotic Paranormal Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/F, shape-shifters]

In the jaguar clan, the Goddess and seasonal moon dance could choose and bless a mating.

Lovers Sebastian Haywood and Raphael Salazar don’t want to risk the chance of a mismatch after they fall for a newcomer. When Sebastian locates a lost courtship law to use before the Fire Moon, which overrides the seasonal dance, they declare courtship, offering a trinity union to Hillary Kearney. Unable to consummate, the toms introduce their innocent female to other sensual delights their pairing can offer.

A Siren Erotic Romance

My View

Hillary Kearney is new to the clan; in fact she hasn’t even achieved full status with the clan yet. Her father sent her to establish an alliance with this particular clan and won’t take kindly to her failure. Yet despite dancing with the youngest son of the alpha in the last dance and being his for the term of the moon he’s abandoned her to mate with the bitch of the clan. Now she’s left crying drunk in the bar under the watchful eye of two men whom she’d love to be with if there was ever a chance they’d allow a woman into their union. Only Sebastian and Raphael never participate in the dances.

Sebastian Haywood and Raphael Salazar fought against clan statues to be together in the first place. But they have been recognized as a true mating and are very happy together. Both men would love to add a third female to complete their triad, but they aren’t willing to participate in the seasonal moon dances for fear of the conniving of the clan women, one in particular. They aren’t willing to risk adding someone unfitting into their union. But Sebastian discovers a lost courtship law that would allow them to court Hillary before the dance and confirm her status as their potential mate.

Ok, so this book was just ok for me. It never really pulled me in to caring about any of the characters. I liked Sebastian, Raphael, and Hillary well enough, but I didn’t bond with them either. In fact the two-second brief appearance of the new alpha garnered more interest for me than anything that happened between these three.

I think what bothered me more than anything with this is that I was presented with two strong alpha males supposedly head over heels in love with each other and other than one brief shower scene before they really turn their attentions to Hillary we don’t see them together. If this was an MFM book I would be ok with the all out fixation on the female in the group. I don’t like seeing it in a MMF novel. I wanted to see the love between Sebastian and Raphael, especially when such a wonderful opportunity was presented in that they couldn’t do anything overtly sexual with Hillary due to the rules of courtship. The men talked about being together in front of her, but the never carry through with it. I wanted to see their bond and how they let a third into that. Instead I felt like the minute Hillary entered the picture it was all about her. There was no awkwardness between them about a third, and I didn’t feel like their relationship was much more than best friends for huge chunks. They said they loved each other, but the passion and desperation they felt for Hillary didn’t seem to be present when between the two of them after her arrival.

Also, I get a little fer-putched about female protagonists when they get all weak willed let the man do it all. Hillary never really gets up in anyone’s face or fights for herself. I dislike the “oh whoa is me, help you big strong man please come save me” female. I don’t mind a guy sweeping a girl off her feet (and yes Sebastian and Raphael were being super sweet in their actions), but this whole let’s set you up an office and you can just work from home becomes a little too caveman for me.

All in all this is a pretty simple story and I do find the idea of the culture interesting and I’d like to know more. I felt like a number of the details could use more explaining and I hope to find out more in future books. There were a lot of names thrown out and a number of them I never really figured out what their full relationship to the clan and our heroes was. Still I enjoyed the story well enough and will give book two a shot.

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