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I would like to thank Ms. Kindred for agreeing to be interviewed. It was a pleasure getting to know her a bit better.

About Ms. Kindred

Jane Kindred is the author of The House of Arkhangel’sk trilogy, the Demons of Elysiumseries, and The Devil’s Garden. Born in Billings, Montana, she spent her formative years ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the Tucson sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. She now writes to the sound of San Francisco foghorns while two cats slowly but surely edge her off the side of the bed.

You can find Jane on her Twitter account and Facebook page—both of which are aptly named “janekindred”—and on her website,


Me:  I hate to do it, I really do, but I have to. After reading Prince of Tricks, it seems pretty clear to me that it was, at least in part, politically motivated-partially set in Russia, loads of Russian overtones, dedicated to Pussy Riot, talk of an assassination and it’s M/M-which begs the question of Russia’s anti-gay stance and your thoughts on the matter.

Jane Kindred (JK):  Actually, I’ve been writing in this world and about these characters since 2006, when I spent a month in St. Petersburg. The environment was much different then. When I wrote this particular book in the saga, all I wanted to do was write a sexy story, and the tie-ins to the Russian Revolution and modern-day Russia were already a part of this world from the previous trilogy.

I fell in love with Russia while doing research for the books, and I’m absolutely heartbroken about what’s going on there now. When I wrote my first trilogy, my books would have been perfectly legal for anyone in Russia to sell or to read. Now they’re considered subversive propaganda. Unless things change for the better there, I fear I may never be able to return, and I had so much more I wanted to see. I had fantasy trips planned in my head to take the Trans-Siberian across the continent and see Lake Baikal, to visit the Solovki archipelago and its Solovetsky monastery that was once Russia’s most infamous gulag. I wanted to see the city of Arkhangel’sk for myself—in winter, because I’m nuts. And I never even had the chance to visit Moscow.

Me:  Also, Prince of Tricks was released just prior to the Sochi Olympics, when Russia was trying to put its best face forward to the world. Was the timing of the release a coincidence? And what do you think of the recent re-arrests of many who were pardoned just prior to the games i.e. two members of Pussy Riot?

JK:  The timing of this release was entirely coincidental. I don’t have any control over my publisher’s release dates, and I’m sure it didn’t factor into their decision. The release date had been scheduled nearly a year earlier, slotted into whatever they had open on the calendar at the time.

When the book was in final edits and it came time to decide on a dedication, Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina were in prison and I’d been following and supporting the campaign to free them. It seemed like the right thing to do to acknowledge their struggle given the subject matter of my book. I haven’t read much about the re-arrests yet because it’s just too upsetting to me. It makes it difficult to write when I dwell on this too much.

Me:  In my research of your and your work, it looks as though I should’ve started with The House of Arkhangel’sk trilogy to get more of an idea of how Belphagor and Vasily’s relationship came to be? And speaking of their relationship, how did you decide on demon rent boys? Rent boys into BDSM for that matter?

JK:  The Demons of Elysium series actually takes place several years prior to The House of Arkhangel’sk. It just depends on what you prefer to read first, but Demons is as close you’ll get to finding out how their relationship came to be. It’s alluded to in Arkhangel’sk, but there are no specifics. I do have a free short on my website, however, that takes place not long after they meet:

I didn’t really consciously decide on demon rent boys or BDSM. I knew I wanted demon protagonists, to turn the usual angel/demon tropes on their heads. As soon as I started writing, Belphagor kind of took over and has had things his way every since. He’s very toppy. 😉

Me:  How did you research the BDSM aspects of their relationship?

JK:  I based those aspects on personal experience. My late husband and I had a D/s relationship for 13 years. There is definitely a bit of Jack in Belphagor.

Me:  I’m curious about the construction of Elysium. I really enjoyed how you incorporated so much mythology and religion into this world and your vision of Heaven. What inspired this? I mean, have you done extensive research on Greek mythology and/or religion or are they just an interests of yours?

JK:  I’ve answered this question many times, and I swear, I think I give a different answer every time, because it’s all kind of fuzzy to me now what inspired what. I remember that I wanted to write a story about a family similar to the Romanovs and I wanted to have it set in an imaginary world called Heaven, patterned after St. Petersburg at the dawn of the 20th century. Once I decided on a celestial setting, I did some research into angelology, wanting to base my world and beings on classical angelic mythology. Greek and some other mythologies wandered into it because I wanted to use names of various heavens and hells from different cultures and traditions. And then a little bit of my high school Shakespeare studies came into it when I decided on the connection to the cardinal elements and the celestial spheres.

Me:  King of Tricks is to be released in April. Will that be the conclusion of this series?

JK:  There’s one more book in the series, Master of the Game, coming in August 2014. I have no specific plans for additional books, but you never know. If Belphagor starts pestering, I’ll never hear the end of it until I give him what he wants.

Me:  I’ve seen a lot of people talking lately about writer conventions and how excited they are to attend, etc. Have you ever attended one and if so, what’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you? And funny fan or other author interactions?

JK:  I’ve attended a few over the years. To be perfectly honest, they’re a nightmare for an introvert with anxiety issues. I’ve met some great people at them, but I don’t really have any exciting stories. I tend to hide in my room a lot, as I don’t handle crowds well. I’ll be attending this year’s RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, however, and I’m hoping being in such an awesome location will make it a little more like a fun vacation than a stressful necessary evil.

Me:  Is there anything you want readers to know about you?

JK:  I make awesome blini.

Me:  What do you have in the works for 2014/15?

JK:  Master of the Game, as mentioned above, comes out in August. And I have some exciting news for 2015 that I’ll be sharing on my blog in a few weeks.

Me:  Where can readers find you on the internet?

JK:  My website is, and I’m also on Twitter (@JaneKindred), Facebook (, Tumblr ( ), and Pinterest (

Thanks so much for having me on the blog! 🙂

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