Luna Moon Dance (Fire Jaguars #2) by Nicole Dennis ~ Reviewed by Shelby

Well I’m a happy little bug. There were some definite signs of improvement in this series for me with this book. I found I enjoyed the characters much more and the plot had a lot more going for it right off the bat. Still a few dangling tidbits I want to know more about, but overall I’m much happier with this story in the end. I’d place this one at a solid 3.5 stars for a fluff style paranormal. This one will definitely keep my interest in the series.
Luna Moon Dance CoverTitle: Luna Moon Dance

Author: Nicole Dennis

Publisher: Siren Publishing

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

After escaping her home clan to join another, Luna jaguar Dr. Melinda Hurst can’t enter the valley of the Fire Moon clan without their approval. In the meantime, she works in a vet clinic just outside Fire Moon territory.

Guardian Captain Collin Thompson is surprised at the sight of a white jaguar and intrigued by the woman it becomes. Luca Constantin, the man Collin wants, is also drawn to Melinda. Before they get the chance to woo her, though, the rogues attack with a vicious poison which traps the victims in jaguar form.

Called in to help the clan, Melinda sees Collin and Luca as well as the danger wrought by the rogues. Then Luca falls victim to the toxin. Is there time to save everyone and find love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

My View

Dr. Melinda Hurst ran from her previous clan when the High Alpha discovered her secret. Luckily one of the guardians was a true friend and told her about what the alpha was planning to do with her, turning her into essentially a sex slave for himself and his cronies to increase his own power. She ran that very night and circumstances have led her to the doorstep of the Fire Moon Clan. Now if only they’d take the time to review her petition for membership before her secret is discovered again. In the meantime she enjoys her job as a vet to a clinic on the outskirts of their territory. As a jaguar shifter she is certified in both human and animal medicine in order to better help serve her clan.

Collin is settling into his new job as the head of the guardians under their new alpha Alex. He’s happy for the promotion and even more so to see the changes Alex is bringing to the clan. But his interest has been peaked by one of the new men under his commence. Luca is new to the clan and quickly proving himself as a solid number two to Collin. Yet when Collin scents a strange female on the outskirts of the clan boundaries it brings all the dreams he’s been having lately about himself and Luca and a female into sharp focus. Her scent on his body brings things to a head quite quickly between himself and Luca as well.

So I know I said I had a problem with how quickly the M/M aspects of the first book were tossed aside. That really wasn’t the case here. Collin and Luca didn’t have a pre-existing relationship before Melinda was thrust into their lives so the bonding of the three of them felt a lot more equal and made much more sense to me. I think it also helped that the sexual component of this story was toned down a lot and the focus was more on the outside plot elements than what was happening in the bedroom. Collin, Luca, and Melinda felt the connection between each other and were dealing with it in their own ways, but circumstances outside of themselves were at work to make the sexual side take a back seat. All of this helped to make them a much more balanced triad in my mind.

Alright…I did really like Melinda here. She’s got a take no prisoners attitude and as much as she is insta-love falling for the boyos she still kicks a whole heck of a lot of butt. She took one look at that clinic and essentially smacked all those guys into shape and got things done. She may have had to hide the nature of her feline for many years, but she is no weeping violet letting the men handle everything for her. She is bound and determined to save her new clan from this virulent poison being spread through their ranks. She doesn’t fall head over heels and drop her panties just waiting for her men to take her either. She retreats to think about it despite the draw she feels between them. Of course as soon as Luca is truly in trouble none of that matters and she’s all in to save those she cares about.

I really liked the fact that there was a clear force at work here, something for our heroes to deal with and overcome. The threat against the clan with this new poison made everyone step up and take notice. The clinic needing work gave everyone something to focus on and try to achieve. There were heavy stakes involved and it upped the tension in the story nicely. I felt like I understood Melinda’s specialness to the clan much more clearly than some of the rules established in the first book. I liked that she was different and her relationship to their goddess was interesting as well.

I liked the balance of Luca, Collin, and Melinda together as well. Collin may be the commander of the guardians, but he’s submissive to Luca which gives a different dynamic to their relationship. Both are of course protective of Melinda, but I never felt like they were smothering in their attentions either. Instead they came across as more of a support system there to back her up if needed. I appreciated that slight shift in the tonal dynamic. Alpha does not mean you have to be all Mine! Do as I say! No touchy! I never felt like either Collin or Luca lost their alpha masculinity while not tromping all over Melinda’s well being.

If I had one real complaint with this story it’s that I was left a little bummed at how unfinished things were with our bad guy. We get one brief confrontation with them all as he’s gloating over his accomplishments, but no resolution after our team destroys his little operation. I would have liked to see more development of this rivalry or at least seen how it affected the things into the future.

This is still a very simple story without a lot of emotional depth. It’s a light fun read very much in line with Siren Publishing’s usual style. The dialogue and description can at times be overly repetitive and without a lot of frills. The ease of authorship isn’t always felt even though the story ticks along at a nice place. If you enjoy reading something quick and entertaining than I say go for this one. If you’re looking for something that sucks you into an emotional whirlwind and forever connects you to the characters, this doesn’t quite get there. But all in all I’m looking forward to reading Book 3 as there was definite improvement in this one from the first book. ☺

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