Dan Skinner stops by to discuss Books and Photographing Beautiful Men with Photos and Giveaway!

Are we in for a treat today!! Thank you for coming to talk to us today Dan and a personal thanks for the beautiful photos below! I’m hoping my ‘probing’ questions will let us get to know the talented D.w. Skinner a bit better…


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You have been credited on many book covers as photographer, what made you want to appear as Author?

I’ve had this story (Memorizing You) in my plans to do since Coverboy was first released in 2008. I just got so busy with the photography that it kept getting pushed back. Then, as we started making strides toward marriage equality throughout the United States, I thought it was time to write something that was mainstream. I give an in depth report on how it came about in my gallery journal on deviant art here:


How did it feel when Coverboy was published by Dreamspinner Press?

Coverboy was another story I wanted to get out of my system. It was a story of how love can find a way through any adversity and change people. It was my first m/m piece and I was surprised to find out from a lot of m/m writers that it was their first m/m read and made them decide to write it as well. That’s always a compliment …but it was really written for myself. To tell the truth I didn’t expect many people to read it because I wasn’t a recognized author.

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Memorizing You is a very different kind of novel, what inspired you to write this novel and why the three year gap between the books?

The gap was actually because I was literally buried in work. But a lot was going on in my life a little over a year ago that made me finally get up off my butt and start to get it done. I think writing is therapy for any author. It really helped. I mean I actually started running again because the main character, David does it… life imitates…


Did you base the characters of David and Ryan on anyone you know/knew?

No one I know or knew. But I drew upon the characters of Gene and Finny from A Separate Peace… which I have always considered to be the first gay novel. Even though it really isn’t. But it does show how friendship can become something more…

What made you want to write in addition to being a photographer?

I’ve always written. I write out scripts for my shoots. This just happened to be a longer script. lol But if you read it… you will see that I parcelled every scene like a motion picture screenplay. I wrote this to be a movie. It’s very visual.

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You have made no secret of your decision to change your photography genre to m/m romance and erotica, (which I personally have no problem with ;­) !!) did you have any problems in career terms undertaking this change?

Tons of problems. Too many to name. But you can imagine beginning with the haters. But I was on a mission. I had something to do and wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

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Your photos always seem to tell stories, do you have a story in mind when you organise a photographic session?

Always. But recently I have given in to letting the models make up their own stories or fantasies so that we have a wider variety, and a different “feel” to the portraits.

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Do you ever hold exhibitions of your photographic work?

I’ve never had an exhibition. I’m just not that organized.

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I adore the cover for G.A Hauser’s Down and Dirty, very hot, and so perfect for that book’s title. How does it work do you set up a picture for a particular cover or do you do gorgeous photos that authors can choose from?

I just shoot pics and post them and let the authors find what works for them. Occasionally I do specific requests when authors like a particular model and he’s available.

Is it possible to purchase copies of your photos online?

I sell to authors all the time. I usually post online on FB and people nab them from there or I work specifically with a publisher or an author to find what they need. It would be near impossible to put up a stock site to sell what’s available because I shoot all the time and wouldn’t have the capacity to maintain it. So I prefer to work with everyone one on one and personal.

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Memorizing You was outstanding, can we hope to see another novel from Dan Skinner and do you have any w.i.p.?

I have three W.I.P. I work on them in between the shoots. Hopefully should have one out this year before too long.

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If you ever had to choose between your talented pursuits, which would you choose, writing or photography and why?

I don’t think I could choose. I think they wrap together nicely for what I have to express. I would love to do a photographic graphic novel which would combine them. That would be my ideal goal to accomplish.

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How is your trainer doing and did you ever get to photograph him whilst out running together? lol.

He’s doing fine. We’re not much into photographing him just to keep his privacy here in town. There is the likelihood that he will be accompanying MJ and myself to the GRL because I know everyone wants to meet him, and I will need someone to work me out in the hotel gym everyday! lol

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Knowing how busy he is many thanks again to Dan for his time and his beautiful photos! Dan has generously offered an ebook copy of his wonderful, ‘Memorizing You’ to the lucky commenter. Competition for Dan’s book closes 10th March. You can see my review of Memorizing You on PBA today as well.


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  1. God, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

    I love them *swoon* … I think this post should be permanently pinned to the top <3 I must admit I was a bit distracted by all the beautiful men and had to go back to read the interview. LOL. But Dan sounds quite multi-talented and I wold love to see if the books are as delicious as the images 🙂 Pls enter me to win!

  2. Awesome – thank you for sharing, the information and the gorgeous pictures. The one of MJ standing in profile is just breathtaking. I already own the book so no need to enter me in the draw, but I just had to post a thank you comment. I adore Dan Skinner’s art, and Memorizing You is just amazing. <3

  3. Your photographs are simply stunning. They say so much, yet I would bet each person viewing would tell a slightly different tale based on what catches his/her eyes first.
    I also thought gene and Finny were in love – Finny, more self-aware than Gene. Would love a chance to read your work so please enter me in the drawing. Thank you, Beverly for a great interview and to Mr Skinner for sharing your stories.

  4. Great interview! I love Dan’s photography, and the ones posted here were truly spectacular (as usual). I look forward to meeting Dan, MJ & the trainer at GRL in October (if I can get past the queue of fans). 😀

    You don’t need to enter me in the draw as I already own a copy of Memorizing You.

  5. Your photography is beautiful! I have recently become a fan of m/m books and really enjoy reading them. Love is beautiful and the stories are the same no matter what gender(s) make up the couples. Thank you for sharing your art with us, visual and written words.

  6. Wonderful pictures, and thank you for sharing so much about your work and passion. Wishing all the best…and I absolutely know you’ll have continued success in both your beautiful gifts.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Great interview and awesome pictures. Mr. Skinner is a very talented and gifted photographer and author. I also have the book, so don’t enter me, but highly recommend it to anyone who has not had the pleasure of reading it.

  8. Absolutely wonderful pictures, my imagination always runs rampant after seeing one of your photos. I think I became a fan of your art after seeing all the lovely photos used for Mary Calmes books. Thanks so much for sharing!

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