Sex and Candy by Diana DeRicci ~ Review by Leisa

In Sex and Candy, DeRicci delivers lots of sex, but not so much candy …

DDR_Sex_and_CandyTitle: Sex and Candy

Author: Diana DeRicci

PublisherMLR Press

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Can one wedding be the turning point of four different men?

Brad’s dream of happily ever after with his best friend, Geoff, is destroyed when he receives a wedding invitation to Geoff’s wedding — to a woman. After accepting that waiting for the man has gained him nothing, he intends to wipe him clear of his heart and mind. With a night at Blue Dogs. Tristan is captivated by Brad and what begins as a night of pure release starts something for Tristan that he can’t deny. A wanting to know the other man beyond sex. Can Tristan win Brad’s heart away from an unrequited love? It may not be as easy as he’d like when Geoff reappears begging for forgiveness.

My View

Diana DeRicci’s book Sex and Candy is the story of Brad, who decides to lick his wounds about his first love, Geoff’s, decision to marry a woman even though he’s gay, by going to a private sex club. Gorgeous Tristan operates the by invitation only club in his home, and he’s quickly taken with Brad, with whom he engages in a menage on the first night they meet.  Brad and Tristan quicly become a monogamous couple.  They go to Geoff’s wedding and upset the locals by being an affectionate and openly gay couple, they rescue Geoff’s gay younger brother from his bigoted parents who kick him out simply for being gay, and they help Geoff when he realizes mere days after the ceremony that he couldn’t marry his gay away.  They have lots of sex (but not so much candy …), and live happily ever after.

Sex and Candy is what I think of as a nice “beach read” –  It has a fairly entertaining (and completely unrealistic) story line, lots of hot sex, and a happy ending.  It is an easy, quick read, with yummy men and several risque sex scenes, including menage, voyeurism, and group activities.  There are also some wonderful supporting characters in the story. I want to both yell at Geoff for being inconsiderate and dense, and to pity him for being so riddled with low self esteem and desperation for his parents’ approval.  Also, Geoff’s younger brother is such a sincere and sad character dealing with the total loss of his family’s support when they abruptly kick him out for being gay. Unfortunately, the main couple, Brad and Tristan, is less interesting.  There is virtually no chemistry between these two, and their relationship’s story line is bland and without any intriguing angst.   The lack of heat and connection between the main couple sadly detracts from the overall fun of reading an otherwise pleasing, fanciful story.

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I would like to thank MLR Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Sex and Candy by Diana DeRicci ~ Review by Leisa

  1. This one sounds right up my alley! One of the reasons I read is to get away from ‘real life’ that’s why I read fiction. So when you say “completely unrealistic” story line, well don’t most books? And Yippee! Also I love that you added no or little angst, again to me, Yippee! I don’t need fear,anxiety or remorse in my books ( def of angst)

    So thank you for the review I will be adding this to my ever growing pile.

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