The Prisoner: Broken Series Season 1 by Kol Anderson with Giveaway ~ Review by Caroline

Kol Anderson is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors!

: The Prisoner: Broken Series Complete Collection

Author: Kol Anderson

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Aaron Taylor is a rent-boy.
The Dream everyone wants to come true.

Vincent Greene is the client from hell.
The man who wants to make sure that dream ends up BROKEN.

Just when Aaron thinks his life is beginning to make sense, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet, but what Aaron doesn’t know, is that under Vincent’s alluring facade, lurks a heart capable of extreme cruelty.

(Complete version with all three books in the BROKEN series.)

My View

This book is twisted, dark, terrifying, brutal, sadistic, vicious, painful, barbaric, ruthless and unbelievingly good! If this is your sort of thing then you have hit upon a winner as Kol Anderson gives us the ultimate in disturbing without any attempts at making it fluffy to save your delicate senses.

It is given to us in 3 parts and the first is very aptly called The Prisoner. This is where we meet Aaron who is a high class rent boy. Although he doesn’t mind his job after meeting and falling for Sebastian a former client he is starting to wonder if there is more to life. Before he has a chance to work out whether Sebastian is ‘the one’ he is introduced to a new client by the name of Vincent. New clients always make Aaron nervous but Vince seems ok…..until he injects something into his neck and kidnaps him and he wakes up in hell.

Vince works for a company that supplies subs/slaves to the wealthy and sadistic. The plan is to break Aaron then retrain him as a slave before his ownership is handed over to his new master. This is a business that commands and lot of money and it is heartbreaking to think that this really happens. There is nothing redeeming about Vince initially. His chosen tools are rape and torture and he uses both a lot! He has a job to do and doesn’t care how much pain and fear he has to instil in Aaron as long as he ends up with the required product. With the use of drugs that will lead to an addiction and a powerful bargaining tool and terror Aaron slowly starts to submit but he never totally succumbs and draws his strength from memories of Sebastian.

As all this is happening to Aaron we also see things from Sebastians point of view. He is worried sick about his lover and is trying desperately to find out what has happened to him. This is further complicated by the fact that Sebastian is married to Eric. Sebastian still loves his husband  Eric and although Eric has been cheating on him constantly he feels immense guilt and confusion  and tries to hide his worry and impending meltdown.

The second part is Hell and Beyond and that is a very apt description. Aarons constant torture and abuse is ongoing but at some point he actually starts to feel safe with Vince. Given that the other people that are brought in to ‘train’ him are far worse you can’t really blame him. Vince is starting to worry about feelings he is developing for Aaron but it all comes to a head when Vinces boss gets word that people are starting to ask questions about his organisation….it seems Sebastian is finally getting closer to the truth and ruffling a few feathers. Vince is ordered to teach Aaron a lesson. Vince hates the actions he must take and Aaron is devastated that the small amount of trust he had in the man is completely lost as he is left for dead.

The third part is The Escape and as the title suggest Aaron finally gets out of his hell although he has no memory of who helped him. I won’t say too much about this part as it is new.  He wakes up in the hospital absolutely broken both physically and mentally with Sebastian at his side. Although not pleased Eric agrees that Aaron can come and live with them whilst he tries to recover. Having his freedom back isn’t giving Aaron the joy he expected and he finds it increasingly difficult to adjust. Reverting back to an old habit helps in the short term but complicates his relationship with Sebastian and Eric. There are not many endings that catch me out but this one was a true WTF and where the hell did that come from. I really hope there will be another book in the future to tie up the loose ends as that bugger needs dealing with and not in a nice way!!!

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10 thoughts on “The Prisoner: Broken Series Season 1 by Kol Anderson with Giveaway ~ Review by Caroline

  1. This sounds like a book and a half and if I’m honest I’m as intrigued as I am scared. Mind you, that won’t stop me from finding this book and reading it in the not too distant future.

  2. I don’t how many time I stopped myself from buying this series cause I’m honestly scared… but at the same time I’m so curious… and I really liked the other books by Kol I’ve read

  3. I’m also intrigued by the review but not sure I can handle all the abuse that is done to Aaron. But I’m curious enough to give it a try!

  4. Ohh, I love the blurb for the book and great review. I’m definitely intrigued and a little nervous but eager to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

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