An Indoctrinated Man by Lavinia Lewis ~ Review by Leisa

Just love, love, love an action packed, angsty wolf shifter story …

IndTitle: An Indoctrinated Man

Author: Lavinia Lewis

Publisher: Totally Bound

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Wolf shifter Erik Masters has had a lot of sleepless nights since he visited the illegal compound in New Mexico which housed scores of newly made wolves. The atrocities he witnessed on site have been weighing heavily on his mind. When he learns that another convoy of these shifters will shortly be arriving in the sanctuary, his anger and sense of hopelessness increase. Worse still is the news of a recent discovery―some of the shifters have come from a different compound, but its location is as yet unknown.

When special ops leader, Jace Bryson commands Erik to befriend one of the new shifters so that they may discover the new compound’s whereabouts, Erik’s reaction is one of disbelief. Horrific events in his past have left him feeling bitter and jaded. He doesn’t trust strangers and is far more at ease in his own company. When he discovers that Clark, the shifter he’s been assigned to is his mate, Erik’s problems have only just begun. Clark Perry is far from an average shifter, made or otherwise. It appears his trust issues are more deeply rooted than Erik’s and Clark might just have an agenda of his own.

My View

Erik is haunted by the horrific cruelty found at a New Mexico compound where a militant group used an illegal medication to make humans into wolves. Some of the men successfully turned, but others could not shift completely and became trapped in a painful state as partially shifted creatures. Rescued wolves, who have been brainwashed by the militant group to believe they are agents who must perform dangerous and deadly missions on behalf of the government, are brought back to the wolf sanctuary where they are allowed to live a secluded, more peaceful existence. As a member of the Special Ops team responsible for finding and eliminating the militant group, reclusive Erik is ordered to get close to one of the new rescued changed wolves, Clark, in order to discover the location of another secret compound where wolves are being made. Erik and Clarke are both manly, muscular guys who are loners. Their attraction is instant, and Erik realizes that he and Clarke are mates. Neither man wants a mate, so there’s plenty of sexual tension. There’s the added angst of Erik trying to get Clarke to reveal the location of the secret compound, while Clarke doesn’t really believe that he was with an illegal militant group and still believes he’s on a secret government mission.

An Indoctrinated Man is a fun and sexy read!  Both Erik and Clarke are buff and hot loners who resist their mating attraction for a brief while, and when they do give in to it … it’s combustible! The story line regarding the militant group is interesting, and there’s just the right mixture in the story of action and the development of Erik and Clarke’s relationship. There are of course unrealistic and impractical story elements – this is to be expected of any paranormal shifter story – but I do think the ending perhaps drew the story to a conclusion a bit too cleanly and quickly.

I recommend An Indoctrinated Man to anyone who enjoys paranormal shifter stories with two yummy men together facing adversity. This story is perfect easy read for an afternoon reading escape!

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I would like to thank Totally Bound for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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