Butterball by Michelle Robbins ~ Review by Leisa

Great cover and an interesting title for this dom/sub extended novella …

butterballTitle: Butterball

Author: Michelle Robbins

Publisher: Amber Allure

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

For Travis, it’s business as usual at Wentwood Investments, other than the annoying task of finding a new account manager for his expanding office. Everything changes, however, the moment Jeremy Roberson walks into the room for an interview. The cuddly butterball is everything Travis likes in a partner…except for The Closet locked around the man.

Jeremy’s worn a mask for so long he isn’t sure who he is anymore. Every lie of his life has somehow become the truth, and yet those lies never hold. Desperation and despair have been his roommates, especially since the moment he’d hurt someone else in his attempt to deny his truth.

But Travis has other ideas for them, beautiful, wonderful moments and promises for tomorrow. All Jeremy needs to do is take that all important step and find the strength to finally come out.

Not much fun, sure, but Travis might be able to help. He has kicked down a few closet walls in his past also. And if he’s going to find paradise with Jeremy, it appears he has to kick down those walls again.

Good thing Travis knows how to fight.

My View

Jeremy is a balding 50 year old “cuddly butterball” who lost his fortune when the bottom fell out of the stock market. His house is in foreclosure and he’s broke. He applies to work for buffed and gorgeous Travis’ financial investment firm. While Jeremy sees himself as fat and unattractive, he trips all of Travis’ fat fetish triggers. There are several aspects of Butterball that work well. I like that Travis is proud of Jeremy both physically and intellectually, he takes him places, and he aggressively defends Jeremy when he is bullied. I also like that Travis develops sincere feelings for Jeremy, and that he wants a happy, long term future together. Equally interesting is the portrayal of Jeremy as a middle aged man who is still so traumatized by the hateful bigotry spewed by his vile uncle, that he remains fearful to venture out of the closet.

There are some issues with the story that I do not think worked as well. Travis and Jeremy are in a Dom/Sub relationship. I like many BDSM books; however, some of the sexual interactions between Travis and Jeremy are less than hot. The author includes many references to Jeremy’s obese body during the sex scenes in an “I’m with him because I have a fetish, and I like seeing his globs of jiggling fat as I pound him” kind of way, rather than an “I am with this man because I like him” kind of way, and they just don’t work for me. I am also perturbed by Travis’ female friend who wants him to help drag Jeremy out of his closet since her girlfriend was recently hurt by gay Jeremy not being able to have an honest and real relationship. Wanting to force Jeremy to out himself is an odd and inappropriate move.

Overall, the story of Jeremy and Travis has its sweet moments, and I can’t help pulling for Jeremy as he gains his self confidence and takes a leap of faith into Travis’ arms with the promise of a happy ever after. Butterball is an interesting and at times touching story. If you enjoy Dom/Sub M/M romances with a touch of a fetish vibe, give this one a try.


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I would like to thank Amber Allure for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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