Caitlin Ricci and Cari Z stop by to discuss Camellia with Flash Fic & Giveaway!

I would like to thank Caitlin Ricci and Cari Z for taking the time to talk to us about their first co-authored project Camellia, which will be released on 7 May by Less Than 3 Press.    There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.


Thank you for spending some time with both Cari Z and I. We are extremely pleased to share our new book with you all today. Camellia comes out May 7th through Less Than Three Press and is our first co-authored book to be released.

We feel fortunate to have worked with Less Than Three Press. When we first approached the team about Camellia, all we had was a first chapter and an idea. That first five thousand words quickly grew into a novel and birthed a four book series. Less Than Three Press has been nothing but encouraging and understanding, especially when it comes to my spur of the moment questions and needs. I can be a needy little diva at times and thankfully we found a publisher that not only puts up with that, but also embraces our ideas and helps give them steam. Finding that combination in a publisher is a rare gift. 

Camellia came about from a simple idea. We were writing another book together already and caught wind of a lesbian fiction blog hop. I knew we needed to do something for it and luckily I caught Cari at a time when she could spare a few hours to write something short with me. Camellia was supposed to be just a little bit of flash fiction and something to show off how well we write together. But after that short piece we knew Danny and Lucy weren’t complete and when these two ladies started talking, it was hard not to sit up and pay attention to them. 

Writing with another person is tricky but it can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. When the team works its a beautiful thing. And it doesn’t hurt that we’re friends too. Finding someone that clicks with you so easily is a rare gift and one I’m thankful for not just professionally in my career as an author, but also personally as well. 

Cari and I wanted to do something special for Prism Book Alliance. We’re taking over today and on May 7th, when Camellia gets released, as well and to celebrate Camellia coming out we wrote two extra scenes for you all to hopefully enjoy. These are not scenes that were cut from the novel, but rather important moments in the lives of these characters that we felt needed to be shared. Today you’ll be meeting Lucy. 


Lucy – Flash Fic

“Lucy Culpepper, as I live and breathe!”

Lucy turned around at the sound of the woman’s familiar southern accent and, before she could even greet her friend of nearly five years, was pulled into a tight hug that came with a cloud of sweet lily-scented perfume. It was fitting that Natasha’s favorite flower was a lily, since the silent woman by her side was named Lillian.

“Natasha, it’s good to see you,” Lucy said, turning her face so that Natasha could give Lucy one of her kisses. There would be pale pink lipstick on her cheek, Lucy was sure, but for Natasha she’d endure.

Natasha slipped her arm through Lucy’s and they moved to look up at the brick shop on the corner of a busy little street downtown. “You too, darling. You too. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen the likes of you. Now, tell me, is this the place?”

Nodding, Lucy put one gloved hand over her eyes and looked at the shop. “It doesn’t look like much, but I believe it has potential.”

“Mmm, the location is good if nothing else,” Natasha said. Letting go of Lucy, she stepped forward and took Lillian’s hand in hers. A chain dangled from the cuff that doubled as the end of a leash running around Lillian’s wrist, and if one looked closely enough at the throat of the dark green turtleneck sweater she wore, Lucy knew the outline of a collar could be seen there. Lucy didn’t judge Natasha for her choices, both in and out of the bedroom, when it came to her partners. In fact, Lucy found herself rather envying her friend on more than one occasion. Lillian was a fine match for Natasha from everything Lucy had seen and watching them together made Lucy long for a woman of her own, though one slightly more talkative than Lillian. 

Natasha stood directly in front of the store’s window. It was a spot where Lucy envisioned having sets of tables and chairs set out for people to enjoy their tea and chocolates in the sunshine. “I’d like to add flower boxes under the windows all around the building.”

“Lilies?” Natasha asked, her voice lifting hopefully.

Lucy gave her a smile and shook her head. “No. Something easier for me to keep alive. Not everyone is blessed with your green thumb.”

Natasha made a bit of a sour face but the lilies were quickly forgotten as she peered into the window, which was admittedly quite dirty. Having only signed the last of the papers that morning, Lucy hadn’t had time to clean the place as she would have liked to before Natasha had invited her out for lunch. “It has good bones,” Natasha called back to her.

“It has definite promise,” Lucy agreed. She walked forward, her high boots clicking on the concrete sidewalk, and touched the door to her first store. As a child, it had been a fanciful dream of hers to own a tea shop like the kind she saw the prim ladies of London going to in the afternoons. Now she was pleased to say that dream was finally starting to turn into a reality.

“What will you call this shop of yours?” Natasha asked, turning toward her and bringing Lillian into the shade of the awning that would have to be replaced with something a little less dilapidated.

Lucy smiled and brought her hand away from the door. That was an easy question to answer, for she’d had it all planned out for years now. “Camellia.”

Natasha’s expression mirrored hers. “It’s a fine name for a lovely little shop. Come on, let’s go to lunch to celebrate you owning your first business.”

Taking Natasha’s outstretched hand, Lucy picked up her skirts so that they wouldn’t drag over the grubby sidewalk and allowed herself to be pulled down the street to a little bistro. She’d never taken a leap like this before, and the risk in it frightened her. But she also felt a thrill at taking this on, and Lucy welcomed the challenge this new venture would bring to her life. Who knew what might happen as a result of it?

From the Publisher:

Danny doesn’t expect much to come from the interview she has lined up through her modelling agency, who told her only that it involved tea and a kink convention. She thinks it won’t be much more than wearing some strange outfit, sitting around, and getting easy money that she desperately needs.

What she gets instead is Lucy, a formidable woman in riding boots and a corset, who makes Danny want to please her without saying a word. By the end of the interview, Danny is convinced that her new job isn’t going to be anywhere near as easy as she first believed. Can Danny make the woman determined to keep her at the end of her riding crop let her into her heart as well as her bed?

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