Chasing the Dragon by Ash Penn ~ Review by Leisa

A little taboo twincest?  Yes, please!

chasingthedragon_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Chasing the Dragon

Author: Ash Penn

Publisher: Totally Bound

My Rating:  4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

On his birthday, Aiden has only one thing on his mind. Spending time with the only man he will ever love. The one man he can’t have.

A decade has passed since Aiden last set eyes, or hands, on Kai. Yet when Aiden tracks him down in order to keep a promise to spend their thirty-second birthday together, it’s as if only a breath of time has swept by since they were last together. The attraction they share is as intense as ever despite their years of separation, and despite Aiden’s decade-long marriage to a woman.

When Aiden learns that Kai’s current relationship has broken down, he’s compelled to invite Kai back to his hotel room for the night. Aiden believes if they both try hard enough, they might become true brothers again and banish the rogue feelings that originally tore them apart.

Only, Kai doesn’t agree. It’s his birthday too, and he’s got plans of his own. Plans that involve shunning a twin room in favour of a double. And Aiden has never been able to resist his desires, no matter how skewed those desires might be.

Reader Advisory: This is a taboo story which contains a twincest storyline as well as scenes of dubious consent.

My View

I don’t shy from reading twincest stories. Taboo? Yes, but sometimes a little naughty just hits the spot! So, I read Chasing the Dragon with an open mind and high hopes for some fun, yummy action. What I found was not an ordinary sex romp twincest story. Instead, I found a story of two brothers tortured and forever changed by a love and sexual attraction they cannot escape. Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about Chasing the Dragon … but I can’t stop thinking about the story, and while I didn’t get the ending I want, perhaps Aiden and Kai found the ending they need.

Twins Aiden and Kai(den) haven’t seen each other for ten years by choice. Kai is gay and, after leading a life filled with drugs and casual sex for several years, he’s a successful business man and in a long term relationship with a good and loving man. Aiden is married to a woman who hates Kai, and calls him a cobra because he’s poisonous to Aiden. As agreed upon many years before, Aiden and Kai reunite for their thirty-second birthday.

It’s clear that these two men are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Aiden’s marriage is in the toilet largely because he can’t let go of his decidedly unbrotherly feelings for Kai, and Kai is willing to walk out on a long term love just to be with his brother on his birthday. Although Kai is more sarcastic and “in your face” about their attraction than Aiden, they are both so obviously deeply hurt and conflicted, and the chemistry and angst between the two is real and hangs in the air like a fog.

I enjoy the relationship angst between Aiden and Kai – two brothers drawn together by a love they know is not acceptable, yet so irresistible that they cannot refuse. However, the sex scenes are … oddly unfulfilling. The sex is not sensual or romantic; instead, the sex is gritty, almost harsh and punishing. Although there is a warning of dubious consent, and I suppose consent was perhaps “dubious,” but the sexual encounter is not one of non-consent.

Chasing the Dragon isn’t a feel good story, nor is it a light, fluffy romantic read. It is a gripping story of two men whose lives have been tortured and altered by a love and attraction to each other that they cannot seem to escape. I’m a known “happily ever after” junkie, and at first I felt cheated that I didn’t get the nice, clean “and they lived happily ever after together” that I wanted. However, upon reflection, hopefully Kai and Aiden did get their own version of happiness after all.

I challenge anyone who likes to push the boundaries to add this emotionally provocative story to their reading list.

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I would like to thank Totally Bound for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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