Fight by Kelly Wyre ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

kellywyre_fight1I really loved this book so much, if that doesn’t convince you to read it continue on…

Title:  Fight

Author:  Kelly Wyre

Publisher:  Loose ID

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

To Nathan Hunt, honesty is anything but the best policy. Telling the truth has gotten him nothing but heartache and pain; so lying about who he is and what he wants seems to be the only path to job security and friends. Hell, it even brings him a hollow kind of happiness.

Except, that’s not much of a life for any man. Especially one with Nathan’s passions. Desperate to cure his self-made misery, Nathan agrees to go along with a con that will score cash for Nathan to start over. There’s just one problem: lying is getting harder by the day. And a con who can’t lie, is a con who gets caught.

Nathan’s attempts to distract himself from his moral quandary lead him to a mysterious, intoxicating man named Fury. The Mixed Martial Arts fighter knows a thing or two about lies and pasts better left buried. He and Nathan have something else in common – they both want to be with someone who lets them be themselves.

Together, they undertake a journey that proves honesty is more dangerous and more difficult than either of them could have imagined. And as they combat addiction, thugs, guns, and their own inner demons, Nathan and Fury can only hope that their battle to be together will be worth the bitter fight.

My View

Try this:
A 6’4″ tattooed Native American MMA fighter with a mohawk? 
A closeted blonde who’s clawed his way out of the trailer park and is funny, witty and smart?
Two flawed protags who have overcome some hard knocks?
Some angst thrown in for good measure?
Some fuckhot pancake sex?
A plot line that keeps you on the edge of your seat?
No? Still nothing?

Tough crowd. Alright hard sell it is then.

Any book that starts off with an anonymous bathroom stall bang gets my attention with a quickness. And p.s. it was a kinda angry anonymous bathroom-stall-at-a-club kind of bang. Hellllllooooo! It only got better from there.

I’m Southern. This book takes place in Knoxville. These characters are real to me. I’ve had this boss before. I work with these people now, the ones that claim to not be homophobic but get their panties in a twist about a business owner refusing to photograph a commitment ceremony because it’s their business! The ones who will use a racial slur as a punch line “for the sake of a joke”, but really aren’t bigots. So, yeah, I probably over-identified. I’d venture to guess that some derivation of these characters the author has encountered herself and she did an excellent job of translating them to the page.

Fight is about complicated situations that life throws at us. Sometimes we get backed into a corner through our decisions or indecision. An escape that doesn’t involve some sort of collateral damage is unlikely, so we let it ride. Some of us handle these situations better than others, some drink too much, some lose themselves in anonymous sex, some do drugs, some work out like demons, some fight, some isolate, some become angry and bitter, but most cling to the irrational hope that somehow the situation will magically rectify itself. A pipe dream. Human frailty gets me every time.

Both Nathan and Fury are child abuse survivors. If that’s a trigger for you, you’ve been warned. What I liked most about what Ms. Wyre did with both of them is portray them as idiosyncratic rather than cray cray. No one escapes childhood abuse unscathed, but it doesn’t have to define a person. Nathan and Fury have their foibles but who doesn’t? She also made their oppression credible within a Southern context. They’ve both been dealt a shitty hand which makes them kindred spirits, gives them an innate understanding of one another, one that is grounded in acceptance.

Nathan has masks in place to keep people at a distance and to remain in the good graces of his boss and colleagues. He’s erected this defense system to prevent himself from being hurt or disappointed by rejection when what he really wants is to share his life with someone, to connect, to be seen. He’s also gotten himself into a pickle and is starting to self-destruct. That closet is getting more claustrophobic by the day and his conscience is screaming at him. Loyalty is a motherfucker I tell ya. Then he meets Fury and… sometimes fate does play a hand in life.

Nathan is adorable. He word vomits when he’s nervous whereas Fury is analytical and observant. Nathan is floundering whereas Fury is fairly well adjusted. They both have their own demons, but they’re both intelligent and insightful. I don’t buy into the love heals all ethos and Ms. Wyre did a fantastic job of making this relationship lifelike. When you love someone you want to be better for them, your best self and sometimes in order to do that you have to make adjustments, compromise. Not for the other person per say, but for the betterment of yourself so you can live up to that person’s vision of you. That I can believe and, more importantly, I can believe that makes for a lasting relationship. Fight delivers that.

“If I could do anything else, I’d work to be the guy you think I could be.”

I read a lot of erotica. A lot. The sex in Fight was some of the hottest I’ve ever read. Period. I’ve put a lot of thought into why that was and maybe it was simply that I loved both these characters and their relationship. Maybe it’s because they’ve both been oppressed and shamed for being gay for far too long and both want and deserve each other so much. I’m not sure. What I can say is Ms. Wyre’s writing of these scenes was visceral. She made me feel like a voyeur from the way they sound to how they see each other to how much they want each other to how they feel about each other and the simplicity of being able to physically show the person you love just how much you do and all the insensible things we say in the heat of the moment. She put it all on the page and God bless her for wrapping all of that up in pancake sex, biting and tiny bit of kink. To ask for more would be greedy.

The dialogue is fresh and authentic though some of the conversations were probably superfluous. I didn’t care since they were so genuine. The climatic event kept me guessing. It may have been a tad over the top and a couple points weren’t explained all that well. It’s most certainly violent, but it’s fiction. I went with it. The conflict between Nathan and Fury was credible for which I am infinitely grateful. There’s nothing I hate more than a conflict that leaves me with a fart smelling look on my face.

That’s all I got. My best hard sell. Highly recommend. Kudos to Ms. Wyre for Fight. I’ll definitely read something else by her and I’ll re-read this gem.

Where to Buy

Loose ID



I would like to thank Loose ID for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Well – ya convinced me! I’m adding it to my TBR/TBP list right now. Thanks for bringing a book I might not have know anything about to my attention 🙂

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