A Hard Loving Man by Dale Chase ~ Review by Leisa

Historical western erotica with a good storyline and LOTS of sex!

hard loving manTitle: A Hard Loving Man

Author: Dale Chase

Publisher: Wilde City Press

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Dodge City bank clerk Gordon Howsley leads a life of quiet routine, each evening feasting on the sight of rugged men in the Long Branch Saloon before going home to wife and children. A welcome breach occurs when outlaw Tom Stoddard robs the bank and takes Howsley hostage. Holed up in a remote hideout, Stoddard discovers Howsley to be a most willing captive and the two embark on a sexual adventure in which Howsley sees his dreams of manly satisfaction fulfilled at last. But when the law intrudes and Stoddard is jailed, how far will Howsley go to be reunited with the man he loves?

My View

Dale Chase’s A Hard Loving Man is M/M erotica, and not a romance. While I will be the first to tell you that while my first love is M/M romance, I occasionally like erotica as well. In A Hard Loving Man, Gordon is a married, father of two children who has an unfulfilling job as a bank clerk, secretly looks at men and dreams of having hot sex with them. He dutifully goes home every evening to his wife who can’t bear his touch but who also pretends everything is wonderful. Imagine his secret delight when he is taken hostage by handsome Tom Stoddard, a bank robber who soon figures out that Howsley is interested in men, and they begin to have sex. And they have sex. And they have sex. And they have sex. Stoddard does Howsley, and Howsley does Stoddard. I fully understand that A Hard Loving Man is not a romance, but I feel the sex scenes are repetitive, and not particularly sexy or sensual.

I am also bothered that there isn’t any discernible chemistry between the two men – just a whole lot of man on man action. Equally bothersome is that I just do not like either of the men. Gordon could have been portrayed as a sympathetic character as a gay man trapped by society and bigotry into living a lie; instead Gordon is an oversexed, selfish man who has no qualms about leaving his wife and children behind as he embarks on his life of crime (he reasons that his wife’s father will surely step in to take care of them). Howsley, who is at least honest about being a horny jerk, seems to have no moral compass whatsoever.

The saving grace of A Hard Loving Man is that the storyline itself is quite interesting and unique. Gordon is “rescued” from being Howsley’s hostage, but his stale, benign regular life pales in comparison to his time with Howsley. He then breaks Howsley out of jail, and goes on the run with him. Gordon begins to care emotionally for Howsley, who is mostly an alcoholic gambler who doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone in his way. Gordon is eventually forced to make a split second decision that changes everything for both men.

If you enjoy historical graphic erotica with a pretty good storyline, then A Hard Loving Man is for you. However, if you like romance and a story with a happy ending, then you may want to skip A Hard Loving Man.

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I would like to thank Wilde City Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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