Master Me by H.C. Brown ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

If you’re looking for a bit of escapist BDSM-y lighthearted fluff…

5026734Title:  Master Me

Author:  H.C. Brown

Publisher:  The Rooster & The Pig

Rating:  3ish out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

After Leo Marshall survives a storm at sea, he discovers the watery vortex he hurled through was a gateway to another realm. As a filthy disease ridden human, he is not welcomed into the strange world of unusual diverse humanoids and finds refuge with a shifter. His immediate lustful attraction to the delicious BDSM Master, Ashrin of Ecatnie Pride is so powerful it’s frightening. The rules are different in this future realm and frequent sex with a multitude of partners is expected. Leo wants Ashrin exclusively but is afraid his Master will love him —to death.

My View

Some books I read the first few pages and know not to take them too seriously. This was one of those books. Yes, it’s a requires a bit of reality suspension. There is what some may interpret as instalove. In my opinion though it’s just F.U.N. If you require serious, Master Me is NOT for you. I do enjoy fantasy reads and this little short he the short, smutty, sexy spot.

OK now let’s talk about the other side of that water vortex which is called Teal. To harken back to some old school parlance, Teal is neat. Teal has occultists, flybikes, time jumping, cat shifters, some sort of gecko people, fairies… I mean, what else can you ask for? Why do all these people live together in Teal, you ask? *shrug* Don’t know. How do they all get along? Pretty well, oddly enough. They do not particularly trust the humans (Nomags as we’re known in this realm) as we’re a disease carrying species who retains their body hair. Guess what’s first to go bye bye once Leo arrives? 3 guesses, the first 2 don’t count.

The relationship between Leo and Ashrin is the centerpiece and, I have to say, I liked their dynamic. Ashrin is a dominant but he’s also a Sabarie pride shifter which basically translates into him having to shift and hunt occasionally, but it also drives his lust. Leo has been having recurrent dreams about a certain super sexy guy who smells and tastes like heaven and what’ll you know? Ashrin looks a helluva lot like him. The dreamscape thing is what kept this from being too instalovey for me.

The BDSM was of the lite variety. A nice flogging scene, but Leo doesn’t strike me as all that submissive and Ashrin’s cat sort of runs the show which makes for an unpredictable master, if you ask me. Never fear! Once they’re mated all will be well since there’s biting and venom and shifting involved. It’s a mating for life so Ashrin must be diligent in his choice! *refer to dreamscape bit*

Ms. Brown did a good job of creating this world of Teal. I liked the cheekiness of Master Me. I found it lighthearted and fun. What needs improvement are: (a) it desperately needs an edit; (b) some body positions during the flogging and even the sexy times don’t make sense given their respective sizes; (c) the cat thing was bizarre, the way the shifters talk about their “cat” made it seem like it was a whole separate entity; (d) “multitude of partners” is… misleading. Major bummer.

I still had a good time with Master Me. It’s sexy and fun. I’d recommend to people who just want a bit of escapism and enjoy fantasy.

Where to Buy

The Rooster & The Pig



I would like to thank The Rooster & The Pig for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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