Mnevermind 2: Forget Me Not by Jordan Castillo Price ~ Review by Christine

If I could give this story more than 5 stars, I most definitely would.

Mnevermind2 imageTitle: Mnevermind 2:  Forget Me Not

Author: Jordan Castillo Price

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

No two people are exactly alike, but Elijah Crowe is very, very different. Elijah is on the autism spectrum, so the tasks of day-to-day life most people breeze through are a challenge for him. His career suffered because he never got the hang of schmoozing, and now he wastes his talents teaching classes at the mall. His social circle is limited to his ex, his therapist, and a structured inclusion group at the Rec Center. The one bright spot in his life is the memory science of Mnemography. Although he loves nothing better than devouring the latest research and tinkering with all the specialized equipment, he never clicked with any other experts in the field until he met Daniel Schroeder. Daniel runs a memory palace—he even writes his own mnems—and that shared interest alone would make him fascinating. But Daniel and Elijah met under unusual circumstances, where the statement, “I like you, and I think you like me,” held some surprising nuances. Now Elijah suspects he’s gay, but the few prominent people in his life are less than supportive. Some are downright hostile. Elijah might not be neurotypical, but he’s plenty smart. Surely there’s some way to get people to accept him for who he is. If only he could figure out how.

My View

Forget Me Not is the second book of Jordan Castillo Price’s Mnevermind series about two mnemographers, Daniel Schroeder and Elijah Crow, who meet under unusual circumstances – in someone else’s imagination.  It picks up immediately from where the first book, Persistence of Memory, leaves off .  I highly recommend that Persistence of Memory be read first, as it gives valuable background information, introduces the main characters, and is excellent read.   (To access my review of Persistence of Memory, click here)

Forget Me Not, on the other handtakes a completely different tone from Persistence of Memory. Told from Elijah’s point of view, it provides the reader with a much clearer picture of this captivating character and his daily struggles with autism. His difficulties in navigating his budding relationship with Daniel, dealing with conflicts at work, and coming to terms with his own sexual identity take center stage in this second book of the series.  Yet while the main focus of this installment is on Elijah, new events take place that provide fresh avenues for the reader to delve further into the “mneming” world and to see Daniel’s continuing battle with family issues.   Secondary characters play vital roles in this story much as they did in the first, and the concepts and discussions of memory science are just as fascinating as they were in the initial episode.  Miscommunications, differing perceptions, and various outside parties – those well-meaning and not –  are all obstacles that both Daniel and Elijah need to overcome in this story.  However, more than anything else, they must learn to trust each other and their own feelings in order for their relationship to continue. 

I applaud Price’s skill in bringing Elijah’s perspective to the page with such sensitivity and grace.  It is a testament to her extraordinary talent for creating solid character/reader connections.  Through the consistent use of  a superbly written inner dialogue, she does a beautiful job of taking the reader into Elijah’s thought process as he maneuvers through his daily life.   She provides the reader with valuable insight as to how a person on the autism spectrum views and then copes with day to day activities and interactions.  This perspective is especially poignant as Elijah works not only to establish a relationship with Daniel, but also to decide who he, himself,  truly is.  Elijah must learn to trust his heart, and we see his struggle to do so in the delicately wrought counterbalance between his logical, literal inner voice and the deep, conflicted feelings he has for Daniel.

Elijah’s story is powerful, compelling, and incredibly moving. Everything within it  feels authentic, pure, and human.  His character melted me with his vulnerability and determination as he works so hard to “fit in,”  frequently breaking my heart in his attempts to deal with social situations and activities that most of us take for granted.  His desire to function like everyone else is almost agonizing as he searches his internal and external resources to make sense of a world and relationships that other people seem to enjoy so easily.

I am in love with this series and with Jordan Castillo Price’s writing.  Her uniquely balanced blend of science fiction, romance, and family dynamics makes for an extremely pleasurable read.  Forget Me Not tugs at the heartstrings and reminds us of the value in embracing others, especially those who are different, without getting saccharine or preachy.  Patience, understanding, and acceptance are subtle undercurrents in Elijah’s story, and I found incredible joy in his triumphs and growth within it.  I highly recommend both books in this series and eagerly await the next episode.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. Thanks for your insightful review which has captured my interest in this series. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction, and this series will go on my wish list.

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