Nico Jaye stops by to discuss Sex, Candy, and NYC with Giveaway!

I would like to thank Nico Jaye for taking the time to talk to us about her latest release Sex & Candy.  Check out my review here.   There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.


A Brief Ode to NYC

Thank you to Brandilyn and Prism Book Alliance for having me today! My latest story, Sex and Candy, takes place in New York City, and although a few paragraphs is hardly enough to do justice to the magnificent metropolis, I thought I’d take a few moments to chat a bit about my love for NY.

New York City is a unique experience. I lived there for seven years and still cannot say whether or not I truly knew the city. However, I can say that I knew many parts of it, and for that I’m very thankful. I knew subway stops and how to prewalk to the exit at various stations. I knew where I could get amazing palmiers, Wagyu beef, hot chocolate, catfish sandwiches, Halal street food, and everything in between. I knew how long it would take to walk versus take a bus somewhere. I knew which days would be less crowded at the MoMA (Monday or Wednesday). I knew what it was like to go into work with a hoarse voice after karaoke-ing till the wee hours. I knew what it was like to see the sunrise from the other end of the day.

Sex and Candy is set in a New York City dance club called Hard Candy. A number of people have asked if Hard Candy is real and, if so, for me to pleeeeease tell them that Sex and Candy-like shenanigans are a regular occurrence there. Alas, Hard Candy is actually a fictional place. That said, it’s an amalgamation of various New York City settings that pulls together my experiences there. The vibrancy and joy of the club come from the fun I had at places like Drag Queen Bingo, hosted every Monday night by Linda Simpson and Murray Hill in the Lower East Side, or at super-friendly bars like Chelsea’s XES. The colorful setting stems from the gorgeous aesthetics I melted over at restaurants like Bouley or Spice Market or at museums like the MoMA and the Guggenheim. And the private washrooms that feature so prominently in Sex and Candy‘s illicit tryst? To be honest, those are heavily inspired by the spacious and well-appointed restrooms at the restaurant Tamarind in Tribeca (one of my favorites in NYC—try the sea bass!).

So, no, Hard Candy is not a real place…but that doesn’t mean it can’t exist very vividly in my imagined world. =) I had tons of fun visiting Hard Candy with Lee and his Sir, and, if you decide to give Sex and Candy a shot, I hope that you do, too.

Happy reading!


From the Publisher:

Lee may be in a relationship with Tony, but that little fact doesn’t stop Lee when Tony agrees to allow him one wild night of no inhibitions. With excitement thrumming through his veins, Lee finds himself letting loose at Hard Candy, a popular cruise-worthy dance club known for its sweet Candymen and even sweeter one night stands. Under the club’s pulsing lights, he meets a mysterious man in leather, and things soon get hot and heavy as Lee rediscovers his submissive side under the Dom’s firm yet loving guidance.

When Lee returns home to Tony, though, will he face repercussions for his night of passion? Or is their relationship not quite as it appears?

About the Author

Nico Jaye is a fan of all things HEA and has dragged her romance collection along for her moves from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Chicago to New York and back. She thinks reading is awesome and loves that she can hang out night after night with crinoline-wearing debutantes, brawny firemen in suspenders, and werewolf shifters with Scottish brogues. Nico secretly (or not so secretly?) adores Hello Kitty, spontaneous traveling, pretending to be crafty, emoticons, hot menfolk, and parenthetical statements (not necessarily in that order). An overall feline enthusiast, she may or may not have a cat named “Nico” from whom she borrowed this pen name.

You can find Nico chit chatting about cats, popcorn for dinner, impulse trips to Iceland, and crocheting four scarves in one night at any of the following:

Twitter: @nicojaye
Facebook: Nico Jaye
Tumblr (NSFW): nicojaye

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Nico Jaye has kindly offered to following to 1 lucky commenter:

  • Ebook copy of Sex and Candy
  • Candy-colored glass bead bracelet
  • Electric blue jockstrap (smexy man not included, alas)
  • Silver “love” ring
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Contest ends 9 April 2014 @ 11:59pm CST.  Must be 18 or older to win.  Void where prohibited.


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  1. Is it wrong that I want to go to Tamarind only to see the restrooms now, even though I haven’t read the book yet? 🙂 I could probably be persuaded to have dinner though.

  2. Please count me in! I have read almost all this author’s books (except for one but I have it and will be read this month lol) so I know I will enjoy her newest release! Thank you!

  3. Sounds like a fun read. I live within a couple hours driving distance from NYC and the magic of the place kind of eludes me. Maybe this book will give me a new outlook on my next visit.

    • H.B., we all have different reasons to love it, so maybe you just haven’t come across yours yet? Regardless, maybe visiting Hard Candy will help a little. 😉

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