One Sleep Until RainbowCon ~ RainbowCon update by Brandilyn

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I am excited and terrified. Tomorrow about this time, I will be boarding a flight to Tampa, Florida. I have very little idea what to expect. I have never been to a conference before. Sure, I have traveled for work plenty, and I have flown all over the country. Hell, I used to have status on Continental Airlines. I have not, however, stepped foot on a plane since about 2006, I believe… maybe early 2007.

I am almost all packed and ready to go (yes, I have to pack early, or I feel off for the entire trip). It was very odd to pack only for myself. I have taken a total of 2 trips since 2007 without my children. One was for my father-in-law’s surgery about four years ago, and one was last year when my mom, sister, and I had a girls’ weekend in advance of my sister moving cross country. This is just me. Well, not really. The fabulous Becky Condit, from Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books, will be my traveling companion for all three (and roommate for two) cons  I will be attending this year. Let’s hope she does not get sick of me. We have charged each other with keeping the other one from hiding in the room! Ha! Two introverts trying to keep each other in the thick of things. This should be interesting.

So I am excited. I have never done anything like this. I have thought Oh it would be cool to go to this, but I have always found a way to talk myself out of it. Even last year, I talked myself out of GRL, despiting wanting badly to go. See, I hate crowds. I have anxiety issues in crowds. I have problems approaching people I am hoping the friendships I have forged online in this community will help me not be scared out of my wits and hide in a corner all weekend.

I know you do not know what I look like. (Though you have a vague idea from my avatar, if you are on my Facebook, there might be one or two pics of me in albums…), so I will have the following on my name badge to make me easier to pick out. If you see me cowering or looking lost, please help 😉

2014-03-30 11.30.36

Don’t be afraid to approach me.  Even if I have a deer in the headlights look, or I am talking with another friend.  I want to meet you, so please say “hi”.  I might even have a little prezzy for you.

2014-04-02 14.19.27 2014-04-08 18.17.45

If I will not have the privilege of meeting you in Tampa, keep checking back.  I will try to have a post each day about what I was up to.  I am not taking my good camera, but I will have my phone.  I apologize in advance for phone pics (eg. the ones above).

If you are going to be there, comment and let me know so I can try to find you 🙂

Much Love and see you in Tampa!

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5 thoughts on “One Sleep Until RainbowCon ~ RainbowCon update by Brandilyn

  1. Take Care Boss, say Hi to everyone from me and tell Becky to look after you 😉

    I’ll look after things while you are away :-p

  2. As my 12 y/o would sai….”I’m so Jelly”
    Although I live across the state near Miami, I just can’t make it there.
    One car + opposite work shifts = unsupervised 12 & 15 y/o’s at home.
    In a few more years, or if hubs stops working nights, I’ll be here!!
    SO, you HAVE to get out there and takes TONS of pics, as I will be attending virtually / vicariously thru your pics and postings.
    Have a fantastic time!

    • I cleaned all the unnecessary pics off my phone today so I have plenty of room for new pics. I wish I was taking my Nikon, but hubby made my decision easy when he asked to keep it to take pics of the kids at easter.

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