Rainbow Con Day 4 and Wrap-up ~ by Brandilyn

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Day 4 was a great end to a great con.  There were 3 panel times, but I only made it to one panel. That panel was “The Male Perspective”.  Panelists were Geoffrey Knight, Anel Viz, Jackson Cord, Andrew Grey, and Kade Boehme.  It was a great discussion with a lot of good insight.  It was also a standing room only crowd.  (I know one of the other panels actually closed up and just came over to the MP panel).

Photo Apr 20, 12 01 26 PM

But I am getting a bit ahead of myself.  Had breakfast with Angel Martinez, Sue Brown (not pictured), Anel Viz, Michael Chulsky, LE Franks, and Becky Condit.

Photo Apr 20, 6 34 35 AM

The Lunch Crowd (Andrew Grey, Rory Ni Coileain, Grace R Duncan, Shannon from Dreamspinner, & Becky Condit)

Photo Apr 20, 11 30 35 AM

Photo Apr 20, 11 30 40 AM

I mostly took the opportunity to chat and say goodbye, see you in May, or see you in October to all the “new” friends I made.  I spent the morning in the dealer room (yes, I spent a lot of time in there this weekend).  Chatting and taking pictures and getting a few last minute autographs.  A number of authors had to travel home Saturday evening, but there were still quite a few there for the closing.  They had a raffle benefiting umm… an LGBT charity in Tampa whose name I can not remember at the moment.  I didn’t win anything, but I did help raise over $1000 for the charity, so that made me happy.  After that it was time for final pictures and goodbyes… oh and packing!  I managed to fit everything in my suitcase, without undue stress on the zipper, so that was good.

Photo Apr 20, 3 19 55 PM

Our driver could not take the hint that Becky and I weren’t up for small talk. He decided to talk about every city in Texas of which he had ever heard.  Then he proceeded to insult my beaches (I say mine because I grew up in coastal Texas).  I can insult them, but not an outsider.  *rollseyes* Oh and then he had to tell us that Tampa’s airport is one of the top 3 in the nation O.o . We are still trying to figure out which nation, because Houston Hobby was SOOO much easier and more organized (and it used to be a dump, so that is saying something).   When we got to the airport and the over excited skycap decided to check one of Becky’s bags under my name (though he was very kind and turned a blind eye to the fact that both of our bags were well over the 50lb mark… What?? Books are heavy 😉 .  We were too tired to fight him about it, so it is a good thing I trust Becky, LOL.  I didn’t have to do the shoe or laptop thing at Hobby (I was wearing boots, not the easiest for traveling…). I didn’t have to carry around a damn paper boarding pass… *shrug* AND they made me go through the damn body scanner in Tampa (then they had to double check my ponytail… whatever).

We hung out with CR Guiliano and Dean Pace-Frech for a little while until they boarded their flight, then had dinner of airport food.  It was food, that is the best I can say about it.

The flight home was relatively uneventful and very smooth (which is a rarity when flying over The Gulf). I even managed to dose for a bit during the flight.  Then we touched down and it was time to return to reality.  Still very tired, but I will get there.  I will probably nap while the littles are napping today.

Photo Apr 20, 8 30 08 PM

I can’t wait for May, I get to do this all again for the Romantic Times conference in New Orleans.  It will be a much different experience, though, because it is much larger and 98% Het authors.  I will get to see Wade Kelly and Jordan L Hawk again (and will actually get to PURCHASE their books this time…), and I will get to meet a few more.  JP Barnaby and I are planning a video interview for the GRL featured blog/author tour that we will be recording at RT, so that will be fun or boring or scary as hell.  Registration for RainbowCon 2015 will open up this summer.  I, for one, will be grabbing a spot early.

I was talking with a reader on Facebook this morning (*waves* as Kari), and I figured out one thing about the con.  I was very scared going in, but once I got there, I was so comfortable around everyone. Many of whom I knew from Facebook (some better than others), but many of whom I did not, or just knew by name. It was nice being able to just be myself. Well, a slightly more outgoing version of myself, anyway.  I had fun.  I made some great friends that I will keep in touch with outside the book world.  I made some that I will be excited to see again in May or October, and I *think* I convinced another friend to go with us next year, so that is exciting.

My RainbowCon pretties (I already owned Murderous Requiem, but it is now signed):

Photo Apr 21, 7 12 15 AM

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  1. Sounds like a good but busy time! I always like reading about these and I like tothink ‘one day’ but it’ll have to be a lottery win first!

  2. Thanks for spending a good paragraph bashing “my airport”…

    If you hated TIA so much maybe you should drive to NOLA. It’s been a couple of yrs but last time I was there it was a mess. And they made you take off your shoes and gave body scans, just like most places do..

    • That came out a lot bitchier than I meant for it to. Sorry about that. I wasn’t really annoyed by the lines, etc. I was more humored by the fact that our driver insulted my home and sang the praises of the airport, then the airport didn’t have some of the conveniences of my home airport.

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