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Day 1… What do you guys want to know??

Photo Apr 17, 9 35 07 AM

Well let’s start with the flight.  About the time our plane was supposed to be landing (the one we would then be getting ON to go to Tampa), a horrendous thunderstorm descended upon Houston Hobby Airport, complete with lightening… that of course delayed things.  Once we finally boarded, however, SWA was very efficient and got us in the air for a rough flight to Tampa.  Look at a map folks, what is the shortest way to Tampa from Houston? Yep over The Gulf.  If you have ever flown over The Gulf, you know how rough flights can be.  So I entertained myself with the new Wilde City Press anthology Butt Ninja’s from Hell.    My seat mate gave me a few strange looks when I laughed at Kage’s offering…

Tampa Approach

So we get to RainbowCon and get our room and registered and stuff. My first panel discussion as “Author Etiquette” where I mostly sat in the back and pretended I wasn’t there. Of course, I had to speak up at one point when they were advising authors not to seek out reviewers… Um, authors, if you are reading this, if you want us to review your book ASK! If we have a relationship with your publisher, I will tell you, “Awesome, I will get a copy from your publisher”, or I will just let you send me a copy. However you want to play it is fine, but please ask.

I met many people in a short amount of time and got a lot of hugs. There are some good huggers in this genre. I cannot really even name them all. I, however, forgot to take pictures. I will have to do that today when I am not so overwhelmed with all the shiny.

About 5:30 Becky and I realized we had not eaten since BEFORE we left Houston, so we went to dinner with a great group of folks Jamie Fessenden, Michael Murphy, and Michael Rupered. We had good food, some laughs, and great conversation. I also ended up with two new books on my review queue, go figure.


Photo Apr 17, 5 49 14 PM

Photo Apr 17, 6 57 00 PM

And then on to the evening entertainment…

Photo Apr 17, 9 10 15 PM

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  1. Reviews help determine what I buy. It’s not the rating so much as the review itself. Some of the things that may cause the book to be downrated are things I like in a book and the opposite holds true, also.

  2. Thanks for the photos and the post. Plane trips can be rough, but with an interesting book, it makes it more tolerable.

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