RainbowCon Day 2 ~ by Brandilyn

RainbowCon LogoDay 2… Not entirely sure what to say about day 2 of RainbowCon.  Finally met the fabulous Sara York, among so many others.  Had lots of great conversation over breakfast with my roomies, Becky, Nicole, & Rory, and Sui Lynn, who I did not know before this.

Photo Apr 18, 9 29 04 AM


The first panel I attended was an discussion about… umm something… yeah, I can’t remember right now. YA.  It was supposed to be about Trends in Young Adult Fiction.  It was an interesting discussion.  I will be going to another YA panel this morning. Panelist included Gryvon, Zoe Lynn (aka Allison Cassatta), Cody Stanford, Beau Schemery, and David Berger.

Photo Apr 18, 10 14 48 AMThen I hung out in the dealer room for a while with today’s featured guest, Rory Ni Coileain.  She is so much fun to talk to.  I also took the opportunity to buy a few books, I know you are shocked aren’t you?  Well I will show all my RC pretties at one time… soon.  I will tell you, they are pretty.

After lunch (which I didn’t eat since we had just had breakfast, sheesh…), it was time for the individual author readings.  I sat in on readings from Dean Pace-Frech, K-Lee Klein, Jordan L Hawke, and Jamie Fessenden.   They all did a fabulous job.  I just have to say, I can not WAIT for Necropolis (Widdershins #4).  Jordan from the first chapter.  I love coming home to favorite characters.  I missed getting a picture of Dean, sorry.


Photo Apr 18, 1 20 35 PM
K-Lee Klein
Photo Apr 18, 1 35 02 PM
Jordan L Hawke
Photo Apr 18, 1 43 37 PM
Jamie Fessenden

I missed most of the second hour of author readings because I was helping round up authors and then got into quite the discussion with LE Franks (Of whom I still need need to get a pic).

The next panel I attended was all about using Stereotypes in your writing.  It was another interesting discussion.  I think they may have missed a few points, but it was lively none-the-less.  Panelists were Geoffrey Knight, LE Franks (oh cool, I do have a pciture), Shae Connor, Amanda Ching, Kade Boehme, and VJ summers.

Photo Apr 18, 3 47 57 PM

After that it was back to the dealer room for a while for autographs, conversation, and more laughs until it was time for dinner.  Had some great discussions with Jamie, Shira Anthony, and many more.  Seriously folks, if you are going to GRL this year, these are some of the best people you will meet.

Dinner on day 2 was a small group that included Wade Kelly, Michael Chulsky, his fiance (Anthony), Gregory Payne, and Sara York.  It was nice to talk books, sex, and so much more with these folks.

Photo Apr 18, 7 11 06 PM


The after dinner entertainment… I mean panel… was Euphemism Bingo.  If you happen to be on my Facebook, you will see that Jamie was having fun feeding me lines.  All those you you who think he is sweet and innocent, umm you are sorely mistaken.  (Don’t get me wrong, Jamie is one of my favorite people).   (Sorry folks, no strippers today, but OMFG there were a lot of laughs).

Photo Apr 18, 10 21 51 PM


So after the fun, and laughs, of Bingo, a few of us weren’t ready to sleep.  Come on 11pm here is only 10pm for me.  That is still early.  So Jamie, Rory and I headed down to the bar area to sit and talk (where we were soon joined by the awesome Grace R Duncan).  We closed the place down and then talked about another almost 2 hours.  I know talking = boring.  Not with these folks, I promise you.  Looking forward to more laughs, hugs, and fun (oh and a few informative panels, because we are here to learn, right?).

Photo Apr 19, 12 32 03 AM

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  1. Doesn’t sound like you’re missing your hamster ball at all! Good for you! Glad to see you’re having fun! Still want an explanation of the pic at the end of day 1 though!!

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