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Day 3 was a bit more subdued than Day 2.  First of all, I was running on less than 4 hours sleep all day.  Secondly, as the day went by, more and more attendees/authors left to fulfill family commitments.  There are still plenty of us in the trenches, and I am excited about a couple of that panels tomorrow.

So what did I do today?  Well I started the morning with breakfast with my roomies and one of the editors from Storm Moon Press, Kathleen Tudor.

Photo Apr 19, 9 11 28 AM

The first panel I attended was Fade To Black, Erotic Content in YA.  Panelists included LE Frank, Jamie Fessenden, Cody Stanford, David Berger, and Jax Cordoba.  It was a very interesting discussion.

Photo Apr 19, 10 00 21 AM



I spent a lot of time in the dealer room chatting with authors, readers, and editors, as well as gathering a few signatures.  I need a better plan for this next time.  I will have a shelfie for you after I get home.  I added a couple of new pretties to my collection.

Out in the main part of the lobby, there was a Southern Baptist revival meeting.  A few of the 7ish year old kids broke loose and discovered the Kindle Alexander swag table… full of rainbow flags, rainbow candy, and condom/lube packets.   Oh they had some fun, but we figured the mommas across the lobby who were busy with their “Praise Jesus this” and “Praise Jesus that” would not appreciate it, so they were intercepted.

After lunch and some more dealer room time, Nicole Dennis dragged me to the World Building panel.  Panelists included Grace R Duncan, Robin Saxton, and Megan Derr.  I learned a lot that I will never use since I don’t actually WRITE fiction, but she wouldn’t be deterred 😉

Photo Apr 19, 4 10 03 PMThen the “Handling Criticism” panel.  It was an intriguing discussion, and one very relevant to what I do.  Panelists included Sasha L Miller, Kassa, Wade Kelly, Jordan L Hawk, and Shira Anthony.

Photo Apr 19, 5 31 09 PM


There was the option to go to a club after the panels today, but I chose, once again, a small dinner with great friends and even better discussion.  Becky, Nicole, and Jamie, three of my favorite people in the world, joined me for dinner.

Photo Apr 19, 7 26 52 PM


After we returned, we found out that they had a little bit of a surprise with Cake and jello shots for Becky’s birthday.   Okay the jello shots were planned, but the cake was a surprise.

Photo Apr 19, 8 44 42 PM


One day to go.  There are a couple of panels tomorrow to which I am looking forward – how not to write a sex scene and the male perspective.   Then, it will be time to close this thing out and go home.


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