Six Numbers by Wayne Mansfield ~ Review by Leisa

Who hasn’t dreamed about how your life would change if you won the lottery?!

sixnumbersTitle: Six Numbers

Author: Wayne Mansfield

Publisher: JMS Books

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Benjamin is Mr. Average, but has big dreams. Every week he buys two lottery tickets in the hope of striking it rich. So imagine his surprise when, one Saturday night, his numbers finally come up.

Ten million dollars transforms his life. He buys his dream house and outfits it with every beautiful thing he has ever wanted, complete with a real British butler. He also donates to animal charities and adopts Sasha, an abused dog. Yet with everything perfect, Ben soon feels unsatisfied.

On one of his nightly walks, he stumbles onto a local hook-up spot. Soon he becomes a regular customer, seeking quick and dirty sex with random strangers to provide the exhilaration he craves. But when he’s attacked by a gay basher, he realizes this isn’t the life he wants to lead, and packs up everything to move to the countryside.

Settling into a simpler life on a small farm, Ben hires the rough and ready Mick to help run the place. The two men become good friends — Ben is attracted to Mick, but Mick appears to be straight, though curious about gay sex. But when Ben almost dies in an accident, the simmering attraction between the two comes to fruition.

My View

I love to occasionally buy a lottery ticket for one of the Mega Million lotteries… It’s so fun to dream about how my life would change if I suddenly had all of that money. In Six Numbers, Ben is a loner with a dead end job who does just that.  Ben is an interesting, almost pathetic character. He has the remarkable luck to become a multi-millionaire by winning the lottery, but he has no one other than his family and is horribly lonely. He buys a huge mansion and hires a butler, Clarke, who soon becomes his best friend. His life is even emptier after winning the lottery than it was when he worked his boring job, and he starts posing as a prostitute and having sex with strangers for money just to create some excitement in his life. He’s oblivious that Clarke has fallen in love with him, and only realizes his own deep feelings for Clarke when Clarke dies saving Ben from a gay bashing. A devastated Ben then sells his city mansion and moves to a farm in the country. There he meets his farm hand, Mick, and they become very close friends. Ben gets injured and he and formerly straight Mick become lovers. Even though Mick tells Ben that he won’t be fully out at gay, he and Mick begin a romantic relationship.

Six Numbers certainly doesn’t lack for plot twists, and it’s an interesting story. However, the book tries to be too much … to do too much. This is a novella with less than 30,000 words, and there are so many plot changes that it’s dizzying. Ben wins the lottery, he accidentally becomes a pretend prostitute, he’s physically attacked, he almost finds love and promptly loses it when Clarke dies, he leaves the city for the country, he becomes a farmer of sorts, he’s seriously injured in an accident, and he has a “gay for you” relationship with a closeted straight man. Almost make me tired just to write about all of the changes …

Mansfield’s Six Numbers is a quick read that is certainly not boring! The story is perfect for any time you want to read an action packed fantastical story, and maybe dream a bit about winning the lottery someday. Hopefully it will work out happier for you (and me!) than it did for Ben!

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I would like to thank JMS Books for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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