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Why do I read M/M romances?

Why do I read M/M romances? Hmmm… I suppose it all started many years ago with my grandmother. My Gram was a tiny, lovely woman with naturally curly hair. She was fabulous – she wore a mink stole (long before we all learned this was politically incorrect), high heeled shoes, pencil skirts, red lipstick, and costume jewelry that on anyone else would have looked gawdy. Widowed in her early 40s, she never dated or remarried but remained a lifelong romantic at heart (she had many suitors, but insisted they all paled in comparison to her deceased beloved husband). Her messy home was littered with countless Harlequin-type romances. There was always a romance at her fingertips, and she blithely jumped from book to book without any concern of finishing one before starting another. I once asked her why she read so many romances, and she laughed telling me, “Because they’re wonderful! Why wouldn’t anyone want to read a story about people falling in love and living happily ever after?”

I took Gram’s words to heart and a few years later found the first romance that I truly loved – Erich Segal’s Love Story. I remember holding my Dad’s heavy metal flashlight as a read my older sister’s copy of Love Story while hiding under the covers of my bed. I grieved and sobbed when Jenny died, and I thought Jenny telling Ollie “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” was the most romantic thing in the world. (As a grown woman who’s been married over 25 years, let me be the first to tell you that this is a crock of bull – Love means having to say you’re sorry LOTS!)

I found my way to M/M romance from reading M/F/M romances; however, most of these had the two men focusing on the woman. Lorelei James (who writes sexy, wonderful stories) wrote Long Hard Ride, a story about two cowboys who first have a relationship and then a woman is added to the dynamic. This romance involves all three individuals being intimately involved, and the scenes between the two men are so, so hot! After reading this story, I immediately began to look for other stories with M/M romance and I loved what I found. I find the dynamic between two strong men to be sensuous, and stories about men who allow themselves to be emotionally vulnerable to another man amazing.

Once I truly became an avid M/M reader, I discovered the awe inspiring M/M community of writers, publishers, reviewers, and readers. I slowly began to make “friends” with many of these folks, and found people with whom I truly enjoy sharing my time and with whom I have much in common.  I hope that through providing my honest reviews I am contributing somewhat to the M/M genre and community. I think a great testament to how wonderful and supportive the M/M community is of our own is how everyone has rallied to help Tj Klune and Eric Arvin both financially and emotionally during Eric’s health crisis.

I truly enjoy reading M/M romances – it’s one of my favorite pasttimes. I know there has been much recent discussion about the role of women (like me, I suppose) in the M/M genre, and I hope that all involved know that my affection for this genre and community is rooted not only in a celebration of the genre itself, but of all love between people, regardless of gender. As I’ve gotten older and experienced more in my life, my world view has evolved, as well as my thoughts on love itself. I adore the tag line “Love is Love”, because that simple statement is so true. Life is so brief, and I fail to understand, or accept, why it is the concern of anyone who two (or more) consenting adults love. Why does anyone think that LESS love in the world is a bad thing? I know I certainly don’t …

And what would Gram think of my little M/M romance addiction?  I think she might giggle, blush a little, and then sneak a peak or two!

Authors to Watch

Raine O’Tiernie: Her debut novel Sweet Giordian, Please Remember is a-ma-zing! Her writing sparkles with creativity, sweet romance, and delight. Nary a boring plot nor formulaic, blah couple will you find when Raine’s involved – I expect much greatness from her future works!

Jaime Reese: A Better Man is a perfect story – full of love, redemption, hope, and angst. And her follow up story, A Hunted Man, is due out soon. I expect this master storyteller to entertain us for many years to come with her lovely writing!

Lana McGregor: Her first novel His Roommate’s Pleasure was hot, a bit naughty, and a whole lot of fun. And anyone who wants to know about “chemistry” between two characters in a dom/sub-ish relationship should read this book, because McGregor nailed it!

Eli Easton: Any writer who can make a single kiss under the mistletoe as mouthwatering hot as Easton did in Blame It On the Mistletoe is talented … Can’t wait to read more!

Cara Dee: I literally hid in the bathroom at work reading Aftermath on my I-Phone. It was that good. Plan to grab the sequel as soon as it’s published!

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  1. Great spotlight Leisa, I added A Better Man to my TBR (I have the other authors already!). My grandmother used to read Harlequins too and I used to love to read them when I visited her.

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