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My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

After the defeat of the Lowland Army at Torsere and with King Seran on the run, King Ryneq and his sister, Cerylea, continue their journey to the Elven City of Alel to proceed with the union of the two realms. Fully recovered from his injuries and newly announced as King Ryneq’s Consort, Nykin returns to his duty as a Dragon Rider in the King’s army. He and Ryneq have little opportunity to celebrate their union, but make the most of their time together before leaving for Alel. Since the ambush at Neest River destroyed the main bridge, traveling by ship is the only option. An unusual storm threatens their crossing, making Ryneq wonder if some new magic is rising against them.

As the wedding between Cerylea and the Elven prince Morkryn approaches, the dragons sense a malevolent presence. To protect the young couple’s fragile bond, Nykin and his dragon, Fimor, take to the skies, setting up a patrol along the border of the magical city. But as the evil grows more potent, the enchanted boundary grows weaker. Ryneq and Nykin must combine their strength to protect their people from Seran’s extreme plot for revenge.

My View

As I mentioned when I reviewed CAPTURE, some of the parts I didn’t like about the first instalment of this trilogy were caused by having to introduce so many characters, and a new world, to the reader. This is often the case with the first book of a trilogy, or indeed a series though less so. The negative aspects, for me, were resolved in UNION, and I really enjoyed it. The plot moves on from Book 1 to the wedding between Morkryn, the elven Prince and Cerylea, Torsere’s Princess, and Ryneq’s beloved sister. The Union of the title also refers to Nykin and Ryneq, as they can now be joined as Prince and Consort, and consummate the relationship they started in Book 1. Nykin and Ryneq’s relationship is definitely more fleshed out in this instalment and they have some pretty hot scenes, which were missing from CAPTURE. I apologise to Annabelle Jacobs for highlighting this because the author really did know best, and the sex scenes were just right for this story, whereas they would have been gratuitous in the last.

The descriptions of the Elven world and city, Alel, are wonderful, and one of the aspects I adore about fantasy is the thought process involved in creating new worlds, rituals and vistas. The elves live in homes built in the Ghaleth D’ahl or Giant Velvet Oaks, which are joined together by walkways in the tree tops. The wedding itself between Cerylea and Morkryn is short and lovely, but it is the gorgeous images conjured by the Neflahstra Ahguil – Night Flowering Water Star, flowers, and its effects which will stay with me.

The troubles with the evil Seren are still with our heroes, and this time he recruits dark witches to help him in his quest to conquer Ryneq’s, Torsere.  Several times in this story Annabelle Jacobs’ intelligent and beautiful dragons save the day, and we may lose another dragon rider to love. My favourite dragon, Fimor, is in fine fettle and continues to be a great character in this trilogy. I must also mention that again Paul Richmond does a wonderful fantasy cover.

I have to end this review saying that I cannot wait for the release of ALLIANCE, the final book in this trilogy, which is currently expected for a November release.

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner press  for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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