Ashen Moon by ESRA BLU ~ Review by Beverley

I love vampire fiction and our site likes to support newer authors and smaller publishers. So this was a title I chose that I felt fulfilled this brief.

ashen moonTitle: ASHEN MOON

Author: ESRA BLU

Publisher: eXtasy Books

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

When a century-old map leads archeology student Matt Collins to the burial mound of the legendary Bloody Man in the Texas desert, he unwittingly unearths not the grave of a serial killer as he expected, but a real life monster. Ashe Pankhurst is grateful and smitten with the young man who’s saved him from a waking nightmare and offers him eternal life. Matt soon finds himself under the seductive influence of the vampire. He is tempted to accept Ashe’s offer, only to find that his choice has been settled by fate

My View

I love Vampire novels and have read a lot of them. One of the most interesting elements, for me, in a vampire story is how the author copes with the limitations placed upon the paranormal bloodsucker. Here the author deals with all the usual pesky details like sunlight, staking, difficulties obtaining blood, immortality and not ageing by ignoring them or saying they’re not accurate.

So when Matt Collins digs up a vampire called Ashe, in the middle of Texas, Ashe’s  only problem is that he is starving after being buried for about One hundred and fifty years. The writing is good and any problems with grammar and typos are not evident here. However, the proportion of sex scenes to plot was such that I (who actually love a hot and heavy sex scene) almost got to the point of skipping them altogether. I wanted to shout all right I understand, I get it, the saliva in a vampire’s bite gets you hard and horny.

The characters are a bit limited in development with all the back story coming from Ashe’s flashbacks followed by a ‘so you see why I said that…or did that’ type conversation in the present. This is a rather lazy form of exposition and not very satisfying for this reader. Both the characters of Ashe and Matt change during the story but seem to forget all their desire to be  totally ‘good vampires’ at the end when, in a few paragraphs, we see them revert to feeding on humans again and confess to occasionally killing them.

I was also rather confused as to why Ashe, the vampire, is totally heterosexual when alive with a wife and children who he adores, but becomes totally gay when turned by a brother and sister combination, which included him being raped by the brother and left.

I am probably being a little harsh on this author as I was unaware of the publishers until I had finished the book, and it seems their brief is for the more erotic end of the romance genre. This is a very sex heavy book some of which is very good, and some just repetitious. I would not call it erotic as truly erotic writing requires a lighter touch and extreme anticipation for both characters and reader. One does not have to wait very long between sex scenes in Ashen Moon.

This author does write confidently though and I’m sure will be genuinely enjoyed by lovers of sex filled vampire fiction.

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I would like to thank Esra Blu and Extasy Books for providing me with the eRC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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One thought on “Ashen Moon by ESRA BLU ~ Review by Beverley

  1. Hi there, I read Ashen Moon when it first came out and although you make a valid point about the genesis of its particular brand of vampire being magiced away, I didn’t find that bothered me. I was too caught up in how Ashe and Matt’s relationship grew and changed through the book. I liked how it moved from Ashe being the mentor to Matt almost out of control. And you certainly are correct, it wasn’t a classic romance novel per say, more of a dangerous, erotic adventure with two predators as the stars, and I quite enjoyed that. : )

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