Beauty and the Bookworm by Nick Pageant ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

A new to me author, a book with a sweet premise and quickly spreading word of humor and intelligence, with fun dialogue and crisp writing. You betcha, I was going to give this a try!

beauty bookworm cover1 (200x300)Title: Beauty and the Bookworm

Author: Nick Pageant

Publisher: Nick Pageant-Pageantry Books

My Rating: 4 of 5 bookmarks

From the Publisher:

Mason Leery is a bookworm and he thinks he might just be able to get through life simply by reading about it instead of living it.

Until he meets Shane Beaumont. Shane is the opposite of Mason in every way, he’s beautiful, athletic, and lives his life to the fullest.

Sparks fly when the polar opposites come together, but it will be up to the bookworm to shut down his e-reader and go after the beauty if he wants to love someone outside the pages of a book

A librarian, a marathoner and books, oh my…

The subtitle of this book could be called “Cardigan Guy and The Running Man”, but that would be selling things short. Mason is a librarian and Shane is a marathoner. Already intrigued? So was I.

This is an excellently written example of first person point of view, that being Mason’s. From the start, I liked his voice, very confident ,and yet he had his shy moments. Humor is a well-used implement in his repertoire , but so are caring, understanding and taking responsibility for all choices, including those we all make that aren’t exactly the best. 😉

The dialogue is quick and real, honest. I believed the words he and Shane spoke, as well as those of Mason’s best friend Twyla and his Granny – wait’ll you get a load of her!

“The Running Man is a movie? I thought I was being original.”

“I’ve been calling you The Cardigan Guy. I like Mason better.”

“Me too.”

The descriptions are smart, fresh and fun. I chuckled aloud more than once. I could picture Gran’s apartment, the boxing gym, Laurelhurst Park, and that reference desk at the library. Also, book kink. 😉

The writing is crisp, smooth, no awkward breaks in or at ends of scenes. Everything flowed and felt right, no herky jerky transitions.

I like Mason, I like Shane, and I really like Mason and Shane together. There isn’t some grand story here, nor is there a lot of angst between them, just the usual small stumbles as they each get to know each other, which they do rather well. They both take a hold of how happy they make each other feel and don’t let go, making each other a priority.

Have I mentioned the heat yet? No? Because this is hot. And sweet. And fun. We’re talking about two regular guys who each feel that the other is exactly what they want. It feels right.

This writer knows Oregon, knows these characters, knows their tendencies and allows them to get to know each other by sharing all of that. Really, on the Oregon front, he’s spot on. I chuckled at that, too.

Have I mentioned the humor? Yeah? Well, I’m mentioning it again. It’s there in spades, from all of the characters, both in their descriptions and by their own words. They are all undoubtedly unique in this family they’ve created and I enjoyed them all. Well, except Ten Inch Guy, he can take a hike.

A warning about language: there are some terms used by the main characters that could offend a few, some or all people. It’s unapologetic and mostly used in conversations between friends or family members. There’s really no holding back in that department a few times in this story.

The ending is a little rushed and we don’t get a lot of Mason and Shane once they’re further into their relationship. But it’s ok, this story is about letting us get to know them as they first get to know each other.

It’s encouraging, rewarding and exciting to experience very obvious talent from a relatively new author. I am going to be reading more of his work. Nick Pageant is a writer to watch, everyone, and I am wholeheartedly recommending this book. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Bookworm by Nick Pageant ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

  1. I knew I was gonna buy this book just by the title! Love ‘nerd’ V’s Beauty bks! And since I’m the nerd…..
    And then I saw the cover WOW! And finally read your review! This one will be my Sunday afternoon floating in the pool read tomorrow! Thx!

  2. I hope you enjoy it, especially while floating in the pool. Perfect! 🙂
    And there’s a bit of the nerd in the beauty and beauty in the nerd. 😉

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