Beyond Regret by Stormy Glenn ~ Review by Leisa

A delicious fantasy M/M/M romance …

Beyond RegretTitle: Beyond Regret

Author: Stormy Glenn

PublisherEllora’s Cave

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Dark Court, Book 2

Doc has quietly loved Rocky through their years together as Marines. But their arrival at the Seelie court and a lust-fueled encounter shatter all his expectations. One stolen passionate encounter unravels years of friendship. Devastated, Doc volunteers to lead the search for Monte, a Seelie elf missing in the human realm.

Locating Monte doesn’t turn out to be nearly as difficult as Doc expected, a small mercy now that Doc is sharing a cell with the elf. Despite the dire circumstances, Monte appeals to Doc on every level. He’s sweet, passionate and utterly open to Doc.

Shattered by Doc’s departure, Rocky sets out to rescue the man he loves. Discovering Doc with another hurts, but as their escape turns dangerous Rocky finds that to love Doc, he’ll have to make room in his heart for Monte too.

My View

Fantasy romance is not my favorite genre – I usually avoid any book with elves at all cost (maybe it’s because I associate the word “elf” with Christmas…). So I really stepped outside my usual comfort zone when I read Stormy Glenn’s second installment in her Dark Court series. Monte is a Seelie elf who is captured by an evil militant group intent on impregnating him and creating a super soldier. Doc is a hunkie former Marine who is captured and forced to impregnate Monte. Doc soon falls for sweet, gentle and beautiful Monte, who becomes pregnant with his son. Doc and Monte are eventually found by Rocky, fellow former Marine and Doc’s best friend (and the man Doc has loved for years), following their harrowing escape. Ultimately, Doc, Monte, and Rocky enter a poly amorous relationship, with all three men intensely loving each other and working together to escape the clutches of the evil around them.

Surprise! I really like this fantastical story! The relationship between Doc and Monte is one originally based upon mutual need during their captivity, but their love soon evolves into a binding one. The addition of Rocky could have been awkward, particularly since both he and Monte are in love with Doc. However, when Doc sustains a head injury and cannot remember pregnant Monte, it is Rocky who supports fragile Monte and encourages Doc to reconnect with Monte. Rocky develops his own relationship with Monte as one based upon sincere respect, and they both want what is in the best interest of Doc and the baby. As their affection and attraction grows, Doc remembers his love of both men, and they come together as a trio who fiercely love each other and their child. The chemistry between the three men is just delicious!

Beyond Regret isn’t highly thought provoking or emotional, and of course there are many elements of this story that are fantastical and unbelievable (pregnant elves, other worldly men with wings, just to name a few …), but the story line is intriguing, fun, and quite frankly, addictive. Now I can’t wait for the next in Stormy Glenn’s Dark Court series … Read yummy Beyond Regret and I bet you’ll feel the same way!

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I would like to thank Ellora’s Cave for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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