Chase Potter & Friends stop by to discuss A Race For Second with Giveaway!

I would like to thank Chase Potter, Ethan, & Daniel for taking the time to talk to us about Germany and A Race for Second.  Check out my review.   There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.

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Interview with Chase, Ethan & Daniel

1. Welcome to Prism Book Alliance.  I absolutely adored your story as told in The Race for Second.  Give us your take on the story and your role in it’s telling.

In many ways, The Race for Second is grounded in my own year abroad. I couldn’t have created a story about such a unique experience without drawing on my own year in Germany, but the story is very much fictional. 

My time in Freiburg was an important and transformative step in me becoming an adult, and I wanted to capture the both specialness and the hardship of that experience. I also wanted to create a gay coming-of-age story that wasn’t a coming out story. We each face our own challenges in life – for me the hard part was never coming out. It was figuring out. Figuring out what to do next. Figuring out where to place my trust and love. The Race for Second let me share what it was like to work through those questions. Despite its sad parts, I believe that the story is ultimately one of hope. Our journey into adulthood might be slow, it might be painful, and it will definitely be difficult, but eventually we all get there.

2. Ethan – So, why Germany? 

Ethan: I took German in high school, because I didn’t want to take Spanish. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but the farther I went with the language, the more I knew I wanted to study there eventually.

3. Ethan and Chase this is for you:  How much of yourself do you see in the other?

Chase: We’re not really that alike.

Ethan: Bullshit.

Chase: Alright, so we have some similarities. We both like cars, and we both studied abroad in Freiburg. We both have the tendency to overthink things and be deeply emotional at times. I’d like to think that I’m more confident, but less impulsive and sensitive than Ethan. 

Ethan: He was just as lonely in Freiburg as I was though. Also, I’m not sensitive or impulsive.

Chase: Uh huh…

Ethan: Whatever, and I have better taste in guys than he did when he lived in Freiburg.

Chase: Ouch. We also might share an antagonistic streak.

4. Daniel – You are an attractive, straight man. Why no girlfriend?

Daniel: I haven’t had a girlfriend since quite a while before I met Ethan. With everything going on, I wasn’t really looking for one. I’m not avoiding a relationship, but I’m not actively seeking one either. When I find the right one, it will just click, I think…

5. Ethan and Daniel, you have both missed having fathers in your lives. How has that affected your ability to bond with each other?

Ethan: I would almost say that Daniel is missing both his parents.

Daniel: Ethan’s relationship with his mom isn’t the strongest either.

Ethan: True, but even though she pisses me off, I feel like we have a deeper connection than Daniel does with either of his parents.

Daniel: Probably. Anyway, I think that Ethan might have a tendency to rush into developing deep friendships with those close to him, because a part of him desires a replacement for the unconditional parental support he didn’t have.

Ethan: *glares* I can’t believe you just said that. You want me to tell them about your “replacement” issues?

Daniel: *sighs* I’d rather you didn’t.

6. Ethan and Chase – What did you each find the most challenging about living in Germany?

Ethan: Daniel. And the language, but speaking German got a lot easier as the year went on. By the end, I had that down really well.

Chase: Grocery stores. They’re closed every Sunday, every day after 6 or 7 pm, and on every national holiday, which oftentimes fall on Mondays. If you realize Saturday at 8 pm that there’s no food in the cupboard, watch out, because you might be hungry for a few days. 

Also, the un-availability of specialty merchandise. Don’t get ahead of yourselves, I’m not talking about anything indecent. I bought a pair of white and green Nike’s at the beginning of my year in Freiburg. If I’d bought them in the States, they would have come with both white and green shoelaces. In Germany, they only came with white. I searched that town up and down (and this is a “town” of 300,000 people), and I could only find white, brown, or black shoelaces. People kept thinking I was crazy. I eventually ordered them online…from the US. Shocker ☺

7. Daniel, I know many readers are disappointed you are straight; you and Ethan have such a connection. At any point did you consider going to the next level?

Daniel: Uh, the next level? Like…a romantic relationship? That would be weird. It’s Ethan. I’m not afraid to admit that I… well, I love the guy…but not like that.

8. Daniel – If you knew Ethan loved you why did you invite him for Christmas?

Daniel: I think it’s fairer to say that I strongly suspected he felt that way. But in either case, I’ve never felt intimidated by Ethan’s feelings, although he does make me uncomfortable sometimes, as he has a tendency to push the boundaries. 

To answer your question, though, I invited him because he would have been alone otherwise. And because…I wanted to.

**** These next two are very spoilery, please only read if you have already read this fabulous book (highlight them to see the text) ****

9. Ethan – At the airport, you realize you “used to” want Daniel — are your feelings really behind you?  

Ethan: On some level, I’ll always have feelings for him, I know that. I don’t think it’s impossible for that “one that got away” to ever truly disappear from your heart. But I do accept that our relationship will never go to the place that for so long I had wanted it to, and I’m okay with that. In that sense, my feelings for Daniel behind me, yeah.

10. Daniel – Why the kiss?  Did you really feel nothing?  

Daniel: *fidgets* I was afraid you’d ask about that. Ethan means so much to me, and really that’s an understatement. I couldn’t just let him leave like that. Without some sort of closure, I guess, or without knowing that I care a lot more for him than I could ever explain with words. He probably thinks the kiss was my idea, but really it was his. I just allowed him to do what he needed to do. The kiss was his choice, and I was glad to give him that, even though it wasn’t the goodbye I would have picked.

11.  Chase – This was an incredible first novel. I especially loved the Nazi Germany back story. What inspired that?

Chase: Both in the US and in Germany, I took courses that dealt with Nazi Germany and the history afterward as Europe tried to pick up the pieces of a continent ravaged by war. I think it’s fascinating. I wanted to introduce bite-sized history throughout the novel while weaving in my own twist of fiction. History can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be.

**** Another spoilery question, read at your own risk ****

12. Chase – What is the future for Ethan and Daniel? Does Daniel come in search of Ethan? Are you giving them a HEA?

Chase: I can’t give away everything, but I will say that the next time Ethan falls for someone, it will be a guy who can really reciprocate his feelings. We haven’t seen the last of Daniel either. HEA…well, I hope so ☺

The project I’m currently working on, aiming for fall release, will introduce two new characters that aren’t connected to Ethan or Daniel…yet. The following novel after that will bring them all together.

13.  Chase – Where can readers find more about you on the web?

Chase: For updates on what I’m up to, I’m most active on, but check out my website too, because there’s quite a bit of information there that you won’t find anywhere else. 

From the Publisher:

For college sophomore Ethan West, the upcoming fall semester will be the start of a year abroad in Germany that he’s always dreamed of. Having broken up with his boyfriend the day before his flight, he’s ready to face Europe with no attachments… and no desire for any.

But as Ethan gets to know Daniel—one of his three German roommates—his resolve starts to soften. Though Daniel is initially standoffish, unpleasant, and sometimes downright hostile, the two are undeniably drawn to one another. Even Ethan’s conviction that Daniel is actually straight begins to erode as they grow closer, gradually revealing a buried part of Daniel’s past that will threaten to tear them apart. Not to be outdone, the town of Freiburg guards its own secret, a thread of forgotten history unraveling into something far greater than Ethan is prepared for.

The Race for Second is a coming of age story that delves into the depths of the young heart and its search for intimacy and acceptance. Charmingly woven into the German university town of Freiburg, Ethan’s story is one of finding the courage to pursue what we truly desire, even at the risk of losing everything.

About the Author

Chase Potter is a twenty-five year old author from St. Paul, Minnesota. Always having enjoyed writing from a young age, Chase sharpened his skills during college and a year abroad in Germany, culminating in his first novel, The Race for Second.

Finding inspiration in his own life and weaving those experiences into authentic, compelling stories is the focus of his writing. Realism, passion, conflict, and even history are intertwined with a flowing and expressive writing style to create a gripping narrative.

Chase lives with his husband Mitchell and their dog Alex in an aging duplex they’re slowly working to rehabilitate. During the day he works in import logistics, but writing is his true passion that he continues to pursue. He plans to release a second book in the fall of 2014.

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