Coming Home by M.J. O’Shea ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

A story about a second chance, starting over, and coming home …

Coming HomeTitle: Coming Home

Author: M.J. O’Shea

Narrator: Tom Vilot

PublisherDreamspinner Press

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars Overall
Story Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Narration Rating: 4.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Rock Bay: Book One 

Tallis Carrington ruled Rock Bay with his gang of jocks and an iron fist—until a scandal destroyed his family’s name. Ten years later Tallis is dead broke, newly homeless, and on the walk of shame to end all walks of shame. He needs money and needs it fast, and Rock Bay is the only home he knows. But the people of Rock Bay haven’t forgotten him—or the spoiled brat he used to be. 

The only person in town willing to overlook his past is Lex, the new coffee shop owner, who offers Tally a job even though he appears to despise Tally based on his reputation alone. When Tally discovers his gorgeous boss is the kid he tortured back in high school, Lex’s hot and cold routine finally makes sense. Now Tally has to pull out all the stops to prove he was never really the jerk he seemed to be. After all, if he can win Lex’s heart, the rest of the town should be a piece of coffee cake.

My View

Story Review

Coming Home opens with a broke (and broken) Tally coming home to the small town that his family left in disgrace when Tally was a high school senior. Tally now lives with his grandmother and finally finds a job working in Lex’s coffiee shop. Tally doesn’t realize that Lex is the same guy that he and his gang of bullies tortured throughout high school. Of course Lex is suspicious of Tally’s sincerity, but he gives him a job. Tally is a hardworker, gorgeous, and, when he confesses to Lex that his mother kicked him for being gay when he was 18, Lex finally tells Tally of their shared history. Tally is incredibly remorseful. After some indecision about whether they would be in a “real” relationship, they settle down and become one of the cutest, sexiest couples around. They’re happy together, they have fun with each other, and their sex is delicious. And then Tally sees one of his old pals, Brock, who is a former high school bully who’s grown to be an adult bully.

And this is where I lose that lovin’ feeling for Tally …

For some reason Tally feels compelled to go out with Brock and hang out with this jerk. He repeatedly tells Lex that he’s going to tell Brock that he is gay and that he’s with Lex, but he keeps dragging his feet. He doesn’t even enjoy his time with Brock. Lex finally has enough when Tally doesn’t stand up for him and tell Brock to shove his foot in his big, bigoted mouth when Brock loudly hurles gay slurs at Lex in public with Tally there watching the whole awful scene. When he’s lost Lex, Tally FINALLY realizes that he’s a moron, tells Brock he’s gay and that he doesn’t want to see him again, and then begs Lex to take him back. Sweet, trusting Lex does just that, and they presumably live happily ever after in a coffee scented love haze.

Rarely have I so enjoyed one half of a book, and then really disliked the other half. I love Tally at first – he is sweet, kind, sexy and seemingly so deserving of redemption. Then he just suddenly reverts to acting like a high schooler who can’t stand up to peer pressure in favor of some he loves? I just don’t buy it – it’s not like Tally and Brock have any type of relationship that should be the basis for Brock having such influence – they haven’t even seen each other in years, and Tally doesn’t even like him.

Overall, the story is not a bad one. But be prepared to get so frustrated with Tally that you want to pinch him!  The ending is nice, and, I suppose if Lex can forgive Tally, then I should as well!

Narration Review

Coming Home is the first audiobook narrated by Tom Vilot that I have had the pleasure of hearing. Vilot’s narration is quite easy on the ear. He has an almost conversational style of narrating, and his true strength is his depiction of various character voices. He easily slips between characters during dialog, and at times it is easy to forget that the same person is voicing the characters. He made Coming Home a better experience than simply reading the book. I will not hesitate to listen to another audiobook narrated by the talented Tom Vilot.

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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