Cowboy Sandwich by Drew Hunt ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

Words cannot express how disappointed I am to have to DNF this book, but I have to throw the towel in at 26%.

cowboyTitle:  Cowboy Sandwich

Author:  Drew Hunt

Publisher:  JMS Books

Rating:  DNF

From the Publisher

Barry Logan’s day starts out shitty and continues to go down the crapper. His car breaks down in the Middle of Nowhere, Colorado. The only mechanic for miles is out of town, forcing Barry to hole up and await his return. Bored and hungry, Barry goes to the town’s only bar in search of food and entertainment. The former is almost inedible, but his interest in the latter is piqued when two specimens of cowboy perfection walk in.

Barry has always had a thing for cowboys, and he’s been on a mission to get up close and personal with as many as possible before flying home to England. Having two cowboys at the same time would be a new experience, and one Barry is eager to try. So when the two men leave the bar, Barry follows in hot pursuit. He overhears them arguing about whose turn it is to bottom that night. Without thinking, Barry offers his services.

Jimmy Pierce and Jake Wilson drive Barry back to the Double J ranch for a night of wild passion he won’t forget. The next morning, Barry wakes in an empty bed to a beeping smoke alarm. It seems the ranch cook quit the night before, leaving Jimmy, Jake, and their three ranch hands to fend for themselves.

Barry immediately takes charge. His cooking meets with everyone’s approval, and he agrees to stay on both in the kitchen and in Jimmy’s and Jake’s bed. The two cowboys are physically demonstrative, both with each other as well as with Barry, who finds himself falling fast for both of them. It’s like a dream come true — Barry has two men and a job he loves.

But petty jealousies, rivalries, and miscommunications threaten to shatter the dream, and when Barry’s scheming ex shows up, things get even worse. Sandwiched between two cowboy lovers, has Barry bitten off more than he can chew?

My View

The blurb looked fantastic. I was giddy like a school girl. If you haven’t noticed, I’m partial to a smutty/slutty read and this looked to be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, twas not to be. For me.

The train started to come off the tracks with the corny dialogue. I got suckerpunched with the “wet fart” that got unleashed after Barry got sandwiched the first time-a skosh too much realism for my delicate constitution/escapist reading pleasure. The cooking tips while inventive take up far too much page time for what’s essentially PWP. Then the dog, Rex, got his junk checked out by all three and that, my friends, was the beginning of the end.

Cowboy Sandwich focuses far too much on mundane details and the writing feels clunky. Even at my measly 26%, I should’ve been interested in the characters and/or story, but the stilted dialogue coupled with the two knuckleheads who keep grabbing their dicks as an “incentive package” for Barry to remain as their cook muddled the picture and torched any interested I had. The characters of Jimmy and Jake are ridiculously competitive to the point of silliness. They are caricaturist representations of cowboys that border on offensive, towards cowboys, that is. I cannot fathom that these are two grown adults who own and operate a ranch together. They snipe and heckle each other constantly which was juvenile and grating.

So… I had to throw the towel in. Perhaps others will be able to overlook my stumbling blocks. Sorry I can’t count myself among them.

Where to Buy

JMS Books



I’d like to thank JMS Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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6 thoughts on “Cowboy Sandwich by Drew Hunt ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

    • Directly after. It was a good chuckle had by all 3 of them, but then Barry had to excuse himself to go “pass gas” on the commode. For an extended period of time.

  1. Well done for a DNF review that explains what you didn’t like and why. I know as a blog we have discussed this title and some of the contents and are all in agreement with you.

  2. Wet fart??? uhhh…that’s different….why were all three checking out the dog’s junk, was he sick? Even then I’m not sure they all had to check it out…

    • The cowboys were hung, the dog was hung so… that means it had to be something in the air, right? That was Barry’s & the boys logic. Naturally, Barry was the British version of the Dog Whisperer & no one had ever seen the dog roll over until Barry.

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