Foolish Me by Tinnean ~ Review by Paisley

If you look at the yummy cover of this book you will understand why I am so gaga over Wills Matheson. He is the best sort of book hero. He is a strong, silent, badass killer all wrapped up in the boy next door package.
Who doesn’t want to see a guy like that fall hard for someone who really needs to be loved?

FoolishMeTitle: Foolish Me

Author: Tinnean

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

The Light in your Eyes: Book Two
A Spy vs Spook Novel

Giving up a life as rent boy Sweetcheeks for his lover, William Matheson, was an easy decision for Theo Bascopolis. But years of selling his body and the lingering pain from being thrown out by his father leave Theo worried that Wills, who’s always had his family’s acceptance, can’t truly love him. Life has taught him love isn’t for rent boys, and he’s having a hard time tearing down the walls he built around his emotions and trusting that Wills sees beyond his past.

Despite Will’s reassurances, he leaves for an extended assignment with no contact, giving Theo too much time to think about the future. A message arrives, and as far as Theo is concerned, it proves him right. Maybe it’s too late to protect his heart, but he’s not going to hang around waiting for Matheson to stomp all over it. Theo runs, breaking all ties to his former lover.

When Wills returns to an empty apartment and no sign of his lover, he wonders whether Theo
really wants to be found and if they are meant to be together after all. But they’ve been through too much, and Wills always gets his man.

My View

In case you missed it, I loooooooved Pick Up the Pieces, book one in the “Light in Your Eyes” series. I proclaimed Wills Matheson as my newest book boyfriend, and I gushed endlessly about him being totes adorbs and whatnot.  So to say I was beyond excited to read the continuation of Wills and Theo’s romance is not an exaggeration.

I have really enjoyed all of the “Spy vs. Spook” books. I think that one of the most fun things about these books is the way Tinnean has so cleverly woven together all of the timelines. I am sure there is some sort of proper literary term to describe this technique, but if you read my reviews then you know I don’t talk about anything proper or literary.

The Life Coach in me has put together a plan for perspective readers – this is what you need to do. If you haven’t read the “Spy vs. Spook” books (3 total) then you totally should, but if you don’t feel like reading those three books right now, then I definitely recommend that you read Pick Up the Pieces before you read this one. Then go back and read the three “Spy vs. Spook” books. Why? Because it is very cool the way Tinnean has put together all of the timelines. They run congruent to each other and they fit like puzzle pieces. The point of view for the different characters (aka: head popping) turns into quite a fun game when Willls and Theo’s story is added into the mix. After reading these last two books I am going to re-read the “Spy vs. Spook” books again, because I think I will enjoy watching those details come together from a totally different perspective.

Now back to Foolish Me. This story was all about how the hell Theo and Wills were going to find a happily ever after. I mean, really, what sort of chance do an ex rent boy and a secret agent man have to build a life together? Two characters with a lot of secrets and some serious issues that need to be dealt with. Theo had no clue about Matheson’s occupation. If you know Mark Vincent from the “Spy vs. Spook” books, then you know what sort of badass Wills really is. Theo had no clue. He is so worried about all of his own dirty little secrets that he is completely missed what sort of mayhem Wills has going on daily.  This story focuses on their relationship, and all of the roadblocks and obstacles that they must face together if true love is going to conquer all.  It’s a bit drama queenish at moments, but overall it has lots of love and strong men who despite their crazy differences are so perfect together you just wanna see them win.

Bottom line for me? I am a total sap, a hopeless romantic, and this is just the sort of thing that makes me love to read M/M Romance.

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eRC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Foolish Me by Tinnean ~ Review by Paisley

  1. Another purchase today for me – I loved Pick up the Pieces when it was online as Light in your Eyes, so looking forward to part 2 (and bought PUtP too)

  2. OK this sounds good – thank you Life Coach for pointing out an acceptable reading order for a newbie to this series 🙂 I shall do as you have suggested. This book sounds fun and intriguing. And the cover is yummy too! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reading order info. I read some online and bought some and have been a little confused.

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