Glen & Tyler’s Scottish Troubles by JB Sanders ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

This is a fun mix of a bit of adventure, humor, two main characters who know who they are (their author knows them well), and  a plethora of supporting characters that make this mostly light fare a very enjoyable read.GandTcover1 (211x300)

Title: Glen & Tyler’s Scottish Troubles

Author: JB Sanders

Publisher: JB Sanders

My Rating: 4 of 5 Tartans

From the Publisher:

In the second installment of the Glen & Tyler series, the guys find out what happens when you inherit a Scottish castle, tussle with international crime gangs and host formal balls. Yes, balls — with dancing and everything!

In typical Hardy Boys–er, Glen & Tyler fashion, there are secret passages, irascible old men, caves, missing treasure, fine liquor and kilts. Ok, the kilts thing is new — but believe me, you’ll like ‘em. Although there isn’t much hockey this time around, there is shinty*. There’s also some romantic anniversary thing, but really, stay for the shinty.

* For those readers unfamiliar with the ancient sport of shinty, think hockey played on a field, without protective gear and with a solid rugby sensibility. Or a riot with sticks and a score keeper.

Hijinks in the Scottish Highlands

At just 3% into this book, I was intrigued. A bunch of Russian dudes, with most definitely dastardly intentions, a shell game involving fishing trawlers and a mention of the Irish Sea. Despite some of these things not making another appearance for some time in the story, I was in.

After that intro, we’re right into being with Glen and Tyler, our main guys. I was smiling immediately. Yup! Also? I was already sure I was going to be reading more from this author, and this series specifically. Yup! This has a wonderfully flowing, intelligent style and varying tones that fit each scene. That’s not always easy to do.

Since this is book two in the series, Glen and Tyler are in a place in their relationship that demonstrates the knowledge they’ve gained since becoming a couple, while still learning things about each other. I haven’t read book 1 (but will!) and yet didn’t feel like my reading experience was compromised. Based on some of the conversations, however, I’m willing to venture a guess that, if you do read these in order, they’ll be that much more enjoyable.

Fun! I can’t seem to get away from that word when I think about this story, the characters, the settings, which are all very well described. I can picture the grey, sparkling sea, the great hall, the airships (they must be a ‘thing’ in books recently) and all of the other locations. I can hear the characters’ voices, emphasis and attitude are well placed. For as many supporting characters as there are, they’re all memorable. When I think of the guys’ friends/bodyguards, the fishermen, Mary, Effie, and even the ones who don’t appear until later in the story, they all make me smile. Or sneer. Or guffaw. It’s not easy to include so many characters, which is a great way to build each location, and have them all feel meaningful.

Bonus: hurling!!! Yes, the fantasmical sport of hurling gets a mention, as a result of a conversation and the inclusion of shinty. Just saying. Hurling!! 😉 (Who’s googling right now?)

This story involves adventure, mystery and the continual discovery of this relationship of Glen and Tyler’s. I could say more about all of those but I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises, even the subtle ones. The great thing is that Glen and Tyler are portrayed as secure in both themselves and their partnership, which takes several forms. Simply, they’re in love.They’re each unique, with Glen a bit more introspective, and he takes his time in thinking about things before making a decision. He’s funny, very intelligent and wants to achieve the goals he’s set for himself. Tyler is clever and very good at reading people. He is gung-ho with a huge heart and he shows it. Constantly.

This last point is sometimes overdone. This story definitely has a case of hyper-reality, with incredibly rich, young guys who can make anything happen (and do), that seem to have all of the answers and resolutions come quickly. It leads to some repetition and the feeling of going around in circles once or twice, but it’s never so much as to produce major eye-rolling or head-tilting. There are a few technical errors, but again, nothing that pulls you from the story for longer than it takes to read past one.

It’s a bit of a utopia, but eh, who really cares? Remember, we’re talking fun here, people, FUN. And honestly, so many books like this have been written, but not with two guys in a loving, married relationship where that relationship is not the star itself but instead something that informs just about everything that happens in the story. This means, along with some other things I’ve already mentioned, that Mr Sanders has a unique voice when it comes to his fiction and I like it.

This story won’t set off the sizzle meter but it will make you smile, make you feel involved in the story and invested in these characters, and you’ll get that feeling when you want to find out what’s going to happen next, whatever the context. This is a work of fiction that everyone could read and enjoy.

I enjoyed this world that JB Sanders has created, with Glen and Tyler at its core. I’ll be going back for more and I’ve already purchased book 1, Glen & Tyler’s Honeymoon Adventure,  as well as downloaded the freebie, Glen & Tyler’s Erotic Tales: Just Married, that coincides with it.
Now that you know about this one, you can avoid my path and take the one that allows you to enjoy these two from the very beginning. I definitely recommend it. 🙂

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I would like to thank JB Sanders for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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