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I would like to thank Eden Winters for taking the time to talk to us about her Memories of GRLs past.  


Memories of GRL or “What I Did on My EDJ Vacation” by Eden Winters

Black and White Headshot

Hi, y’all! I’m Eden Winters, writer of m/m romance stories with a Southern accent (although I don’t have an accent of my own. I have no idea why folks say I do. Honestly, y’all!”

I’ve been privileged to attend all three GayRomLit conventions, and will be attending my fourth in October. (Yay!)

In a nutshell: 

GRL New Orleans: scared newbie author stares with wide eyes at the excitement. Gets tongue-tied around other authors, squees like a fan girl at readers, meets great folks, and cries when she has to leave. 

GRL Albuquerque: timid newbie author stares with wide eyed at the excitement. Gets tongue-tied around other authors, squees like a fan girl at readers, gets a new tattoo, dances with pretty much everyone there, does her first ever public reading (during which she didn’t actually die of fright), meets great folks, and doesn’t want to go home. 

GRL Atlanta: Whoo-hoo! Somewhat seasoned author stares with wide eyes at the excitement. Gets tongue-tied around other authors, squees like a fan girl at readers, uses home field advantage and drives to event, has a blast, meets great folks, and never wants to leave. Starts counting days until next GRL while still in hotel parking lot.

Let me say that if you’ve never attended, I’d highly recommend going. The event felt like coming home to a place I could totally be myself, as loud as I wanted, I could talk about books, m/m romance, sex scenes (butt plugs, rimming), etc., and instead of shocked gasps, people joined in. During the Juke Joint night, I wore a long-sleeved T-shirt, brought day-glo markers, and had as many people sign my shirt as possible. The shirt is now on a teddy bear in my guest room. 

T-shirt pic

And I loved dressing up, even if I didn’t exactly go formal. 


Behold my roommates!

Who can forget the costume party? For those of you who may have seen me or a picture, I’d like to explain the inspiration behind “Belle Mor-tay”. 

Costume Pic

Yes, that’s a possum.

My first foray into writing was on a fanfiction site dedicated to Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, where I took minor characters and gave them their own adventures. Now, years later, I have my own books with shifters, but instead of the werewolves, rats, etcetera of ABVH, my shifters are pure Southern, from the mountains of North Georgia, and are… possums!

I created a costume as a crossover, depicting my writing roots and my present work. So, Belle Morte from ABVH, in Southern, is drawled, “Belle Mor-tay” and her greeting is a variation of a Southern staple, “How’s yo maker and dem?” The premise is that she got her butt thoroughly kicked out of St. Louis, ABVH’s setting, and is now the Master of the City (as it were) of Possum Kingdom, Georgia, the setting of Naked Tails, my possum shifter novel. The possum is now her animal to call. 

Naked Tails

Oh, a word to the wise: it seems alcohol dissolves fang glue. 

Belle Mor-tay with Beer

Once again I read in public, this time the famous bacon scene from Collusion, the second novel in my Diversion series, possibly my best known works. If the possum shifter costume hadn’t worked, I’d planned to bring my leather chaps, a la Bo in the series. 

For this year’s GRL, I’m hoping to read a selection from the fourth, as yet unfinished installment in the series: Manipulation.

So far the books are Diversion, Collusion, and Corruption, with Manipulation and Domestication currently works in progress. 

Diversion is currently out of print, but look for the second edition to appear in early June (with an awesome new cover!) Collusion and Corruption are available at your favorite booksellers. Look for Manipulation this fall, just in time for GRL. 



I hope to see you all in Chicago. In the meantime, you can find me on twitter as EdenWinters1, on Facebook as Eden Winters, at, or e-mail me at

Hugs, y’all. If I see you at GRL, those aren’t simple words Southerners say, they’re a warning! 

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12 thoughts on “GRL Blog Tour Guest Post by Eden Winters with Giveaway

  1. Hi Eden! I love your stories so thank you for a chance to win!

    I’ve filed the tip about fang glue and alcohol in my draw of useful information I’m sure I’ll need someday. 😀

    I was over at the M/M Sci-Fi fanpage today and a group got to talking about our favorite stories… The Sentinel is mine! I know it’s one of your short stories but every time I read it I just love it more!

    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us all! 😀

  2. Can’t wait to see you again, Eden! I reckon I’ve been squeeing at YOU since New Orleans 🙂 The books look fab, and I wish you all the best with them xx

  3. I’m am so excited to meet people at GRL this year! Sometimes I feel so isolated without people I can talk to about this stuff (without their eyes glazing over anyway).

  4. 🙂 nice to hear about you having fun at the cons, esp. when it’s not in the cards for me to go (europe…) – living vicariously through you is second best!

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