Jacked by Mia Watts ~ Review by Teresa

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jacked_msrTitle: Jacked

Author: Mia Watts

Publisher: Elloras Cave

My Rating: 2.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Donovan, who emphatically claims to be hetero, has just found out that his best friend and business partner Ty is gay. Ty’s willing to answer any and all of Donovan’s curious questions. When Ty opts for hands-on answers and demonstrations, Donovan is pretty sure he’ll be getting more than he bargained for. But the idea of Ty with another man may prove that Donovan’s heart just got jacked.

My View

I have really enjoyed Mia Watts in the past and find her work fun and sexy. Her latest, Jacked, is a character driven, friends to lovers story that happens over a short time frame. Ty comes out to his friend and Donovan finds he starts to question his own sexuality. Unfortunately, I did not find it to be as entertaining as expected.

Other than the story having a small problem with continuity (reference was made to a scene that never happened), I found myself not really liking either character.  Donovan plays hot and cold, and is admittedly “douchey” towards Ty. Ty is overly forward and pushes Donovan too much. So much so that, if this was a het romance, he would be seen as an over aggressive jerk who couldn’t respect boundaries and I would expect the heroine to slap him. The dialog of the book says it’s “ok” because Donovan is “hard” and therefore wants it.

“I’m straight,” Donovan repeated.  His gaze slid to Ty’s lips.

Ty smiled. His stomach flipped as he realized he hadn’t been the only one affected by that kiss. Ty moved his hand from Donovan’s chest to his groin. Hard cock pressed his palm. Ty lifted his brows with interest.

Donovan shoved at him. “Hey!”

Ty rubbed. “Hey, ” he acknowledged, though his voice dropped suggestively.

It left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s not like I don’t appreciate pushing the borders of consent in the right context and setting, but the initial tone of the book is light-hearted and it doesn’t fit. Some may see it differently. After all, Donovan does cave and acknowledge that he has repressed feelings for Ty. If Ty never pushed, it wouldn’t have happened.

In the end, you see that Donovan less than straight tendencies have roots that extend to before Ty’s confession, which makes his struggles a little more believable and allowed me to forgive his behavior and vindicate Ty’s actions. However, I am still left feeling little for this couple.


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I would like to thank Ellora’s Cave for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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