Johnny Williams stops by to discuss Life and Klub Kids with Giveaway!

I would like to thank Johnny Williams for taking the time to talk to us about life and Klub Kids, which has been re edited.  Check out my review of the re edited Klub Kids here.   There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.

Klub Kids




Hello Johnny and thank you so much for spending some time with us here on PBA 🙂 I hope you’re up to my probing questions 😉


Why did you bring out a re-edited version of Klub Kids?

Being dyslexic, I have major problems with tenses. The spelling checks caught most of minor stuff, and my good friend who edited it the first time caught most of the grammar missteps, but I had a lot of : and ; and ” and ‘ and comma problems and definitely my tense problems.. past and present. So I got someone who does it for a living to enter it not to look at anything at all except for that. To polish that only, keeping my flow and my mindset on my story…. but just helping my missteps from before that some people had commented on. (Blush) I wanted to make it a better flowing book for people, hopefully giving them a better product. I can take criticism always.

(Beverley) – I think it’s me that should blush here! Have you always wanted to write?

Ever since I was a kid. Tarzan was, in my mind, the first superhero. And then I slid into Conan. I engulfed everything Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Howard wrote. I’d always been into super heroes. When I was five, I was very sick, and my dad stopped at a local drug store and bought me a fistful of comics to cheer me up. First time I ever, like EVER read any except in the daily papers. (dailies, Dennis the Menace – the blond haired one by Hank Ketcham started in 1951 was my fave, then Charlie Brown -Peanuts from Charles Shultz.) Anyways, he had mostly Marvel comics (Avengers, Spiderman, etc..) and a Batman. My mind exploded. LoL. Later, I got into Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Poe, and Lovecraft, and I felt like “How could I write anything really… that had said it all. When I read some of my faves finally in high school “On the Road”, and “Kill a Mockingbird”, and esp “A Confederacy of Dunces”, I was not only intimidated by my dyslexia, but my possible chances at my writing style. But, a friend kindly finally stated to me, in the kindest way, “Stop thinking of writing the great novel, or even something that will stand the test of time, but write from your heart. You are a viciously funny person. But a kind soul. And have had a very funny life. Start there.” That got me thinking, and I realized I had put a mountain before me nobody could ever really climb, when all I had to do, was write myself over my own doorstep outside, and let people enjoy it. DOH! lol

Have you always lived in New York?

No. Came from around New Hope. It’s a very quiet nice artist town in Bucks County Pa. Very gay friendly, and very hippie, artist, and people friendly too. Which I liked.

Do you think living somewhere like New York affects your writing style?

Makes my ability to deliver quick barbs, then duck and run more able to be accepted than before. Also, to note, makes my inability to make friends outside of certain groups more understandable. hehe

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Japan. And other beautiful parts of Asia. Just something inside of me has always wanted to.

I know Klub Kids and its follow ups are very personal to you, do you want to write less ‘personal’ fiction when you’ve finished this series?

Oh yes. Having the confidence too..well. [coughs] I have a cool sci fi story mapped out. I have written 7 plays, and 2 comedy tv show scripts. Even flew out to Hollywood at the request of a producer to pitch one of them. But yes, I want to branch out and write more books, in different genres. I just compare myself to Verne or Hemingway too often, and think..”Maybe a comic company may want me?”

If you did, what areas of fiction interest you?

Humor, sci fi, horror, fantasy, mob, pirates, and westerns. Before I went to bed as a kid, I would be desperate to think of what to “start” dreaming of as I fell asleep. I needed to line up the first dream. So I’d search through my books and comics and toys to try and figure out what the dreams were going to start out as. You have no idea how weird a kid I was. [Heh]

(Beverley) #Coughs# I still do that lol 

Do you still party like in Klub Kids?

Of course. I simply LOVE dance music. If I hear the beat start, I need to be dancing. [snap]

Do you think a true love exists for everyone?

I hope so. It’s something we all shoot for. It’s something we all dream about. It’s something we all look around to find. If we didn’t have that hope of just a chance at it, all we’d have left is a bucket of lust, and settling. Settling for whoever just wanted us, and could hopefully help pay the bills to keep us alive. Not much fun in that, nor chance for happiness. You may be able to buy “things”, but in the end, so what? I don’t want to end up just liking the person I am with.. having settled because I couldn’t find love. I WANT to believe that true love exists. So, I just do.

Apart from writing and partying what do you like to do to relax?

Read, and watch movies. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was younger, so except for skateboarding, I always had a book with me, and always watched movies and certain tv shows. I literally will stop watching a show if I can tell if they are using a laugh track. Esp now when they can use a live audience. It’s an insult to the viewer to head canned laughs. I know all of my friends tell me constantly to watch The Big Bang Theory. I tried. But every damn line is not funny. Everything they say is ended with a “hee hee hee” canned laugh. Omg. I only made it through one show. Whether it’s funny or not, it killed it for me. I LOVE the shows where you hear… “Filmed before a live studio audience.” Or have no laugh track at all. Let the audience laugh on their own. Actually consider them intelligent. There’s a thought. Sigh. lol

Do you think the world is getting more tolerant of people who don’t fall into normative sexual roles/genders?

In some places. In the city of “brotherly love” I found much more racial problems and gay tensions than I did in NYC. It all depends on where you move to. Go to San Fran, Provincetown, Key West… and you feel.. quite comfortable. But, if you can’t move, and are stuck in places around the world, it’s scary. I feel so bad for people around the world, and have many many friends, new and old, connecting to me from and in those places thanking me for my humor, and my outlook on life. I am honoured to help them. Wish I could do more.

OK I’m going to finish on a serious note…What changes in attitudes and laws do you think would help LGBTQA people the most in your opinion? 

I think we should all go back to black! Get away from rainbow and pink. Black leather and black clothes have always been associated with artists and the hip cool people in NYC, from the 1950’s artist movement to the Goths and emos. People see pink or rainbows.. and roll their eyes. I LOVE groups like ABBA myself, even though Nirvana will always be one of my favs. But I don’t walk around with an ABBA headband and wear a white jumpsuit and rainbow pin… announcing “look at me.” I’m just me. I may be a writer. I may be long haired. I may be gay. I’m layered. But so? Isn’t everyone? Well all deserve equal rights, but we all don’t have to be bizarre 24/7… only on bizarre fun nights in the clubs. I am all for being yourself [one of my best friends is Jason], but I also notice how people react to him, and I am always ready for a fight and watching people around him, behind him, on guard. Even in NYC, it’s always best to be prepared. I won’t be taken by surprise again.

People always say.”It’s NYC.. it’s very open there.” Yeah, but he was gay bashed here. And Lennon was shot here. And you never know what is going to rise up. Nobody is really safe anywhere. I say.. be yourself. We all have your back. But use common sense. And remember, the Beatles looked best when they started all in black! lol

Thank you again Johnny for your time. Personally I can’t wait for your next instalment…

Klub Kids 2! Oh do you have a name for the sequel? The review will appear on PBA when it is released.

Klub Kids 2: Spring  fl- clever, huh? Hehe.

From the Publisher:

 In one fall/winter season in the clubs of NYC, a lost soul parties with friends while looking for gay love. “Do you think that punk’s dick hair is blue too?” Packed with humor, candor and sex, Klub Kids takes readers on a ride as they join Johnny Williams and his friends on their clubbing quests to find love and the music to dance and dance and dance their butts off in this fictionalized fun read

About the Author

Johnny lives in NYC and New Hope Pa. Has many friends in the clubs and scene from all around the world, and loves the ones he still keeps in touch with, and misses the ones he don’t. He loves movies, books, leather, motorcycles, and dancing. His musical tastes run the gambit from techno/trance/industrial/house to jazz to old rock to grunge to folk. If he feels it, he likes it. [basically, he’s all over de place. his words.]

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