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Gnaeus Decius’s estate on the Quirinal Hill, Rome

 “Ever seen anything as bloody tasteless as that?” Gaius tipped his chin at the extravagant structure before them as he poked Max in the side with his elbow.

They walked closer towards Gnaeus Decius’s garish auction pavilion and Max’s dark brown eyes widened. In front of the round building, a circle of naked cupids holding their tiny stone dicks pissed streams of pink-colored water into a basin beneath a large statue of Pan fucking a she-goat. From the roof, strings of bronze and silver breast-shaped shields twirled in the breeze and, up above, gilded roof tiles shimmered bright in the sunlight. Gossamer peacock blue curtains, suspended from gigantic erect phallus hooks, gently billowed between slender green and purple marble columns.

“It’s quite—well, colorful, sir.”

“Unfortunately, it seems nitwit Decius spared no expense on this monstrosity.”

A boisterous uproar of laughing and shouting erupted from behind the fluttering translucent curtains.


That sound was the unmistakable clash of bronze cymbals. Another body had been sold to the highest bidder. 

As they approached the main entrance, an armed guard with short grey hair saluted.

“Welcome, Commander Fabius. Your host will be most pleased that you’ve arrived. Surrender your weapons, if you would.”

“My weapons? This is a new development.”

“I’m afraid so, Commander.” The guard gulped. “After that regrettable incident at Lord Hostilius’s auction last month, Lord Decius feels the need to—well, to take precautions, sir.” 

With a shrug, Gaius slipped his hand through the loose armhole of his tunic and drew out his dagger. He’d heard that some old fart had been stuck like a pig over an auction dispute. The bastard probably deserved it. Decius was prudent to ensure that sort of mayhem never happened at one of his exclusive events. Carefully, he handed over his ornate ivory-handle knife.

“Don’t misplace my property. I’ve carried this blade for many years. It has sentimental value. Right, Maximus?”

Max lowered his eyes and smiled sheepishly. “Yes it does, sir.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Lord Commander. Please, this way.” The guard held back the indigo entrance curtain and motioned them inside.

Despite the early afternoon breezes that blew in through the sheer fabrics, the interior of the circular auction hall was oppressively humid. As Max pulled at the collar of his tunic, Gaius scanned the crowd of aristocrats from their discreet spot just inside the entrance. They weren’t alone for long.

“Gaius Fabius! Welcome to my humble hovel, Lord Commander!” 

“Greetings, Gnaeus Decius.”

“The esteemed members of our Lord Emperor’s court are most welcome at my private events.” Decius wiped away the sweat drops soaking his fleshy upper lip. “Today’s merchandise is particularly choice, if I may say so. I do hope, my Lord, that you won’t go home empty handed.”

Gaius looked over the portly man’s shoulder. “Excuse me, Decius, but I’m seeking out an associate of mine.”

“Of course, but do enjoy yourself, Lord Fabius. And please give my most warm greetings to our Lord Emperor.” Decius bowed and wandered off, no doubt to ingratiate himself with another visitor. 

Gaius grumbled out of the side of his mouth to Max. “That man is a fucking pompous bore, but his auctions are usually worth the effort.” 

The stifling space was filled to capacity with aristocrats and their servants of all shapes and sizes. All of the men appeared relaxed and jovial. The anticipation of taking home fresh flesh to fuck, enhanced by Decius’s generous supply of fine Falerian wine, had put all the guests in jolly good moods.

“Over there!” As he pointed, Gaius’s pressed lips melted into a sly smile and his eyes crinkled with delight. He’d found who he was looking for. Despite the crowds, it wasn’t too difficult to spot the distinctive profile of Lucius Petronius Celsus. Towering over a group of men, the tall brunet appeared to be entertaining his companions with one of his absurd vulgar jokes. Gaius had heard every one of them, many times.

“Come, Maximus!” Gaius forged a path through the exuberant mob. Although they were frequently slowed by a pat on the shoulder from this or that fellow, he ensured that they never lost momentum. He’d seen Lucius Petronius just a few days earlier, but he’d barely had an opportunity to touch his handsome lover, let alone fuck him. 

From the elevated auction stage, an olive-skinned auctioneer hollered above the clamor. Aristocrats paused their conversations and turned to assess a naked blond boy standing on the platform, his eyes downcast and his thin arms folded neatly behind his back. A wooden placard touting his attributes dangled from a cord tied around his slender neck. Gaius stopped to scrutinize the scrawny thing. 

Max asked, “Should I get more information about that one, sir?”

“Don’t be daft. It’s too skinny and too young. And besides, I already own a blond faun. Nicomedes might be an impetuous imp, but he’s my blond imp.” Gaius scoffed with a smirk. “Lord Petronius has something particular in mind for my consideration. Not that I expect to purchase a damn thing here, but what’s the harm in humoring our dear solicitor?”

“Gaius! Over here!” Lucius Petronius frantically waved his burly arm like an overeager schoolboy. Sharply dressed in his formal senatorial garb, his muscular frame cut a path through the pack. His light blue eyes sparkled with desire as he hurried forward and wrapped his long arms around Gaius’s torso, hugging him a bit longer than was wise in such a public venue. Clearly Luc had imbibed a tad too much of Decius’s wine.

“Let go of me, you colossal twit.” Gaius chuckled, as he pushed Lucius back a step. They had to be careful. People were watching.

“You made it here in time.” Luc cooed.

“I promised you that I’d be here, and here I am.”

Lucius curled his large hand around his lover’s solid bicep, and pulled Gaius towards a spot to the left of the auction dais. “I arrived early to claim a prime couch for us. We’ll have a clear view of the sale, and a sneak peek at the naked lovelies waiting by the side of the stage. You are here just in bloody time!” He slurred, far too loud.

“In time for what?”

“For the scrumptious delight that I mentioned; you haven’t forgotten, have you? You’ll be interested. I’m quite sure of it.”

Gaius leaned in and whispered seductively, “I’m interested in fucking you, Luc.”

“You’re coming to dinner tonight,” Lucius answered brusquely. Then he moved closer and spoke very softly into Gaius’s right ear. “Listen, gorgeous. Aurelia and Petronia will leave today to visit Aurelia’s cousin. I swear that we’ll have the house to ourselves this time. I’ve told Euphronia to prepare something decadent, with ladles of creamy sauce that I intend to lick off of your—everything.” Luc stuck out the pink tip of his tongue and wiggled it. “Now lie down and let’s enjoy the festivities. It shouldn’t be long before the fetching thing is offered up.”

Both men stretched out along the adjacent cushions, face-to-face and raised on their elbows, as Decius’s scantily clad servants brought over drinks and tasty tidbits. Max stood behind the couch, ready to attend to his patron’s every whim. 

The clang of the cymbals rang out to announce that the blond boy’s bum had a new home.

Scooting closer to each other, the lovers watched the stage being cleared, as the dealer’s assistants prepared the next item.

“So, Lord Petronius. Tell me more about this exceptional opportunity.”

“A dark-haired provincial delicacy. Or so I’m told. I ran into Decius on my way to the courts and he raved about this new acquisition for his auction. He drooled, actually, the disgusting pig.” 

“Dark-haired? As dark as yours?”

“Darker. Pitch-black locks, Gaius. You don’t have one of those, do you? Decius, the dolt that he is, thought that I’d be interested. Shit, he even offered early purchase rights to me. Me, of all bloody people! The foolish prat doesn’t know his own greased paw from a courtesan’s stained lips.” Lucius collapsed into cackles. His strong, sculpted features still managed to look spectacularly handsome. 

“Then it’s a girl?”

Luc slapped his friend’s shoulder. “Of course it’s a girl! You, my dear Gaius, have enough fuck boys for both of us. Well, that’s debatable, I suppose. Anyway, your exquisite bitch, Callidora, is getting long in the tooth. You need a fresh serving of twat, my dear.”

“So now you’re deciding where I’ll dine, and what I’ll fuck? How highly considerate of you.” Gaius clenched his jaw. Lucius Petronius could be such a bossy bastard—sexy, but pushy. Always the lawyer. 

Sipping his wine, Lucius flashed a coy smile. As he opened his mouth to respond to Gaius’s quip, the auctioneer’s voice bellowed through the space. 

“Gentlemen, may I direct your eyes to this nubile nymph!”

“Ah, that must be her! You have to confess that she’s fucking splendid, right?” Lucius crowed, and tossed back another gulp. 

Peeling his eyes off his lover’s face, Gaius appraised the naked thing now on the auction block. A slender young girl of no more than fifteen, she sported shiny waves of black tresses that flowed down her back to her waist, and full breasts that were firm and pouty. Her skin was as creamy as milk and her features impossibly delicate. Deliberately, as if she’d been instructed, she lifted her wide blue eyes and smiled in the direction of their couch.

And that was when another creature standing off to the side of the auctioneer’s platform caught Gaius’s eye. Entranced, he only half-listened to Lucius drone on.

“Decius told me that she’s from hardy mountain stock.  Good bones, sound and quick-witted. Look at that lovely smile. You’ll enjoy her for years.”

Gaius stared at the stage, his moist lips parted with desire. Lucius smirked when he noticed Gaius’s cock stiffen and tent the folds of his tunic.

“Send Maximus down to the dealer’s table. Gather her details and demand a private inspection.” Luc urged.

Gaius gnawed on his bottom lip but said nothing.


Finally, he muttered, “I’ve never seen anything that magnificent.”

“Ha! I knew you’d be pleased. Max, go speak with the auctioneer’s assistants about her attributes and report back to us—the attributes that Lord Fabius can’t already see, that is.”

“Commander?” Max asked.


“Should I get more details, Commander?”

Gaius snapped out of his trance and turned. “What?”

“That slave girl, sir? Should I inquire with the dealer?”

“For fuck’s sake, no! Max, come closer.” Max leaned down within range of his former master’s intoxicating lusty voice. 

“Do you see that ebony-haired Adonis standing just off the stage?”

Max squinted, while Lucius furrowed his brow as he studied the silhouettes that stood in the dimly lit corridor on the side of the auction dais.

“The, um—the bearded one, sir?”  Max responded, scratching his head.

“Yes, that one.” Gaius leaned forward and pointed. “Shit, look at it. What an exotic specimen. Not some damn run-of-the-mill Greek whore, that’s for sure. Go learn everything you can about it, Maximus. Quickly!”

As Max trotted off towards the stage, squirming his way through the crowd, Lucius began laughing, tears welling up in his eyes.

“You are joking, right?”

“Why?” Gaius snapped.

“A bloody bearded barbarian? Oh, Gaius—sometimes you are so predictable. I should have known, love.”

“He’s stunning, Luc. Look at those long, sinewy limbs and that exquisite voluptuous bum. It’s hard to say for sure from this distance, but his dark hair looks excessively coiffed, don’t you think? These crass dealers so often err on the fussy side in terms of presentation. But no matter, that can be easily fixed.”

Lucius rolled his eyes. “It’s drugged, Gaius. Look at the way it’s standing, bobbing and swaying back and forth. There’s no way to know its true nature when it’s stupefied on whatever concoction they forced down its throat.”

“That’ll wear off.”

“Yes, it will. And when it does, you, my friend, will have a wild savage on your hands.”

Gaius smiled, glancing sideways at his companion. “This one will require a firm hand.”

“I hadn’t realized you were looking for a project, darling.” Lucius groaned.

“It must be the will of the gods.” 

“Now you’re a philosopher as well? Horseshit! Do not bring the gods into this. It’s the will of your insatiable cock, darling. A powerful force of the cosmos in its own right.”

Max reappeared, panting.

“What’s the report?” Gaius asked.

“It’s a Dacian, sir, recently captured by scouts during a reconnaissance mission along the mountain border.” Max stopped to catch his breath. “No known diseases or physical faults. The beast is heavily drugged, Commander.”

“Yes, I can see that. Anything else, Maximus?”

“They claim — well, the dealer alleges that it’s a virgin, sir.”

Smirking, Gaius turned to his companion.

“Inflating the value, you think?” 

“Virginity always does cost extra coin.” Luc winked. 

“Does he have an estimated price, Maximus?” 

“Six—six hundred silver pieces, Commander.”

“Six fucking hundred denarii for an untrained Dacian? That’s bloody robbery.” Gaius turned to his friend. “Perhaps, as my loyal and devoted associate, you could negotiate a cheaper price for me, Lucius Petronius?”

“You really want that shaggy barbarian, don’t you?”

Turning to look towards the stage, Gaius leered at the alluring Dacian captive listing back and forth on his feet in the shadows. 

“He’s already mine.”

From the Publisher:

In AD 107, after a grueling campaign against Rome’s fierce enemy, the kingdom of Dacia, Gaius Fabius returns home in triumph. With the bloody battles over, the commander of the Lucky IV Legion now craves life’s simple pleasures: leisurely soaks in fragrant baths, over-flowing cups of wine, and a long holiday at his seaside villa to savor his pleasure slaves. On a whim, he purchases a spirited young Dacian captive and unwittingly sparks a fresh outbreak of the Dacian war; an intimate struggle between two sworn enemies with love and honor at stake.

Allerix survived the wars against Rome, but now he is a sex slave rather than a victor. Worse, the handsome general who led the destruction of his people now commands his body. When escape appears impossible, Alle struggles to find a way to preserve his dignity and exact vengeance upon the hated Romans. Revenge will be his, that is, if he doesn’t lose his heart to his lusty Roman master.

Dominus is a plot-packed erotic m/m fantasy that transports readers back to ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (98-117). This is the first book in an alternate history series—a tumultuous journey filled with forbidden love, humor, sex, friendship, political intrigue, deception and murder.

About the Author

When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a dusty old history book, JP Kenwood
relishes writing erotic m/m fiction. JP prefers plot-packed, sexy, and romantic tales that explore loyalty, trust, betrayal, and sacrifice. She is currently busy penning the second book in her alternate history series, Dominus. The second book—tentatively titled, “The Lion of the Lucky Fourth”—follows our auburn-haired bastard of a protagonist, Gaius Fabius, and his gaggle of clients and pleasure slaves as they travel to Rome for love, laughs, and vengeance. JP has a terrible habit of posting preliminary drafts of chapters and snippets of her latest work to her online blog prior to publication. She loves to chat, so feel free to contact her through Facebook or Twitter.
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