Kissing Cody Starr by S.J. Frost~ Review by Caroline


Title: Kissing Cody Starr

Author: S.J. Frost

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Known as Cody Starr to his fans, Christian is one of the most popular and desirable young actors in gay adult films. His sweet looks, sensual skills and charisma on camera have earned him fame. Now he wants out of the adult industry, but his fear of what could—or couldn’t—be waiting for him keeps holding him back.

Finn is an Army veteran who knows what it takes to protect people. When he meets Christian, something tells him the pretty young man needs protecting in more ways than physically.

Tension between Christian and Finn can only hold back their attraction to each other for so long before passion takes hold of them. For all the heat and emotion between Christian and Finn, the challenges of Christian’s fame may tear them apart.

My View

Young Christian runs away from a bigoted home environment with plans of making it big as an actor in Hollywood.  He hadn’t planned on being robbed of his meagre money and belongings by a gang of thugs in a homeless shelter. Barely able to walk from hunger and tiredness and at the end of his limits, he is on the way to steal some food from a store when he is mistaken for a prostitute by a man driving by and his fortune and life change forever.

Ross sees the good looking man, really a boy, on the street corner. Instead of picking him up for a trick he takes him home and feeds him, then signs him up to his porn studio, even though he isn’t of the legal age. For the next 5 years Ross helps shoot Christian to fame in the Adult Film Industry as the beautiful Cody Starr.

Cody may have a home, food on the table and everything money can buy but he doesn’t have happiness. He has become more and more disillusioned with his life recently but sees no way out of it. The options for a retired porn star are few and Ross has an emotional hold over him, always managing to talk him out of walking away. Basically he is a cash cow for the unscrupulous man.

Finn was medically retired from the Army and now runs his own successful bodyguard company. His best friend calls him grumpy and that about sums him up. The first time he meets Cody he finds himself coming to the rescue of the outwardly cocky and rude young man. He quickly discovers that beneath his brash exterior lurks Christian who is shy, sweet and unsure of himself.

There is an obvious clash between the two of them when they try to start a relationship over what Christian does for a living.  It is more than that though as there is also a clash between Cody and Christian, essentially the same person but different is so many ways. They have to fly blind and hope that love will conquer all.

I hope we get to see more of Eddy and Zach, although if I never heard about Ross again it would be too soon.  The man was a complete douche with an extra side of sleaze!!!


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I would like to thank Ellora’s Cave for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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