Morticia Knight stops by to discuss Studio Orders with Excerpt & Giveaway!

I would like to thank Morticia Knight for taking the time to talk to us about Studio Orders with an exclusive excerpt.  Watch for Leisa’s review, coming soon.  There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.



His lover bent to kiss him lightly on the lips before straightening up. He caressed Juan’s cheek, then stood. He extended his hand to him, and Juan accepted it. Once he was in a standing position, Vincent yanked him close, grasping his butt cheeks so hard that it bordered on painful. Juan’s stiffened immediately, Vincent’s rough handling erotic in a way that surprised him. 

It was obvious that Vincent was fully aroused too as he ground into Juan, pressing his rigid heat up against Juan’s cock, sliding them together through their silky clothing. Was he allowed to come?  He didn’t think so. Vincent needed to stop if that were the case. But he didn’t want him to.

“That’s enough,” Vincent growled in Juan’s ear. 

He immediately stilled, breathless. Vincent no longer pushed his length up against Juan, however he still cupped his ass. Juan needed to move, thrust forward. His order had been to stop, and he wanted to obey.  

So hard to obey.

“Good. You’re doing very good.”

The sultry sound of Vincent’s voice slithered down his spine and lodged in his groin. His dick leaked. Sweat beaded, then rolled down his face. He clenched his toes so tight they started to cramp up.

I’ll be good. I won’t move.

Vincent kneaded his backside, gently at first, then with more force. 

“Stay still.”

Tears fell. He hadn’t even realised that he’d clutched the silk arms of Vincent’s pyjama top so tightly in his fists. 

Vincent’s used his hands to explore between Juan’s fabric covered cheeks. It was too much. He couldn’t do it. This type of denial was something he’d never done. He was an incredibly lusty man with nothing to do on long lonely nights. He had never deprived himself of multiple orgasms by his own hand.

“Sir, please.”

From the Publisher:

The head of Global Pictures Studios, Vincent Franklin, promised Jack Stone that he would take care of Jack’s loyal driver, Juan. But for a dominant man like Vincent, Juan’s natural submissiveness causes him to long for much more from the shy young man.

Juan is devastated when his only friend, film star Jack Stone, leaves Hollywood for good. Lonely most of his life, the shy young man has dreamt of love, only to have his heart broken repeatedly. Before he left, Jack made certain that Juan would be taken care of by asking his ex-boss, studio chief Vincent Franklin, to hire him on.

Vincent Franklin is an incredibly controlled and meticulous man. Not given to emotional outbursts and unnecessary flights of fancy, his temperament is ideal for the stressful and demanding job as head of Global Pictures Studio. He leads a carefully concealed private life, his only social outlet being the sadomasochism club to which he belongs. When Jack introduces him to his handsome chauffeur Juan, he is struck by how naturally submissive Juan is. He wonders…

Soon, Juan is falling for the elegant, older man that is his new boss. He’s also thrilled when Vincent asks him to be his personal valet. But there are things that Vincent demands of a lover that Juan knows nothing about. Things that could make him run away from the man who would do anything to protect and care for him.

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15 thoughts on “Morticia Knight stops by to discuss Studio Orders with Excerpt & Giveaway!

  1. This is part of the Gin & Jazz series and I have just started to read the first one Hollywood Bound. No spoilers, but I have looked up the rest the series and, as some of the characters inter-link in the books, maybe anyone who wants to read this title will have to read the other books before this one? Not that I would complain about that as I am enjoying the first one so far, even though I can sense that a HEA will not come easily. Ps I love the covers for these books, as well as those for the Uniform Encounters series, as they give you a feeling for the historical period (B&W)and idea of how the author imagined the characters/men would look.

    • Hi Su – thanks for stopping by! Studio Orders is meant to be read as a standalone and I’ve had readers say that it didn’t impede their enjoyment of the book. However, I think people would already have a sympathetic attachment to the two MC’s (Vincent & Juan) if they read Books 1 – 4 first. That was part of my inspiration to do Studio Orders – the number of readers who really begged for Juan to get his own HEA.
      That being said – you’re right Su – the HEA does not come easily for Jack, it really is a journey of self-discovery for his character. Hang in there, nothing worth fighting for comes easily 😉 And yes, the cover designer for this series is incredible – she has been so kind to really listen to what I envision then add amazing touches I never would have dreamed of! Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts 🙂

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