New Orleans Day 1 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn




The day had a somewhat inauspicious start when I woke up to thunderstorms and heavy rains.  I got to drive the the airport in the dark in flash floods, but I made it safely and mostly dry.


After a relatively uneventful flight (Bulkhead!) and cab ride to the hotel, we were able to check in early, get 2 rooms, pretty much across from each other, both with 2 double beds (there are 5 of us and 2 rooms.  I am in the room with only 2 people. Not going to knock that at all.


Registered for the con, got our badges, then proceeded to run into Damon Suede, Amber Kell, and LA Witt in the registration area.  It has not been nearly as hard to find people I “know” as I thought it might be.  We are definitely the small fish, but it is okay.  HUGE Gay Romance banner right by the top of the escalators in the registration area



Spent most of the day in the Blogger pre-con workshop with Jay, Heather C, Nykita, Becky, Leigh, Susan and about 40 M/F bloggers.  All I can say is I love our genre…



After the Blogger workshop and cocktail party (which I cut out on pretty quick, way too many people in too small of a room).  I spent some time at the Cinema Craptastic, hosted by Damon Suede and a few other M/M bloggers.  Picked up some neat swag to include in the giveaway.  Met Amy Lane and Mary Calmes and caught up with Jordan L Hawk and Wade Kelly.  Hopefully will have some more time to talk to everyone as the week progresses.



Had some wonderful Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for dinner.  Then, spent some time hanging out in the lounge area with LA Witt, Anne Tenino, Jo Myles, Becky, and Anna Zabo.  Yep talking, well listening mostly, is where I excel 😉

Now it is time to do some reading.

Much Love and see you Tomorrow!



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I will draw the winner from among all those who comment on my RT Updates on 20 May 2014 after I get back from New Orleans.

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19 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 1 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn

  1. Hope you’re having fun. Give Amy Lane a big hug for me. She probably won’t know me, but tell her I love her because Locker Room.

  2. It sounds like you’re have a great time enjoy yourself and meet as many authors as you can and of course get lots of swag.

  3. I’m green with envy – you’re visiting with some of my favorite authors! Thanks for pictures and letting us know how it’s going. I appreciate that.

    By the way, those MF bloggers sound boring!

    • LOL, they kind of were. They really made me appreciate our genre. There were a few that I ran into over the weekend that were pretty cool, though.

  4. Much as I love our genre and our authors and bloggers if you meet Joey Hill or J.R.Ward give a little fangurl love from me 😉

  5. Hey Brandilyn, have a fantastic time. I’m so jealous, spending all that time watching so many of my favourite authors. I say watching because I probs wouldn’t have the courage to talk to them. Lol.

  6. I’m so jealous! It’s sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks so much for the updates. I enjoy them very much.

  7. I love NOLA. Glad it stopped raining! Super Jealous you are hobnobbing w/ Damon Suede! Can’t wait to hear who else you run into!

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