New Orleans Day 2 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn


Today was the first “official” day of the con.  I am so freaking glad I managed to register yesterday.  It was a MAD HOUSE this morning for registration.  *shudder*

Started the day with a not-so-healthy breakfast with some great ladies including Becky, Wade Kelly, Jordan L Hawk, and EM Lynley.  We ate at a restaurant across Chartres from the hotel.  (Same place Becky and I ate last night).  It was pretty good.  Kinda hard to screw up breakfast food.



After that it was time to pick up our “goodie bags” for the con.  Not a ton of M/M stuff in them, but I did score a copy of SE Jakes Free Falling and a pretty nice bag.  I then went to “Pimp your Badge” were I proceeded to NOT pimp my badge.  (I had another button on it, but I lost it during lunch, apparently.  It kept opening up.  I am sad, it was a button from RainbowCon celebrating this year Hop Again Homophobia, which will be kicking off Friday.)


I did, however, meet some more great authors and readers.  Including Vanessa North (who is so freaking cute), Lynn Lorenz, and ZA Maxfield.


Took a walk through the Promo corner, or whatever the heck they call it, basically it is a bunch of tables with swag.  It was still early, so not EVERYONE was set up, but I did peruse the setups for Wade Kelly, Damon Suede, and Heidi Cullinan.

IMG_3015 IMG_3014

I even got to talk to a couple of Het readers while I was standing near Damon’s table.  I got to talk about my favorite subject, BOOKS!  Specifically my favorites and give suggestions of who to try in the gay fiction world.  I LOVE that part of my job.

Eventually, I went to my first panel, Top to Bottom: Create your own M/M Hero (or something like that).  It was hosted by Marie Sexton, ZA Maxfield, Cassandra Carr, Amy Lane, and Tara Lain.  It was a freaking BLAST.

IMG_3029 IMG_3027

I skipped the next LGBT panel in favor of lunch and then retreated to my room with a headache.  After some drugs and rest, Becky and I went down to meet with Josephine Myles for her turn in the “RT Cafe” which is a somewhat informal conversational time with the authors.  It was fun.


I then had dinner with JP Barnaby and her friend Jodi, both fabulous women.


We ate at NOLA, one of Emeril’s restaurants.  It was delicious and the service was fabulous.  I had some Chicken & Andouille Gumbo and Shrimp and Grits.  Both fabulous.


Closed out the evening chatting in the hotel lobby.  A number of people stopped by for a bit of time, including (among others) LA Witt and ZA Maxfield (not sure what that expression is on ZAM’s face).



Much Love and see you Tomorrow!



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I will draw the winner from among all those who comment on my RT Updates on 20 May 2014 after I get back from New Orleans.

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12 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 2 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn

  1. Looking forward to your updates. Sounds like a good time so far (except for the headache. Hope you are feeling better today).

  2. The internet is very quiet when you are gone. On the upside, I’ve gotten a lot of work done. On the downside, I miss seeing you online. Hope you’re having lots of fun!!

  3. Let’s hope the headache was a one off. My newsfeed seems really slow with you away. Lol. Glad you’re having a grand time, make sure you convert the het readers to the good side.

  4. I’m a bit jealous. It really sounds like you had an awesome day. Sorry to hear you lost your Hop Against Homophobia button, hopefully it’ll turn up and won’t be officially lost.

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