New Orleans Day 3 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn


So… Let’s see… what yo tell you about today?  Lots of good food and good company.  Did a lot of talking.  So someone who has always been a wallflower, I am actually kind of amazed with myself.  It boils down to two things.  1) I LOVE what I do and 2) What I do is talk about the books I love.

So, the breakfast crowd (went to a place called Mena’s… not bad). From Left to right: Laura Harner, Lynn Lorenz, Becky Condit, Jordan L Hawk, Tara Lain.  Great Conversation (Not Pictured is Jessica Freely, she joined us after this pic was taken)


I think we went up to the Promo Row and waited for the panels to start, but then I didn’t really want to go to any of the 10 o’clock panels, so I headed toward Club RT and ran into a few people (go figure) and snagged a few autographs.  Didn’t think to get pictures of them, though (sorry).  Ended up trying to go to an 11:15 panel but the room was too damn full and I ended up going down and hanging out in the lobby until lunch.  The crowds were getting to be way too much for me, so I found a not crowded place and chilled for a while.  Ended up right next to the fabulous SE Jakes, so I snagged another autograph:



Followed by some (you guessed it) great conversation at lunch… (Left to right: ZA Maxfield, Marie Sexton, Amber Kell, and lyric from Dreamspinner Press).


I was then entrusted with some free books to give away to new potential readers… OMG how did I get myself into that?  That involved walking up to complete strangers and seeing if they wanted to maybe read M/M (and one of the books I had was trans*).  But I did it! I gave all 7 books away… eventually.  I would give one away and then escape to talk to people I knew and recharge and talk myself into the next encounter.



Chilled for a while and then headed to dinner on Decatur street.  Umm Huck Finn’s or something like that.  I had the chicken and sausage gumbo (I have a *bit* of a soft spot for Chicken & Sausage gumbo…)

Left to Right: JP Barnaby, Joyfully Jay, (someone whose name I can’t remember followed by some people from the next table), Heather C (from The Blogger Girls), Kate McMurray, Jenn (from Love Bytes), and Jodi (whose face you can not see).


After we got back, we all went are separate ways to prepare the the Samhain Sinners and Saints party… which I decided to skip so I could get some actual work done and then get a good night’s sleep.

We shall see what tomorrow will bring.

I thought I would leave you with this moment of levity.  You see, each of the elevators in the hotel have these HUGE advertisements bought by the various (het) publishers.  One publisher has a penchant for oversized male torsos on their ads.  Becky and I have had a little fun with them.



Much Love and see you Tomorrow!



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20 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 3 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn

  1. I love that you gave away MM books to het readers. That is awesome. I applaud your bravery though; i’m not much for talking to strangers myself. Thanks for the great update! I can’t wait to read about what happens next. 🙂 Sounds like a really fun time!!

  2. It’s great that you’re converting the un-initiated to the mm side. I don’t think I could have done it. Well done you, very brave.

  3. Wow, well done for introducing new readers to m/m – I think I’d have needed more than a quick regroup with friends in between!

    • By that point there was a level of numbness, I think. This was the third day. I had been “on” for almost 3 days solid. I also had Becky there encouraging me, and that helped a lot.

  4. That is so exciting that you are introducing m/m to new readers, though I also agree that going up to total strangers would be hard for an introvert like me! And the male torso ads…I can only imagine the funny pics I would want to take with them!

  5. As a reader of both het and LGBTQ romance, I applaud your efforts to interest more readers in m/m. However, it might go a long way to be a little more open to new faces at cons. After spending Wednesday and Thursday at RT, I found that the m/m romance authors and bloggers are some of the more standoffish people I met. They tend to stay in their cliques and close themselves off to new fans. My companion and I chose to sight-see today instead of attending RT. Walking around in a fun city like New Orleans beats being snubbed by your favorite bloggers and authors. We left home excited. Now there are blogs we will never visit again and authors we will never read again. Lesson learned: “I love meeting readers” translates to “I’ll hurriedly and half-heartedly interact just enough to keep my fans.”

    • You are probably right. We need to do a better job of outreach. I am sorry I didn’t personally have a chance to talk with you. Feel free to find me tomorrow

  6. I am one of the MM authors attending RT this year. RT terrifies me. I can tell you that I stick with my fellow authors, bloggers, and readers from our genre because I know that’s where I will be accepted. As a member of the LGBT family both in life and as an author, we are outnumbered wherever we go 10:1. It’s scary and overwhelming to be the person outside the norm. I know almost every MM author and blogger at RT this year and they are some of the best people I know. If I was one of the people you felt blown off by, I sincerely apologize. I have pretty severe social anxiety and just being here is hard for me, but I wanted to come and be on YA Alley to let our kids know they’re not invisible. If you have a moment during the signing tomorrow, please stop by YA Alley and see me – I’m listed under Jamie Mayfield. <3

  7. I’m sure bringing up mm with strangers has got to be hard. You never know nhow some people might react.

  8. I hope that one day the het writers and publishers will be outnumbered! I know I’m a converted reader and I’ll never go back.

    • It made me really happy to find out just how many people were open to at least TRYING M/M. I did get some sneers and dirty looks, but I got plenty of people stopping me and telling me they liked my shirt (I was wearing my NOH8 shirt on this particular day).

  9. A great set of pictures. The last one made me laugh a little because of the admiration I can see (I can’t fault you for it…I think I would be staring intensely at it too). Your day sounded fantastic.

    • LOL, I am actually trying not to laugh because I couldn’t belIeve I was letting Becky take that stupid picture (did you see the one of her grabbing the picture’s crotch?… yeah mine was tame). One of the elevators in the other tower apparently had a Scot in a kilt, but I never managed to snag that elevator.

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