New Orleans Day 4 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn


I am so freaking exhausted it isn’t even funny. Another day of having to be “on” all the time. I am over the crowds, over the noise, and over the lines. But I am finding plenty of ways to have fun and conversation. Tomorrow is the big book signing. I am hoping to make it in there at some point, but I don’t have any books in need of signing at this time. I don’t know if there are any I will need to purchase. Well, actually there are some I KNOW I need to purchase, and I am hoping to be able to do so, but the crowds… I am not sure what to expect for that.

So what was up for today… well, I actually forgot to take very many pictures today. I had a quiet breakfast with Becky and at various points, Vanessa North or Laura Harner. I then had a nice conversation in the lobby with Jo Myles, Susan from Boys in our Books, and Jordan Hawk.


I then went to my first panel of the day.  It was Romantic Pride: Wheel of fortune.  It was a game hosted by many of the M/M authors and I was recruited to help man the door.  The place was a mad house, but I think most of the participant had fun.

First up, the mad house…


Damon Suede taking his hosting duties quite seriously.


Joyfully Jay and Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trash Books



They all did a fabulous job.  Other hosts included Heidi Cullinan, KA Mitchell, KT Grant, Amy Lane, Kate McMurray, umm.. I think I am forgetting a few.

I followed that with a nice lunch with Susan and Jay.  So glad I had a chance to get to know these ladies. I, then, came back and chilled in my (quiet) hotel room for a while before hitting the Riptide Publisher’s Spotlight.  It was quite interesting to learn more about the publishing process from Rachael Haimowitz and Sarah Franz of Riptide.  There were a few other Publisher spotlights I wanted to attend, but what unable to for whatever reason.  I also picked up a couple of signed paperback copies of riptide titles to be given away on the blog at a later, unnamed (i.e. undecided) date and time.


My final panel of the day was LGBT Fiction: Soup to Nuts… (there was more to the title, but I can’t remember it all).  It was kind of funny as there was a large contengent from the Riptide spotlight going to that panel and we all were kind of a force of nature getting from one (on the 4th floor in one tower of the hotel) to the other (on the second floor of the other tower).  The Panel hosted by Sarah Frantz and consisted of Ruth Sternglantz (Bold Strokes Books), Christopher Rice, Heather Osborn (Samhain Editorial Director), Amy Lane, Joyfully Jay, and Kelly Jamieson.  It was a packed, standing room only crowd.  A good showing for the final LGBT panel.


After that panel, I had a very special interview you will be seeing in a few days here on the blog.  I am really excited about that one.  After that was done, I had dinner in the hotel restaurant with a few people (you guessed it, great conversation): Jo Myles, Anna Zabo, (me), Andy Dunn, Kelly G. (I can’t spell her last name right now).


Took a nice walk around downtown after dinner with Becky and Frances to close out my day.

Tonight’s Levity:  During the Wheel of Fortune, there was a little swag decorating contest.  Becky won her table.  Here is the winning little dude (If you can’t tell, YES that is a pipe cleaner penis):


Much Love and see you Tomorrow!



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14 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 4 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn

  1. You do make all of the RT Convention sound wonderful and I’m more than a little bit jealous. On the other hand, I’m very grateful to see as much of it as I do thanks to your delightful posts. You may be exhausted now, I’m sure all the memories will be more than worth the exhaustion.

    • It was fun, intermixed with panic, intermixed with the need to retreat to my room, put in my earplugs, and ignore the world.

      I did not make any of the evening social events. I was too exhausted from being “on” all day to even attempt them. I know many of them were pretty fun, though.

  2. I’ve been enjoying these updates. Makes me feel like I’m there! Got to admit, though – when I think of the heat and humidity that is New Orleans, I’m sort of glad I’m not. Maybe it’s not too bad this early.

    • It was actually BEAUTIFUL weather most of the week. A Cool front hit Wednesday night and it was in the 70s/80s with low humidity (well low for those of us from the Gulf Coast) the rest of the time. Even Tuesday and Wednesday wasn’t too bad. *shrug* then again, I am from south of Houston, so we have very similar weather.

  3. Thank you for the updates. They’ve been fun to read. I kind of wish I was there too but at the same time I know if I had the chance I would be so stressed out by the crowds.

    • I was constantly texting my husband about the crowds. I do NOT do crowds, especially alone. I tend to really freak the hell out, actually. If I wasn’t with a friend, I would text my husband to talk me down. He got more than a few panicked texted over the week.

  4. Good luck! I know too many days of crowds would be getting to me too! Have fun and enjoy the rest of it!

  5. Very cool…. wow. It does sound fun but exhausting and especially with the crowds. I’m envious of your getting to mix’n mingle with so many amazing authors and bloggers and others.

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