New Orleans Day 5 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn


So today was the big book fare… It was a freaking madhouse. First of all I waited about an hour into it (because I was told it would be better after the initial push… um, no…)

Indie room (I have pics of more authors that I will put up on my facebook, here are just a couple.. Jordan Hawk and Wade Kelly):

“Main” room (Where most of the Samhain and Dreamspinner Authors were) (Pictured are Amy Lane, Damon Suede, and Jamie Mayfield/JP Barnaby)

These two wonderful ladies kept me sane while I was waiting in line ti check out with my 2 books (yes, I only bought 2 books at the book fair). We chatted for about an hour in line about all kinds of stuff… nothing else to do 😉 They were intrigued by the blog and the LGBT fiction. It was a nice diversion from the insanely long line.

After the book fair, I sat in the lobby and chatted (yes I did that a LOT this trip). Among the group were Susan Lee, LA Witt (who I ran into about 5 times today… I think she was stalking me 😉 ), Anna Zabo and Vanessa North (not pictured).


For dinner Becky and I went on a River cruise/Dinner thingy thanks to a friend that had extra tickets she could not use.  It was a relaxing way to end the day.





Once I as back at the hotel, I started to pack to go home tomorrow.   My biggest concern was getting all my books home… but they all seemed to fit nicely in my second suitcase (thanks to my hubby for suggesting I bring it with me).  SOME of those will be giveaways on the blog in the near future, so keep an eye out.  Also, don’t forget the Swag giveaway going on for anyone who kept up with my journey at RT this year.


Much Love and see you Tomorrow!



So I have a little giveaway to go with my RT Update posts.  Every comment made on one of my “RT Con Updates” will enter you to win a swag pack.  It will include a Prism Tote Bag filled with RainbowCon swag, RT Swag, and Prism Book Alliance swag.  It will also include a $10 Amazon Giftcard.

I will draw the winner from among all those who comment on my RT Updates on 20 May 2014 after I get back from New Orleans.

Farewell Giveaway
I have a number of paperbacks, most of which are signed, to giveaway. Over the between now (11 Mar 2017) and 31 Mar 2017, every comment on the blog (this post and all other new posts), will be entered to win 1 of these paperbacks. There are also some misc swag items, so there will be a few packs of these to give away as well.

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19 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 5 ~ RT Convention Update by Brandilyn

  1. Your posts have me completely conflicted. Part of me is so jealous you were there surrounded by books, book lovers and those who write those wonderful stories for us. Another part of me could have nightmares just thinking about the crowds and the queuing and, did I mention the crowds?

    Thank you for your reports. It gave me a wonderful impression of everything I’m missing and an incentive to start saving now so that maybe next year…

    • OMFG the book fair was a nightmare. I was texting my new friend Jodi the entire time just to stay sane. There was nowhere to retreat to get my head back in the game. The indie side (it was a separate room) wasn’t too bad, still loud and crowded, but you could move without running into someone. the “traditional” side, however… ugh. I actually hung out in YA alley for a while, because I could breath there. Those two nice ladies kept me sane in line to check out. I don’t remember their names, but I would have run screaming if it weren’t for them. I had thought about going to a couple of the afternoon panels (Damon Suede was on one), but I was just DONE after that. I went and hung out in the lobby and talked for a few hours until it was time for the cruise.

    • It was great, actually. The dinner itself was just banquet food, but the boat ride was relaxing. I managed to take a few decent shots (with my freaking phone… yes, still bitter about that) that I should be able to post-process into something nice, if I ever have time.

  2. I’m glad you got to do the river cruise dinner. I’m sure you needed that after a long, social week.

  3. I’m so pleased you had a good time but I bet you’ll be happy to be home and get some rest.

  4. Conventions always make me feel glad to be going home but sad to leave friends and a wonderful location behind. I hope you had time to enjoy the quarter while you were there.

  5. I’m with Fen, cruise dinner sounds good, but crowds and queueing very tiring and stressful. We’ll be kind to you boss when you get back 😉

  6. The river looks so peaceful!
    Your queue mates deserve a medal for waiting over an hour with those armful’s!

  7. I want to go so bad….one day hopefully!!! Something I definitely need to save up for and the river dinner cruise sounds amazing!!!!!

    Josiehink122026 at gmail dot com

  8. Sounds like a really bus day but still fun. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos and your experience there with us =)

  9. I know I would definitely need a whole suitcase for my books if I ever get to a convention! Great pics and posts! Glad you had enjoyed it!

  10. WOW that looks overwhelming almost. The cruise looks nice tho… wow. And i’m impressed you packed all that into your suitcase; that is always a problem. Thanks for sharing this awesome trip with us. 🙂

    • I left 10 books behind (well I found someone who could take them and do something with them). They were all het romance stuff that I was unlikely to ever read anyway, but I hate throwing away/letting go of books…

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