Numbers Game by Tibby Armstrong ~ Review by Caroline


21474022Title: Numbers Games

Author: Tibby Armstrong

Publisher: Loose ID

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Even after the “I do’s” are said, relationships change and need work to grow and thrive. Aaron has found himself increasingly drawn to the idea of taking his and Greg’s BDSM-lite games to the next level. Unsure if he can fully unleash his inner sadist without losing complete control, he seeks out a professional Dom to teach him the literal, and figurative, ropes.

Greg isn’t the same intractable, walking wounded he was when he and Aaron met, but Aaron is still his touchstone to happiness. Greg would like to learn how to approach Aaron’s Zen-like calm, but first he knows he needs to learn the most elusive lesson of all: self love. When he discovers what Aaron has been up to, he struggles to understand how he fits into his lover’s new version of himself.

In Numbers Game, together, Aaron and Greg embark on a sensual journey that, over a few short hours, will change the course of their relationship and their lives. In the end, they prove that through love, and a little dance called dominance and submission, even the most impossible things become possible.

My View


My biggest complaint about this book was that it wasn’t longer! I would have loved to have had a little more insight into where their relationship went after a long and heart wrenching night where they were finally honest with each other.

Aaron and Greg have been married for years and mostly have a good relationship.  They dabble in light BDSM but neither man has been honest with the other about their needs. Aaron is dominant but keeps the more sadistic side of his nature buried deeply. Greg is submissive but never really truly submits, preferring to top from the bottom, manipulating his husband to get what he wants.

Greg doesn’t appear to have had an easy time growing up and this has had a huge impact on his self esteem. If he can’t love or even like himself how can he trust the feelings his husband has for him and achieve a little inner peace. Part of the way Aaron helps with this is by playing the number game. When Greg turns inward on himself or ‘checks out’ of real life the counting is a kind of penalty. With penalties come mild punishments which bring Greg back to the present even if only for a short time.

Although Aaron can gain some comfort from the game what he really wants is a loving D/s relationship. Not trusting his more sadistic side he trains with a professional Dom for 6 months, without informing Greg, ensuring that he has control of his darker thoughts and confident that he knows how best to help his husband.

Gregs discovery of this doesn’t happen at the best time and he is hurt and confused at what he first sees as a betrayal. A night of intense discussion will follow where both men lay themselves open and are perhaps completely honest with each other for the first time in years.  You are left hoping that their love, history and marriage vows are a strong enough foundation for them to both go after what they want and need.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. The blurb sounds so good and your review only makes it more appealing. I think I’m going to give this a read tonight.

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